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1 10 hpv vaccine recipients ends er


June 1, 2016

1 in 10 HPV Vaccine Recipients ends up in ER

By Mark Wachtler

Canadian officials call a 10% hospitalization rate “safe”. Image courtesy of Mercola.com.

June 1, 2016. Alberta, Canada (ONN) First, Japan warned of the crippling side effects of the HPV vaccine. Then Mexico. Now, Canadian officials have released their findings on the dangers of the HPV vaccine. Except rather than warn that 1 in 10 recipients of the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine will be sent to the Emergency Room, Canadian officials are touting those results as proof that the vaccine is safe.

There has been a strange and somewhat bizarre series of events that have caused HPV to skyrocket to become America’s number one sexually transmitted disease. The glorification of anal sex by Hollywood and society has led to HPV becoming an epidemic. But rather than warn people to stop having both anal and vaginal sex in the same encounter, governments and medical professionals have instead been pushing a dangerous vaccine to prevent the disease.

Unlike many viruses, HPV seems to follow vaginal bacterial infections in women. Then, HPV somehow leads to cancer. In women, cervical cancer is the most prevalent result. In men, it’s mouth and throat cancer. And they’re all the result of careless sexual encounters with partners infected with HPV.

Rushing to capitalize and profit on the terrible epidemic, two multi-national pharmaceutical companies have been marketing vaccines to stop HPV. Merck Pharma manufactures the vaccine Gardasil and Glaxo Smith Kline makes the vaccine Cervarix. A 2009 study showed that Gardasil had caused 73 deaths and 18,000 serious side effects. Cervarix had 3 deaths and 9,000 serious side effect victims.

Four years later in 2013, Japanese Health officials ordered that nation’s healthcare professionals to stop recommending the HPV vaccine after eight young girls from the same school began holding press conferences warning that after receiving the vaccine, all eight became paralyzed. Read the 2013 Whiteout Press article ‘Crippled Teens want HPV Vaccine Victims to come forward’ for further details.

Fast forward to 2016 where Canadian health officials released the results of their study on the dangers of the HPV vaccine. They found that 1 in 10 vaccine recipients ended up in the emergency room within six weeks of receiving the vaccine. The officials didn’t use the results to warn of the dangers of the HPV vaccine. Instead, they touted those numbers as proof the vaccine is perfectly safe.

Regarding the Canadian study, a recent report from Natural News warns, ‘This shocking admission unveils a highly disturbing truth about routine vaccinations given to children and teens: They are well known to cause emergency room visits, hospitalizations and adverse effects among those receiving them. This science paper, in fact, just confirmed all that while calling the entire phenomenon safe.’

In addition to the ten percent of HPV vaccine recipients ending up in the emergency room, the Canadian study also found that 1 in 200 recipients were admitted to hospitals for extended stays. The authors of the study concluded that the high percentage of adverse side effects was, “low and consistent with types of events seen elsewhere.”

Natural News goes on to warn, ‘Their conclusions reveal two things about vaccine science, both of which are absolutely shocking:

1) Vaccines really are sending huge numbers of people to emergency rooms and hospitals, as is admitted in this study.

2) Doctors and scientists consider this to be totally normal. They do not see any cause for alarm in 10% of vaccine recipients ending up in the Emergency Department.’

Read the full Canadian HPV vaccine report via the National Institutes of Health.


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