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How to Approach Businesses to Sell Your Products and Services


The key to being a successful businessman lies in the ability to approach a business by pinpointing on their needs. A strong and positive first impression is highly crucial to sell your products to the businesses.

All the retailers have a specific amount of shelf space so when you want to sell your products, you need to know the proper way to approach them. A carefully prepared plan and a convincing presentation are skills required to successfully sell your products.

It is not an easy feat to sell your products. Retailers like to serve a lot of things that can make or break your deal.

In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can approach a business and sell your products and services successfully.

1. Do your research

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If you want to sell your product you have to thoroughly know the mass market. Find out all the companies and businesses that deals in the type of products that you want to sell.

Look for the gaps in their businesses where your product can fit in. Also, get an idea of the competing products and services. This will help you differentiate your products from others and you can set up your pricing based on that.

There are many databases that provide list of companies. You can go through those to find out the businesses to whom you can sell your products.

Once you have zeroed in on the companies likely to buy your product, you can progress towards approaching them.

2. Show the interest of the consumers on your product

Positive consumer interest will make selling your products a lot easier. You can use social media platforms to write about your products and getting reviews from the people. These reviews can be used as a proof for positive consumer interest and you can share them with the companies.

3. Show a positive product history

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Introducing new products is always a risk on the part of a retailer considering the buying cost which is incurred on them. They even need to pay the charges for stocking and display. So they would want to invest in a product that would achieve return profits and please the customers.

4. Prepare a presentation

Create a brief but impactful presentation of your products. Businesses and companies are very busy people, so you need to make sure that in a short amount of time you effectively present your product before them.

The presentation should cover all the key facts like your target consumers, the selling cost of the product and the levels of discounts that you can offer and the quantity that you can supply. Also, include a point about why your product would be appealing to the consumers.

5. Start Locally

Start locally before slowly progressing towards expansion. You might already be consumers of companies that you want to sell your products to. Knowing the local companies thoroughly will give you insights into their operation and you can approach them properly. Once you are successful within your own geographic location, you will acquire a number of contacts which you can use to expand your business.

6. Prepare a cold call script

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Create a cold call script for approaching the companies. It will serve as the base of your general pitch that you will put forward to the companies when contacting them.

Also, do not read out the script word by word, it will make sound very artificial. Rather use the script as a general guideline. Make sure you practice the script a few times before making the call.

Final Words

Getting in front of businesses and convincing them to buy your product can be quite a difficult task. But with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can now properly approach a business to sell your product. Also, remember if you believe in the products and services you are selling, the business too will then believe in it.