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Jimmy Graham’s Net Worth


The Seattle Seahawks player, Jimmy Graham is known worldwide for his exceptional American Football skills that won the hearts of many in a short duration. The football player has broken and set numerous records winning himself many awards and is known as one of the top three tight end players.

Jim Graham worked and came a long way from where he started. Jimmy Graham was born on November 24, 1968, and had a rough childhood in Goldsboro, North Carolina, the now American football player was being tossed by his biological mother to different relatives due to a financial crisis.

He was eventually adopted by a Church Youth Counselor and that is where it all started. Jim Graham started working on his school grades and later became a basketball star at Community Christian and Charis Prep in Wilson, North Carolina, his impressive skills in basketball lead him to a basketball scholarship in Miami. It all went uphill after he was signed by the New Orleans. Jimmy’s career contains a lot of achievements and highlights some of them being 5x Pro Bowl, First-team All-Pro, Second Team All-pro, and List of National Football League season receiving touchdowns and leaders. Graham redefined American football for his fans with 69 receiving touchdowns, 556 Receptions and 6,800 Receiving yards.

The American football player is under contract to earn a salary of $6 million. The contract is extended till 2020 resulting in a total compensation of $13 million by 2019 and $12 million total compensation by the year 2024. Like every other football player, Graham started at $400,000-500,000. The salary ranges greatly depending on the skills of the player. With the current net worth of $40 million in 2018, Jimmy Graham is considered as one of the top NFL players. Apart from his contracts, Jimmy Graham also earns through various brand endorsements and investments. He is a brand ambassador of Smoothie King. Graham showcases his wealth fairly well with his garage full of luxurious cars. He had a Mercedes-Benz, a Range Rover and he currently treated himself with a $0.5 million worth of Audi R8. He resides in an affluent resort city named Carlsbad in California where he owns a breathtaking palatial house with a current value of $1.9 million dollars.

The football player Is known to be single and open for options. Graham shares very little about his personal life despite the efforts of us fans trying to know more. There is not much about Jimmy Graham’s anywhere except his impressive American football skills which makes him a top-notch player. Jimmy Graham is one of the few people who went to the top from rock bottom. No one would have imagined that the little boy with financial crisis might end up being a millionaire.