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help dcfs stole my kids 10 more cps horror stories


Help, DCFS stole my Kids – 10 more CPS Horror Stories

By Mark Wachtler

Image courtesy of Exposing DCF blog.

April 29, 2016. (ONN) With Mother’s Day a week away, it seems fitting to publish another batch of parents’ desperate appeals for help. It’s no secret anymore that the Dept of Health and Human Services has created a multi-billion-dollar industry out of taking children away from parents. Often for little or no reason, or due to mistakes, false allegations, or rogue government employees, tens of thousands of American parents are desperately trying to get their kids back.

Over the past few years, Whiteout Press has published the heart wrenching stories of dozens of parents who have had their children wrongly removed from their care by an out-of-control government agency. The practice has become so rampant, we’ve been forced to publish multiple stories at once rather than dedicate one article to each horror story.

Make no mistake, child removals have little to do with protecting kids anymore. Instead, billions of dollars in government contracts and an ever-growing army of highly paid caseworkers seem to be the main objective of this heart-breaking epidemic of government sanctioned kidnapping. Here are the latest letters to Whiteout Press from desperate parents and grandparents.


Hi, my name is Jessica and San Mateo County, California stole my child from school over false allegations. I fought for 2 years, was never properly represented, was never properly informed of what’s going on and they never helped me. Now they adopted out my child. The list goes on with their dirty laundry and they never liked me from the beginning. Especially when I asserted my rights and brought forth what rights they violated. It went on deaf ears. I need help bringing this corrupt government to justice and I don’t know what to do. I’m a victim of violent crimes, I’m on disability because of it, and suffer great PTSD. I had no criminal background or anything. They destroyed my life. Help, Jessica Murray.


On March 17, 2000 my children were removed from the babysitter while I was at work and I was not allowed contact with my children without supervision for over 5 months. DCFS was not able to corroborate the allegations of abuse. The juvenile court Judge ordered my children to begin transitioning back into my home with supervision on August 18, 2000. On August 21, 2000 the charges were filed against me in the district court. I was not informed of these charges. I was arrested on October 10, 2000. I did not even know I had a warrant out for my arrest. This caused extreme emotional and financial distress on me and my young children ages 10, 9, 7 and 2. The agreement was made on January 8, 2001 to dissolve the court case and end the nightmare. My children were released back to my home January 10, 2001 with all charges being dismissed. In October 2001 in Davis County my children were removed from my home based on the cases in Weber County the year before. I was never made aware that they had a disposition of guilty in any cases. Again my children were returned to my home in May 2002 and the case was closed in December 2002. No charges were filed and I was still not abusing my children. However they kept citing the other cases in Weber County. I had professionals in my home for over 10 hours per week for a total of 3 months. I had parole officers, social workers and counselors evaluating all aspects of my family. I was found to be a good mother with good supports in place for my children. To this day, I still am unemployable. I have struggled financially and cannot get employment.  I was not aware of the issue until January 2010. I have been declined for employment as recently as June 2015. I have successfully expunged this from my record but it is still following me and I am unable to get out from under this false reporting. This has greatly impacted my life and the life of my children. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Pamela Ethel Perry.

Sasha and Brandon

I have a story similar to Sara’s. I have sent all of my evidence supporting these allegations of abuse by the judicial system as well as retaliation after exercising free speech challenging CPS, the Judge as well as the Prosecutor in the fight for our children. I was advised to try gaining some attention to this case as well as enlisting a children’s rights advocacy group to expose and hopefully somewhere down the line educate families to the existing problems in our current child welfare system. We have 5 children, however only 3 were illegally seized from our home June 16,2015. Our two oldest (12 & 15) are still residing with us but suffer everyday from having their younger (6, 3 & 1) siblings ripped away unnecessarily. I fear for them, all of them, that their innocence has been stolen and their perception of the good in the world and humanity forever altered. Please feel free to contact us. We will happily provide anything that may be of assistance. I signed a petition to the Ohio State House, the Ohio State Senate, and 4 others which says: “Abuse of power by Children’s Services must stop. Children and families across the nation are being ripped apart by the actions of CPS as well as family court.” Will you sign this petition? Click here. Thank you, Sasha and Brandon Murphy.


I just read an article by Mr. Wachtler from January about the case involving William Marotta. I have been researching past articles on it and really liked this article. I am one of the friends who started a fundraising campaign for William. I’ve been searching for authors who seem to have sympathy for William, in order to ask about doing a current story. The latest in the case is that William was forced to give a DNA sample (or go to jail), and of course they confirmed he’s the biological father. They fought against allowing the DNA test for a long time. Before that, attention was paid to ‘what’s best for the child’ and a Ross hearing was held by the state supreme court. They required that the partner of the mother be considered in the outcome of the case. When the judge was not doing that at all, the lawyer filed to find the judge in contempt of the supreme court and to get her kicked off the case. But that didn’t happen. Outside of the case, not only is there a fundraising site, there is also a Facebook page and a separate website. Thank you again, Julie.


I have always loved and protected my children and I have always taken care of them. I have primary custody of my son and I am the biological mother of Destiny Cullen and I have always had her in my home and care. Now let me explain this current situation that is completely out of control and unfair, unsafe and illegal. My daughter is no longer at home where she belongs. I was in complete shock and totally confused. I thought I was already cleared of those false allegations since everyone present confirmed everything was false. No criminal charges were filed and CPS never petitioned for custody. CPS kept misleading me to believe I had to continue to cooperate or it could cause me to lose my children. The state employees failed to protect my constitutionally protected rights as well as state and federal laws and regulations. After I had cooperated and continued to be misguided, misinformed and mislead by the system as a whole, I started to do research on my own. I am not perfect, but I do know that I have never neglected or abused my children and I have fought and I will continue to fight this system. They have stated on record that I deserve both my kids. I have my son home, I want my daughter safely returned home as soon as possible. I fear for her safety and the system is failing to protect her so I as her mother need the public’s help. Also, I am attempting to make a change and difference for all parents and their rights as parents. I have evidence you can see. I have law enforcement you can confirm with. I have the names and numbers of the people involved if they need to be contacted. I have informed everyone relevant in my case that I was going to “go public”. Please, I beg you, help my daughter and family and save a life – MY DAUGHTER DESTINY CULLEN. Thank you, Crystal Cullen. Visit the Facebook page Operation Bring Destiny Cullen Home.


