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History and Origins of Enamel pins – All you Need to Know

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Enamel pins have a really interesting history, and with their wide use nowadays that’s either for aesthetics or marketing and promotion, it’s still worthy to know their story and where they first came from. Over the years they’ve had many ups and downs, but somehow they always manage to get back on the top. Today, a lot of people are using enamel pins for various reasons, so let’s take a peek into their history and learn some more.

What are enamel pins?

Enamel pins are small accessory items that are usually worn on the fabric of your shirt, pants, backpack or a bag even. There aren’t any rules about where you should wear them, some people put them on their notebooks and others on their phone cases, so feel free to be as creative as you want. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and usually, their shape is determined by what the message of the pin is. If it’s about love, it’ll be shaped in a heart, if it’s food it might have the shape of a doughnut, etc. You can really find them in many shapes.

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Where did they first appear?

Some people who really studied the history of enamel pins say that they were existent even in the earliest ages where cultures first started appearing. It is said that Egyptians began the process of inlaying and enameling, so the entire thing starts from there. The Chinese designed and manufactured the first actual enamel pin, and they improved the enameling technique that the Egyptians came with in the beginning. Ever since then, enamel and lapel pins have been worn by soldiers during a battle, and this started during the Revolutionary War period, lasting all the way through WW1 and WW2. Feel free to click here if you want to learn more.

What kind of use they have nowadays?

Enamel pins are also used by many politicians and political supporters during rallies and similar events where a larger group of people is showing up in order to express their support towards a political party or something similar. They are also very popular during protests and any other kinds of movements.

Today, Enamel Pins are popular because everyone is trying to achieve a certain aesthetic goal, and these little accessories definitely help a lot. They can enhance your look and make your style much more interesting than it is right now, but they also serve a great purpose in the corporate and business world as well.

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Who can help me design enamel pins?

Your manufacturer will most likely offer you many different designs of enamel pins when you first talk to them but remember that you are not obliged to purchase them in that form or look at all. They just serve as an example and to maybe help you understand what can be done with their shape. If you have your own enamel pins design, feel free to go for it, your manufacturer will be glad to make it happen. It is also useful to know that these things usually come much cheaper when purchased in bulk, so have that in mind when making your transaction.