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August 23, 2013

Left and Right unite at United We Stand Fest

August 23, 2013. Los Angeles. Mark your calendars. This is going to be the biggest and most energized grassroots event in recent memory. The venue’s been moved to UCLA. Recent Presidential candidates from both the left and right will be there. Famous musical groups – black, white, country, hip-hop – are confirmed. And thousands of frustrated, fired-up, regular citizens like you and me will be there. United We Stand – Oct. 12, UCLA.

Fest includes Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Jesse Ventura, Abby Martin, Richard Mack, Amber Lyon, Christina Tobin, and even Public Enemy and the Wu-Tang Clan.

Who will be there?

The list of featured speakers, performers and celebrities continues to grow by the day. As of this writing, United We Stand Festival will include opposition politicians like the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, the Green Party’s Jill Stein, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Musical acts already confirmed include LA’s own indie rock band Garden State, Virgin Records’ Saving Abel, and libertarian heartthrob Tatiana Moroz. Joining that line-up, believe it or not, will be none other than Flavor Flav and Public Enemy, and the WuTang Clan.

As if that assortment of impassioned activists and artists wasn’t impressive enough, a number of reform-minded, well-known media personalities will be participating in United We Stand Fest. They include three-time Emmy Award winner Amber Lyon, The Josh Tolley Show’s own Josh Tolley, and Whiteout Press’ all-time favorite television journalist – RT News’ Abby Martin.

But wait, there’s more. The above only covers politicians, musical acts and media personalities. The heart of the liberty and freedom festival will be the mind-blowing assortment of grassroots activists from all walks of the political spectrum. As we’ve always said here at Whiteout Press, the battle lines aren’t conservatives vs. liberals. The real fight is the establishment vs. the people. And the speakers and leaders lined up for United We Stand Fest are some of the best ‘We the People’ have.

They include festival host and organizer Christina Tobin of Free & Equal. Christina and Free & Equal, along with cable TV’s Larry King, hosted the only 2012 Presidential debates that invited all six candidates with a mathematical chance of winning the White House. And thanks to RT America, the debates were actually televised nationwide.

Showing just how diverse the special guests and featured speakers are, they include progressive, conservative, socialist and libertarian grassroots activists alike. Joining Christina Tobin will be civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, 19-year-old founder of People Against the NDAA Dan Johnson, Hustlebear.com founder Judd Weiss, Occupy’s Justin Wedes, political comedian Lee Camp, writer-poet Maytha Alhassen-Sawaha, NORML’s Sabrina Fendrick, Sheriff Richard Mack, and a host of representatives from Buzzsaw, Young Americans for Liberty and many more.

United We Stand Fest

The website for United We Stand Fest pays tribute to former Presidential candidate and retired Congressman Ron Paul by quoting the beloved defender of liberty in the very first sentence of the site’s ‘About’ page, “If ever you can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required: young people would have to be involved and you would need music.” Based on the above list of musical performers, it would appear festival organizer Christina Tobin took that message to heart.

United We Stand Fest was originally scheduled for a smaller venue in Little Rock, Arkansas. But after the overwhelming response to the announcement, Free & Equal was forced to move the event to a larger city and venue to accommodate the huge numbers of people expected to attend. Now, the festival is scheduled for October 12, 2013 at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Detailing the motivation for United We Stand Fest, organizers explained their vision in a nutshell saying, “United We Stand Festival will be the kick-off event for igniting the grassroots movement to break the stranglehold of the two-party duopoly and reform the electoral process throughout the US once and for all. This event will be featuring the music and excitement needed to create a truly successful movement of the voter youth! United We Stand Festival is the beginning of the solution to the political status quo problem.”

The event’s announcement confirms Free and Equal’s itinerary for the days and weeks immediately following the festival at UCLA. “UWS will begin in Los Angeles and will continue as a ten-city university bus tour. This momentum will help with the development and launching of the Free and Equal Elections open source National Candidate Database. Thanks to social media and technology, the National Database will be accessible to all and provide information on every candidate.”

The United We Stand Festival release also details some of the unpopular issues that festival-goers, speakers and performers will set their sites on. They include, “The Patriot Act, NDAA, War on Drugs, Drones, Foreign Policies, GMO, Internet Freedom, Election Debates and more.”

Details and specifics

Keep in mind, as word spreads and the festival continues to grow, some of the times, locations and featured speakers may change slightly. For now though, here are the official details (from UnitedWeStandFest.com):  

What: One-day festival uniting grassroots activists from all parts of the political spectrum to break the strangle-hold of America’s two party duopoly.

When: October 12, 2013

Where: UCLA – Los Angeles, CA

Times: Specific times TBD

Organizer: Free & Equal

For more information and to sign-up to receive the event’s newsletter, visit UnitedWeStandFest.com.

For more information about Christina Tobin and Free & Equal, visit FreeAndEqual.org.


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