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Is Jordanian Prince El Hassan the Anti-Christ?


October 5, 2012. Rome. (ONN) With the prophesied holy war between the Jews and Muslims seemingly only months away, many Christians believe it is a sign that the end times are near. With a strange desire for world war 3 to begin so Christ can come again, these same Christians have identified a man they believe to be the long-awaited Anti-Christ. They say it is Jordanian Prince El Hassan. Are they right?

Paul Wolfowitz escorts Prince El Hassan into the US Pentagon in 2002. Image courtesy of the US Defense Dept.

If the battle of Armageddon occurs any time soon, Christians will find themselves on both sides, fighting each other, while the Jews are on one side and Muslims are on the other. If global political alliances hold up, Eastern Orthodox Christians will remain allies of Islam, while Catholic and Protestant Christians have sworn their allegiance to Judaism. And let us not forget that for every person who believes Islam is the side of Satan, there are just as many people – Christian, Muslim and Jewish – that believe the Catholic Church or global Zionism is the home of the devil on Earth.

Since 1977, the Cambridge Theological Seminary has attempted to identify who the prophesied Anti-Christ is. If these are truly the end times, then he or she is already alive and in a great position of power right now. Based on the group’s research and writings, they believe the Anti-Christ is Jordanian Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

The Identity of the Anti-Christ

The following was reprinted from MinistersBestFriend.com (May 2010):

Rapture-Ready! The exact person of ‘The Anti-Christ’ is known.

The Anti-Christ has been revealed, and let there be no doubt! Thankfully for Democrats and Americans, it is not Barak Obama, in spite of the hype.

Many will be skeptical of this “revelation” and declare that “no one knows the day nor the hour” . . . Scripture does say this, but this does say “day and hour” . . . not “year or season”.

No one knows the day or the hour when New York City will have a blizzard, but all can know that it will be in the winter – not spring, summer or fall – and weather men – can accurately tell us the times there is NO precipitation in the weather system. Therefore, God can reveal the identity of the Anti-Christ to His people – as He has – and there is till much mystery:


How long will the Anti-Christ be building his “coalition”: 10, 20, 30, 40 years? [Clue: He is quite young at this time May 2010]

How long until the “World-Wide Government” is established? Will he use and/or go through – or even be “elected” by the United Nations? Will he use and/or go through – or even be “elected” by the European Union? Will he use and/or go through – or even be “elected” by the United Arab Nations? Will there be a World War-III and/or even a World war-IV – 20 years later – BEFORE his rule begins?

Will he rise by global terrorism? OR . . . Will he use diplomacy and economics exclusively to put his coalition together? Will the USA initially be friend-or-foe? OR . . . will the USA be a socialist-poverty-stricken nation – as the “World’s Largest Hispanic Nation” in 30-40 years? Will the Anti-Christ come to power through a ‘threatening military’? OR . . . will he come to power through a vast economic collapse such as in Revelation 18? Will he be a “homosexual” as indicated in Daniel 11? Will his “mark” be by computer-chip, bar-code, or invisible ink on the head or right hand? And there are many, many more mysteries, once you know who he is!


FACT: Abraham is the ‘father of Israel’ – and Muhammad the ‘father of Islam‘. These two family trees are Polar Opposites – One achieving ALL by Love and Service and the other achieving ALL by Violence. By definition, The Anti-Christ will be ‘the exact opposite of Christ’ but will replicate him in many equal and opposite ways.

FACT: Jesus Christ is the “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9-6-8). CORRESPONDING FACT: A most powerful Islamic leader – “Prince” El Hassan, and his name means “Prince of Peace”. FACT: Jesus Christ came 42 generations after Abraham, father of Israel [Matthew 1]. CORRESPONDING FACT: A most powerful Islamic leader – “Prince” El Hassan, was born 42 generations after Muhammad, Father of Islam.

