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dems embrace violence will guarantee trump win


Dems embrace of Violence will guarantee Trump Win

Anti-Trump protesters burn American flags while violently attacking Trump supporters.

June 9, 2016. San Jose, CA (ONN) The recent escalation of violence and terror by Democratic Party supporters against Republican voters is having a very predictable consequence – sympathy and support for the victims, and more importantly, the candidate himself Donald Trump. What is even more shocking than the coordinated campaign of political terror is the silence and passive support by Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Party leader Barack Obama and the Obama Justice Department.

Liberal hypocrisy is nothing new. It’s been fueling the Trump campaign since the start. Wall Street corporations and Super PAC’s are evil, except when they fund Democratic Party politicians. Foreign wars for profit are sinister, except when waged by Democratic Presidents. Gender discrimination is horrible, except when discriminating against men. Racism is hate, except when it’s racism against white people. And political terror and violence is unacceptable, except when it’s waged against Republicans and Donald Trump supporters.

That was the lesson taught by nearly every American news outlet this past week as video footage of violent attacks on peaceful supporters of Donald Trump aired out of San Jose, California. The rest of the world was horrified however to watch women, minors and senior citizens beaten and bloodied by violent mobs of Democratic Party activists while local police stood by and watched. And fueling the political violence, Democratic Party leaders like the Mayor of San Jose publicly supported the attackers and blamed the victims.

But Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have miscalculated. Americans have little or no tolerance for political terror and violence against people simply trying to exercise their right to vote or participate in the election process. It’s one thing to hate Donald Trump. But it’s another thing to violently attack voters who want to support the Republican nominee.

The predictable result is that Republicans will flock to Trump’s corner, not to support the billionaire, but to support basic democracy. Peace-loving Democrats may find it difficult to support a candidate that embraces violence against innocents. And independents may be knocked off the fence onto the side of the GOP by the rocks, bottles and fists thrown by frenzied hate-filled Democratic Party activists.

Some say Trump invited the violence at previous political rallies. But even impartial observers agree that the anti-Trump protesters were the instigators of the violence when they forced their way inside numerous Trump events by knocking, punching and pushing rally-goers to the ground in an attempt to stop the political gatherings. It’s somewhat akin to having violent, masked criminals force their way into your home and then complain when they are forcefully removed.

On top of the violence against peaceful Trump supporters, Americans were also shown what else these anti-Trump protesters stand for. They attacked and injured multiple police officers attempting to keep the peace. They destroyed police cars. They wore masks to protect their anonymity while committing violent crimes. And most indicative of all, they waved hundreds of Mexican flags while burning countless American flags.

For anyone who doubts the above conclusions, watch the below videos and see if your sympathy lies with the attackers or the victims. If that sympathy extends to the November General Election, it will sweep Republican Donald Trump into the White House, and for no other reason than the fact that the American people despise political violence and terror. While Democrats side with foreigners burning American flags on American soil and advocating for the overthrow of the US government, Republicans need only sit back and embrace the millions of American voters sickened and disgusted by it.





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