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Is there PS5 in the plans?

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There is an expiration date on many things, even if sometimes, such date is not indicated on the box. People are coming up with new, fresh, innovative products in different spheres of life. The gaming world is not an exception –  when one goes down the other one shall rise and be born again. Will the legacy continue or is something new lead the revolution in the game world step by step? New gaming tools keep appearing and one of the greatest consoles ever created was PlayStation. It has gone a long way since it has appeared on the market for the first time, but is the new model ready to arrive?

As we look to the future, we must say our farewell to the previous console generation and thank them for putting the foundations based on which PS5 will be created. Sony has confirmed the information and the existence of PlayStation 5. The new features will certainly be extraordinary, but they are currently unknown. However, it will be at least a level up from the previous version – so, get ready for a fun ride!

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High-quality graphics are something new console generations will offer to consumers. The basic model will be equipped with 4K minimum whereas the 8K will be built into the initial version of the console but there is a possibility that it will show up as a standard package in PS5. Judging by the past release date, we can expect the new PS to arrive by the end of 2019 or the start of 2024. It will available in markets all over the world.  I took the liberty to calculate the expected date of PlayStation 6 and got the year 2026 or the January of 2027 tops – but that is too far away. Still, it gets me quite excited, how about you?

When anticipating the solution for the graphics tech, we must see that previous PlayStation 3 had a custom NVIDIA chip powering it while PlayStation 4 opted for an AMD Radeon card, making it harder to foresee what will the new console brings. Which of the mentioned will be Sony’s partner on the next project is currently under the veil of mystery, but with information that the recently-developed DLSS is being targeted by Sony, gives us some ideas.

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In the hardware department, we can expect the PS5 to arrive with powerful hard drives. We will probably be gifted with at least 2-3TB for the standard model while bigger capacities might be available as well but bear in mind that price will be increased for such models. And with the new console, new games will arrive from renowned developers. One of these is the new Grand Theft Auto 6 scheduled for 2024.

We are looking forward to the release date. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a while, but judging by what we know, the new console will be worth waiting for.