Hi, my name is Melissa Banda. I currently have an open DCFS case with children removed in April this year. DCFS failed to provide my children’s medication or therapy. I have reached out for help twice being a recovering addict. When I relapsed, the worker came to the home and told me that they were going to work with me and not take the children. And though she left them here under my care and a friends care, she returned on Monday and removed my kids. She said she wanted me to surrender my newborn baby that has never had an open case. I did do a voluntary open case and I successfully completed it. The children want to come home. I want them back. I was told that the department is not recommending the reunification. My newborn baby has never been in the system and they’re trying to use my history against me. The department failed to help me and my children or provide services that were court ordered. I still obtain educational and medical rights to my children but I have not been told of certain appointments. I have been denied addresses and I feel my rights have been violated. Also, my visits have not been respected as still given by court order. I’ve been promised things and told things and they stated that they understand that relapse  is a part of recovery, but now they’re using it against me. I need help. I don’t know what to do. I try to climb the chain of command and DCFS throws me back. I’m trying to find a new place because I have to move. I’m fighting for my kids and I’m fighting for divorce from an unsupportive abusive alcoholic husband. I just need help. I know, a relapse, but I don’t think tearing apart my family is the answer. Please help me and my family. DCFS never is held responsible for the things they do. Please again help us. Thank you very much. Desperately in need of honest help, Melissa Banda.


I have lost my four older boys to child protective service. I jumped though so many hoops for over two years. The Judge was able to give me my youngest son back. CPS’ lies were like gold in court to remove my parental rights. Now I am asking for funds for help to shut this evil system down and for the return of our children. God has given me and the father the strength we needed to keep strong in this battle and I also believe He has giving us a key. We are working very hard to uncover what these people really are.    These people go on big vacations and live their lives on stealing our children while the children that really need the help are not being helped. They die being abused waiting for help from a system that is not real. It is time we the people gather and shut this system down. Please trust me, I will not let you down. Any little will help. We together will win this war. The children and parents are waiting for our help because this CPS system failed our families. Brandonlyn Nunley.


My daughter received a call today from the social worker that’s investigating Malakai’s abuse in the foster home. The investigator questioned my daughter about her concerns of what she saw when visiting with her son at wake county CPS. My daughter told the worker that Malakai had a black eye, busted lips, lots of bruising on her son’s body and a great deal of weight loss. And that her son was talking before he ever went into foster care and that he stopped talking ever since he was placed. Heather even told the worker, which I was not aware of, that Heather’s sister was banned as well from seeing Malakai because Heather’s case worker said Kimmie kept feeding Malakai when she was told to stop feeding him. LeeAnn Watson, my daughter’s unlicensed and uncertified socal worker, did NOT let my starving grandson eat but a few spoonfulls of food. I praise the Lord that there is an investigation going on with my grandson’s abusive treatment with the foster parents. I pray that my grandson will be placed here with me as he will be safe and truly loved and with his siblings. Thank you. Blessings, Kimberly Deese. Read more about this story at MedicalKidnap.com.


Please help me. I’ve been wrongly accused and lied on by Cps. While I was at a friend’s house, my son got injured under the supervision of his father. He took him to the hospital to get seen and then I showed up afterwards with bruises on my face. The father was mad about my son’s injury because I wasn’t there to help. CPS and the police were there asking me questions about my injury and my son’s injury and then the father got arrested because he was accused of child abuse and because of my injury he had caused me. The child abuse charge was dropped because it was a third party. He said that he was trying to comfort my son in his arms while bending over trying to pour dog food into a bowl and as he was bending back up he said that the dog ran through his legs to get to the food and then he fell backwards and my son flew forward and ricochet on two pieces of furniture before hitting the ground. That’s why CPS took him and severed my rights, because they said it was done on purpose. They also kept him from me because I stayed with the father after he hit me that day. But I only stayed because I was homeless and I had previously come out of a CPS group home that I was being abused in. So I didn’t know where else to go or what to do because I have no family to run to because CPS took me from them. The foster parents they had put me with raped me, so I had no foster parents either. But I did everything CPS asked – took parenting classes, tasc, counseling, and when I was able to save enough money I left the father and got my own apartment. I got an order of protection on him as well and went to every single court date to fight for my son. But they still kept him and lied on me even though I was the victim. I’ve done everything CPS wanted me to do. It’s not fair, I’ve been treated unfairly. I’ve done parenting classes, tasc, Terros that cps referred me to, psychological doctor they referred me to, I’ve done counseling, anger management classes, and domestic violence classes. I got a parenting class certificate and I’ve tested clean. Terros said that I didn’t need to be on drug treatment because I don’t do drugs and they even did a drug test on me and CPS still used that against me in court knowing that I don’t do drugs. I’ve done a lot for them and I would wake up at 5 in the morning to do things for them and come home at 6 at night. I even got my own apartment and a parent aid. She wrote that I was protective over my son and how I’m a great mother. I feel like I shouldn’t do anymore things for CPS because I’ve done everything they wanted me to do and I still didn’t get Athaniel back. My son is being abused in their foster home and I showed pictures to the court about his bruises and nothing was done about it. Please help me get my kids back. Shirea Davis.


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