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February 9, 2015

Chris Christie bets against US with Buy American veto

By Mark Wachtler

February 9, 2015. Trenton, NJ. (ONN) The New Jersey Legislature passed a Bill requiring the state to support its own workers and economy by buying American made products when using taxpayer money so long as the price or bid was competitive. But Governor Chris Christie vetoed the bipartisan Buy American bill, publicly admitting he was too afraid to anger foreign countries by signing the measure into law. Critics accuse Christie of selling out Americans to gain the financial backing of globalists in his bid for US President in 2016.

Chris Christie and Mitt Romney, unsuccessfully trying to look like regular people. Image courtesy of CNN.

Globalism vs. Protectionism

An American Governor says his state can’t buy American made products and services, and instead has to buy them from countries like China and India. It’s the same 30-year Republican and Democrat economic policy that has devastated America for decades. Last year, the US trade deficit hit $46 billion. That means Americans bought $46 billion more of other countries’ products than they bought from us. And if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has his way, that number will only get worse.

By way of a quick background summary, the laws of globalism were forced on the American people by Republicans and Democrats to require all the countries of the world to open up their markets to all the other countries of the world. And that’s exactly what America did. For 30 years, American workers tried to compete with foreign corporations using child or slave labor. And while most countries have ‘protectionist’ laws that require them to buy domestic products when using taxpayer money, the United States has repeatedly refused to do the same.

The often-repeated reason is the same excuse Chris Christie used last week – giving preferential consideration to American companies would start a trade war with countries like China, a trade war America can’t win. The fact is, if globalists like Governor Christie had their way, American cities would be forced to let foreign armies bid on policing and fire department contracts. And if the Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is cheaper than the Fraternal Order of Police, then the Chinese military should get the contract for providing police forces to all of America’s cities.

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In the globalists’ world, all countries are equal and must surrender their sovereignty to the world government led by the IMF. But when you start out at the very top like America did, globalism demands your country drop way, way down to the level of everyone else. When the debate began in the US 30 years ago, opposing globalism were people and groups like the Teamsters, AFL-CIO, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Jesse Jackson and a host of others.

Pushing NAFTA, GATT and the globalist laws were every living former US President, the leaders of both establishment parties, and Wall Street. Those of us who fought against NAFTA and GATT back then, like your author, were demonized and called names like “protectionist”, “isolationist”, “racist” or worse. But we were right.

Christie sides with globalists over Americans

According to a report from Gannett last week, the bipartisan ‘Buy American’ Bill passed by the NJ Legislature but vetoed by Governor Christie would have required government contracts to be awarded to US companies so long as their bid was less than, equal to, or no more than 20% higher than foreign bids. The account confirms that many local NJ cities and towns already have ‘Buy American’ laws for taxpayer-funded purchases. But Christie proved he is opposed to such policies.

According to the New Jersey Governor and possible GOP Presidential candidate, foreign countries and foreign corporations that have facilities in New Jersey account for 225,000 jobs in the state. Christie insists that showing preferential treatment to American companies would violate global trade laws and jeopardize those 225k jobs, as well as any future foreign jobs in his state.

We at Whiteout Press were curious to see if that was a big number or a small number, as far as overall jobs in New Jersey is concerned. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American companies employ 4.3 million people in New Jersey, compared to the 225k employed by foreign firms. So why is Governor Christie protecting the foreign companies at the expense of Americans? The 2016 Presidential race may have something to do with it. Christie will need to prove he’s a loyal globalist to gain their backing for a 2016 GOP nomination. And his veto last week did just that.

Governor Christie explained his veto saying, “Building economic walls around our state or our nation will not improve the lives of our citizens. Serious and lasting improvements to our economy require policies based on sound economics and an understanding of global investment in the 21st century.” Again, we were curious how that globalist policy was working out for the people of New Jersey. According to a separate report from Gannett, one survey showed New Jersey ended 2014 with a net gain of only 29,000 jobs. That’s less than half of the national rate. Another independent survey was even worse, showing the state actually had a net loss of 400 jobs.

In vetoing the bipartisan ‘Buy American’ bill, Christie reaffirmed his loyalty to the global economy and suggested he would continue to do so as President. “The temptation to retreat to isolationism and fear will always be powerful,” he said, “Our state, like our nation, will always be strongest when we embrace the opportunity to export our ideas and our values, while we welcome the best new concepts from around the world.”

NJ workers are furious

While Christie’s veto angered many New Jersey residents and businesses, none were as vocal as the state’s steel workers. One of the largest items New Jersey uses is raw materials like steel for building projects. And the United Steel Workers issued a public statement three days ago showing what they think of Governor Christie and his global agenda.

“It’s mind-boggling that a so-called moderate with national political ambitions, who campaigned on the issue of job creation, would veto a common-sense measure that directly supports American workers and American manufacturers,” said USW International President Leo Gerard, “These laws do not ‘build walls’ as the Governor wrongly stated. Instead, they make sure that we reinvest our tax dollars and tolls into our own economy, promote good jobs and expand our tax base at home.”

Local New Jersey steel workers were just as angry. “Poll after poll has shown that a huge majority of voters, whether they be Republican, Democrat or independent, supports Buy American programs,” said John Shinn, director of the USW’s New Jersey local, “For Governor Christie to use his veto pen to ignore the will of the people and to reject the decision of a bipartisan group of elected lawmakers is disgraceful.”

Disgraceful, yes. Harmful to America, yes. Good for the globalists, yes. And most importantly, good for Chris Christie’s 2016 Presidential aspirations, yes.


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