FACT: Jesus is the true bloodline and 42nd generation descendent of Abraham.CORRESPONDING FACT: El Hassan is the true bloodline the 42nd generation of Muhammad. FACT: Christ is the Abrahamic savior. CORRESPONDING FACT: The Anti-Christ will be the Islamic savior.


A string of clues that The Anti-Christ has to be Islamic. The massive beheading in the Revelation…that is Islamic-style capital punishment.

Re 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were BEHEADED for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Perry Stone has done extensive study on how the biblical Anti-Christ is the Islamic “Mahdi”. In Islamic teachings, the Mahdi has to have a pointed nose with a broad head. FACT: “Prince El Hassan” has a pointed nose with a broad head.

Prince El Hassan

In Islamic teachings, the Mahdi has to have:

  • His father’s name will be Abdullah. FACT: “Prince El Hassan‘s” father’s name is King “Abdullah”.
  • He will arise in Arabia and be compelled by popular acclamation in MECCA to lead the Muslims. FACT: Prince Hassan’s branch of the Hashemite family ruled in Mecca from 1201 (C.E.) until 1925 (C.E.).
  • He will fill the earth with justice and equity. FACT: Justice and Equality of religion is exactly what this man speaks of if you read his articles…it’s overwhelming.
  • He will reign for around seven years. FACT! This is what Daniel and the revelation Prophesy for the Anti-Christ.
  • He will be descended from the Prophet via his daughter Fatima; (only the Hashemites can claim this). FACT! El Hassan is an ISLAMIC HASHEMITE!
  • We know that the Anti-Christ will be from the people that destroyed the holy city. They were the Romans. FACT: El Hassan is president of the CLUB OF “ROME”. The Club of Rome pulls all the strings at the EU. They are the biggest influence. An Islamic man president of the club of Rome.
  • He will be the “KING OF BABYLON”.The King of Babylon

FACT: Prince Hassan was supposed to receive the spot that King Abdullah has currently, but it was taken away from him right before his father died. His rightful “Crown” was taken from him, so now he’s been campaigning, looking for a crown. The one he will receive will be “KING OF BABYLON – Crown Prince El Hassan”.

Remember, the apostle John gave us clues on how to identify The Anti-Christ. According to 1 John 2:22, the spirit of antichrist and ‘The Antichrist’ always deny three things:

  • Both deny the deity of Jesus Christ.
  • Both deny that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  • Both deny the relationship between the Father and the Son.

FACT: This is exactly the ideology of ISLAM. There is no better match! The Anti-Christ has to be Islamic. Daniel 9:26 clearly says he has to be a prince. FACT: El Hassan is Prince El Hassan. Isaiah 14:4 that thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of BABYLON, and say, how hath the oppressor ceased. The golden city ceased. El Hassan’s connection with Babylon (IRAQ) is unquestionably strong.

The crown of the Anti-Christ (1st seal) will be the “King” of Babylon or the King of Iraq. Every King has a crown. You know how everyone was saying that the EU is the headquarters of the Anti-Christ and they talked about the tower of Babel replica?

The King of Babylon (IRAQ), the Anti-Christ, must have his headquarters in Babylon (IRAQ). Ancient Babylon, resembling the tower of Babel, has been rebuilt, waiting for the Anti-Christ. It’s in Iraq. This is the future headquarters of the Anti-Christ (EL HASSAN)…ALREADY BUILT.

The Biblical Tower of Babel and the European Union Headquarters. Image courtesy of BibleLight.net.

An Anti-Christ Kingdom

We know now that the ancient city of Babylon was a replication of the “tower of Babel”. The tower of Babel was at the Ancient City of Babylon. This means it will be rebuilt in modern day Babylon…Iraq. It was a tower built to glorify men, like the Anti-Christ will glorify himself.

According to the biblical account, a “united humanity” of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a “single language” and migrating from the east, participated in the building. The tower of Babel (BABYLON) has been rebuilt in IRAQ and will be a glorification of the Anti-Christ.

