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March 3, 2015

The Canary Stories #4 – Emergency

State of Emergency in Vermont

By Wendy Greene

March 3, 2015. St. Albans, VT. (ONN) I come to you in a state of urgency. I have bumped Karen up on my growing list of Canary Stories that reside in my inbox to an emergency status. Her daughter EM is being overmedicated and held against her will in an institution where the male interns are sexually assaulting her in her defenseless state. EM is 17 years old. This family has been going through the Child Protection Services nightmare for several years now. Her case is very high-profile and Karen has been on the news and written about on several different occasions over the years.

Karen and her daughter, currently incarcerated in an out-of-state institutional home.

Yet the people that are paid to uphold the laws have failed to do anything remotely close to abiding by the laws of this land, laws that were written to protect EM and her mother Karen from this type of criminal behavior perpetrated upon them at the hands of our government. Karen was a homeschooling mom, and they demonized her for it.

A mother’s nightmare

Karen phoned me a few times in the last week, absolutely desperate for help. Her daughter EM called her last week, urgently telling her mother, “Something really, really bad is happening to me.” This continues to happen to her in the facility she is being falsely imprisoned in. Her poor mother is on the other end completely helpless to come to her rescue. The only thing she can tell her daughter at this point is to try and wear tighter pants to bed. Her daughter has woken up naked from the waist down on several different occasions.

Karen has repeatedly reported these events to the appropriate people. They continue to take the unfathomable stance that EM is mentally unstable and that she is lying because she is desperate to go home. EM was not diagnosed with anything to begin with. When she failed to comply with their demands, the staff medicated her illegally and against her will. The medications that have been given to her have caused her to hallucinate and act like she has a mental disorder. After eleven months of institutionalized hell, they diagnosed her with having schizophrenia.

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Shipped out of state

In Karen’s “Objections and Corrections” document she created and submitted to the court, she states that DCF insisted on sending EM all the way to Massachusetts when her needs could have been met in Vermont, close to home and near family and friends. They are more than willing to help with EM’s recovery, with less trauma and less expense.

At this point in time, DCF was well aware of the fact that Karen’s transmission had gone out in her only vehicle. The agency offered to pay for a bus or a train. But Karen was met with the hindrance that neither form of transportation took her all the way to her daughter’s location. Karen had to scrape up $250-$350 for a car rental to go see her daughter and had to endure the six-hour drive in pain due to her own medical issues.

A mother’s love

This continued on through the months of March, April and May. Never knowing if she would have a place to sleep for the night, Karen was forced to sleep in a cold car, scared, alone and saturated with worry for her daughter’s well being. Karen’s visits were met with staff that acted with hostility towards her. And she was put under the impression in the beginning that the goal was to get her daughter back home.

When Karen would ask about EM’s treatment or care, or if she had a question about her daughter’s current well being, the staff would dismiss her patronizing arrogance. “She is in DCF custody and we can do whatever we want,” they told her, “Let us deal with your daughter” and “We know what is best for her.” Various times, Karen asked the staff at this facility about her daughter’s condition due to the fact that she seemed extremely scared and was shaking. The staff told her, “Mind your own business” and “It’s not that bad,” acting as if this behavior was normal.

Karen asked for family therapy for herself and her daughter and was denied because of the distance and the cost. Incredibly, she could not afford it due to the fact that her Vermont Medicaid was not accepted in Massachusetts, which is where DCF put her daughter against Karen’s wishes to begin with for that very reason.

A strange turn

EM’s clinician called Karen on the phone one day and told her that she and her daughter were now given permission to go off grounds for their visits. But, that Karen should think about letting go and coming to see her less. Why? So Karen can work more on her quilts. And with the long-distance travel, if something were to happen to Karen that resulted in her death, EM would be heartbroken. This was a strange and very unsettling phone call. Karen plans on living for many more years to come.

The next day, Karen went down to visit her daughter. At this time, EM handed her a note that read, “Mom, please don’t give up on me. They are telling me I should let you get on with your life because this is it for me. But, Mom I checked my charts for the last 2 weeks and I’m normal. They are just trying to keep me here.”

The two were closely watched on this visit. And shortly after it ended, they took away her “safe” days. DCF also promised Karen she could take her daughter to the movies for her birthday. This never happened. Karen had to spend $225 on the weekends for a motel room. She repeatedly requested to come down on the weekdays when the motel room was $75 a night to stay. But this only annoyed the corrupt workers.

Karen is repeatedly met with the challenge of getting a gas card or a hotel room from DCF as they keep promising to provide in order to maintain the visits with her daughter. Karen’s sister has to step in all the time with phone calls and emails requesting these necessities on her behalf. Karen is forced to hitchhike the day before because she can never count on the gas card being there on the day of her six-hour race down to visit with her daughter.

A mother’s never-ending fight

Karen has asked what she has to do in order to get her daughter back. The answer given to her by the DCF agency is, “Give all your animals to the humane society, put restraining orders of both of your sons, and go to a battered women’s shelter.” Karen obviously asked, “How is that going to get my daughter back.” The response from this sadistic worker is, “Well, I guess you don’t want your daughter back do you?”

Karen’s dogs are well cared for and there is no reason for the humane society to get involved. There is also no legitimate reason to put restraining orders on her sons. And Karen has no reason to go to a battered women’s shelter. She has a nice beautiful house on a large property that she takes care of. Perhaps, as we’ve seen time and time again, these are all just actions that would later be used against her by DCF. Admitting to having dangerous animals, violent siblings and being homeless are three of the most common justifications used by the very same government agency to confiscate children in the first place.

Karen’s case is so horrible, I can’t even go on. Us parents that have fallen prey to this deep seeded corruption never thought that they were out to destroy us. We never thought they would bankrupt us and cause us to lose everything we have worked hard for our entire lives in order to provide safe and loving homes for our irreplaceable children. Just because our children fall ill, does not give these evil state and county workers the right to terminate our parental rights.

These soulless individuals say they can do whatever they want, and the judge will go along with it. Then we as parents and our children have no say in the matter. I ceaselessly tell the stories of my Canary Story parents coming under the crosshairs of Child Protective Services and its fraud. That’s what Karen and her family have been met by throughout this horror – a corrupt government agency that has absolute power to destroy the American family in the name of money. We need help America! Please God help us!


Wendy Greene is a fourth generation Human and Civil Rights activist, writer/advocate for the victims of autism and homelessness, and author of the up-and-coming book ‘Justice’. The Canary Stories are individual true accounts documenting the corruption and fraud of Child Protective Services and similar agencies, sent from around the world by parents requesting that their voices be heard. The ongoing reports are named The Canary Stories after the life-saving canaries that protected the coal mines. Today, The Canary Stories are also sounding the warning in an attempt to save children, families and even lives. Readers can email Wendy at [email protected].


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