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Best Vacation destinations for the upcoming 2019

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2019 is already on our doorsteps, and you may already start planning your trips for your next holiday. Chances are, you have no idea, so we are here to jump in with some cool destinations, so stick with us until the end.

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If you plan to spend several weeks in Europe, there are a few things you should know beforehand. Europe today counts fifty countries (with six unrecognized countries), and we guess you don’t plan to visit all of them. You’ll probably want to visit states inside the EU. The great thing about that is, there is a thing called Schengen area, that is made of 26 countries and 3 microstates, and it allows travelers to move freely inside it without the passport and Visa. And one more thing that is great about it, you can get Schengen travel insurance, and it is recognized by all embassies, consulates, etc. Here are some examples for your Euro Trip.

If you are a lover of pristine nature and crystal clear sea, you should visit the Aeolian Islands of the volcanic archipelago in Sicily, Italy. The abundance of beaches, grottoes and wild cliffs, combined with Norman and Greek influence in architecture, and delicious local cuisine, a perfect choice for the upcoming summer!

For those who are looking for something more traditional in Mediterranean, there isn’t a better place than island under the patronage of Aphrodite, Kythera. Placed in the Aegean sea, with a long and rich History, with a number of churches, the perfect place for a romantic couple.

Something more historical and not so warm? Then an 800 years old Burg Eltz Castle in Germany will suffice your need for a fairy tale! It is a preserved castle that sits surrounded by the river Elzbach. Its architecture is diverse, from romance to baroque with a chapel of late gothic style. Full of original lavish decorations, furniture, tapestries, paintings, etc. No more is to be added.

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Central America

For the upcoming vacation season, we couldn’t recommend a better place than Belize, a perfect introduction to Central America, bordered by Mexico on the northwest, by the Caribbean Sea on the east, and South by Guatemala… Paradise for adventurers. The first thing you should visit is a UNESCO protected giant karst funnel, more known as the Great Blue Hole. Its diameter is around 300 meters and serves as a perfect place for scuba divers. Belize is a heterogeneous country, but it is not the problem.

Instead, locals are known as quite friendly, since all of them leave in peace and harmony, and they will turn your holiday in one too. Much of settlers are descendants of Mayan people, and you will find a lot of ancient Mayan buildings scattered around the country. Although Belize is a mix of many cultures, the most prevalent vibe you’ll get is the Caribbean.

If you ever searched for Belize online, you’ve probably stumbled upon pictures of beautiful beaches and sunsets. It is no wonder since the entirety of country is surrounded by coral reefs, and its location doesn’t suffer from undercurrents, perfect for families with children. But Belize isn’t just a tropical paradise, you can find rainforests, mangroves, savannas, mountains, lagoons, and many other natural beauties.

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We would recommend visiting South Africa, it is a blend of African and Western tradition, but the reason we invite you to South Africa is its Nature! Sceneries are so beautiful and diverse that we don’t know where to begin with.

If you are looking for an adventurous hike, full of rocks, mountain passes, with a view on subtropical coastal lowland, you should aim for Drakensberg Mountain, and its highessummit Mont-Aux-Source (3048m ). Since mountains are spread over KwaZulu-Natal, you should stop by and visit Midlands Meander and Howick Falls, it is a place where British fought the Zulus, but it is not the only reason for paying a visit. Its green vastnesses with various historic towns.

We highly recommend visiting Cape Town and sites around it, like Northern Cape with its hot spring Riemvasmaak, Pondoland on Eastern Cape with its numerous Natural sites of the subtropical and moderately warm ecosystem and Mountain Zebra National Park. But while in Cape Town, visit Water’s Edge in Simon’s Town, especially if you are with your family. It is a treasure hidden in plain sight.

Bon Voyage!