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Industrial Lighting Fixtures: Not Just “Good” They’re Better in So Many Ways


People who make wise and well-considered decisions often make lists or write their reasons as a way to make their plans easier to follow. This allows them to discuss those reasons with others in an organized way. If you’re in the early stages of planning an industrial workspace, or you have the task of improving a current space, you might want to follow the path to success used by many owners and managers.

Industrial lighting fixtures is one of the key areas to consider in constructing or upgrading your site. The list of reasons for making this important change will include a few items that should be on every project list. But there will also be an item or two that could be an “aha” moment for the facilities planner. Among the first, more common, reasons will be: improvement of the general working conditions, which could be achieved to some extent with new and more numerous fixtures.

Even Better

You can achieve something even better with high-quality LED industrial lighting fixtures, to provide a more comfortable atmosphere and consistent levels of illumination. Because light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have consistent color and brightness, without the associated production of heat, you have immediate lighting that will remain at the same level for thousands of hours. You will not have to worry about meeting minimum standards for lighting in your industrial work space.

Put “reduced cost” somewhere near the top of your list of great reasons to choose LED industrial lighting fixtures. This category delivers in two ways. Lighting from a leader in this industry will give you thousands of hours of performance and use less electrical energy in doing so. Your utility costs will be noticeably lower. In addition, your costs for facility maintenance will be reduced, because you won’t have to devote labor time to replacing bulbs on a regular basis. LED fixtures are amazingly beneficial as a long-term investment.

Combine savings in labor costs with the energy efficiency of LED industrial lighting fixtures and the choice becomes easy. Putting a new bulb in a traditional incandescent fixture may require a $1.00 in labor expense, as one example. When the LED lamp lasts 25 times as long, you save a significant amount of money. You also reduce the risk of workplace injury, because workers won’t be on a ladder or lift equipment very often.

Additional Reasons

Industrial lighting fixtures with LED technology require 80% less electrical energy to produce the same level of lighting. Your utility bills will reflect this as time goes on, leaving funds for other purposes. In fact, environmental agencies and organizations recommend LED fixtures because of the light level delivered using the lowest amount of energy.

Many facilities managers appreciate the reliability of these industrial lighting fixtures, not only in extended lighting terms, but also in their quality construction. They will provide the necessary safety and security illumination, even in less-than-ideal conditions. That makes them a great choice for outdoor use and for lighting in warehouses and storage units. Don’t just think about changing to this type of lighting. Make the wise choice.