The Anti-Christ will be great among the “small people”. These people are none other than the “IRAQIS”. They will anoint him King by his flatteries and strong connections with them. Isaiah 10-:4 says he will be the “Assyrian”. El Hassan is a Jordanian prince. Jordan, geographically, is where ancient “Assyria” was – The Assyrian.

Also, we know the future Anti-Christ will SOMEHOW get the Arabs to give up control of the Islamic controlled site of the temple mount. The only way the Islamic people will agree to this is if a fellow Islamic Prince pulls the strings. The Islamists will not listen to any Jew or anybody else besides an Islamic person.

The major point is that we know the temple mount will be handed over to the Jews. The Hashemite tribe is the tribe that controls all of the Islamic holy sites.

A Hashemite prince, King of Babylon, will be in charge of the Temple Mount – that’s how one man can get this to happen. The Hashemite tribe is the one that will ultimately have to agree to do this and give up the temple mount. This strongly says the Anti-Christ will have to be a Hashemite – El Hassan. The Hashemite are the guardians of all Islamic Holy Sites. Only a Hashemite can ultimately agree to give up the temple mount, being they have the power.

Specifically, the temple mount is overseen by the Jordanian group the Waqf, or the Islamic Trust, by rule of the Jordanian Hashemite King.

Israel and Jordan

El Hassan is an Islamic, Hashemite King of Babylon, who will be given rule of the temple mount by way of his ancestry. That is why the Anti-Christ has to be an Islamic Hashemite.

The position that the current King Abdullah has is the position El Hassan was supposed to have. That is why so many think Abdullah is the Anti-Christ. But he’s not. It’s El Hassan who will get his own crown – The King of Babylon, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 14. Abdullah is not the King Babylon. El Hassan will be.

From a Paris article with the headline: “Jordanian Prince seeks Iraqi throne”. The Anti-Christ has to be the King of Babylon or modern day Iraq, has to. Making it simple: The Anti-Christ will, and has to be the “King of Iraq”, where the ancient City resembling the tower of Babel has been rebuilt (Kingdom of the Anti-Christ). No man on planet earth seeks this crown more than El Hassan.

I will state this again: Daniel 9:27 clearly states that the Anti-Christ will “confirm” or “strengthen” a covenant. This means that the Anti-Christ will strengthen a preexisting covenant or agreement. The 7 year period will begin with a strengthening of an already existing covenant between Israel and the Arab nations. Well, in 1994, the Oslo Accords were agreed upon by, and get this: The State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Standing right besides Bill Clinton during the Oslo Accord signing is none other than Crown Prince El Hassan – the man who was the main author behind all the proceedings. El Hassan wrote the Oslo Accords. El Hassan has already fulfilled half of Daniel 9:27 – he created the covenant that will later be “confirmed” by the man who wrote it…His Royal Highness Crown Prince El Hassan. The signature of the man of sin is already on the covenant. He will strengthen the covenant that he already put into motion. That is why it says “confirm”.

El Hassan himself told the Jerusalem Post that it would take more than five to six years to “Achieve Full People to People Peace in the Region”. “Many” in Daniel 9:27 are Israel and the “ARAB” nation(s). The same arguments that the media use today about “Dividing the City of Jerusalem” are the arguments that El Hassan himself created 20-something years ago.

Now get this: Israel was “recognized” as a state on May 14th, 1948. But the actual date of the re-birth of Israel as a state was November 29th, 1947 with the adoption of the partition plan by the general assembly, by international vote. Technically, the rebirth of Israel is 1947.

Is it a coincidence that El Hassan was born in the same exact year? No. God brought forth his end time plan with the re-birth of Israel and the birth of the Anti-Christ, or man of sin, in the same year – 1947. Praise God! Like I mentioned above, El Hassan is the president of the Club of Rome, which is the leader in moving the world towards a One World Government.

The above is from MinistersBestFriend.com.