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Best DIY Dog Cone Ideas

image source: earthporm.com

You are the world to your dog, and he makes your day better each time he wags his tail and licks your face with gratitude. Still, there are times that might not be enjoyable for you and your dog, like after an accident or surgery, but that is the exact reason to at least try to make it as comfortable as possible.

We are talking about those days when your dog is forced to wear a so-called cone of shame, a plastic cone that restricts it from licking or biting on an injured spot. Your dog does not enjoy it, as it restricts his vision, ability to eat or drink without stumbling, and other dogs don’t like to play with him as they are pretty scared when they see one.

As you might already know, there are dog cone alternatives that can if nothing else at least replicate the effect an E-collar has, but with bigger flexibility and comfortability. With the market being full of options it is good to do thorough research before choosing one. Ranging from neck control collars, over inflatable dog collars to the famous soft collars it is up to you to see which one fits your furry animal needs the best.

But, for those of you who would like to save some money we have happy news – you can make one yourself! While to some this might sound ridiculous it is actually pretty easy, and you need nothing more than the power of will, a bit of time, adequate material and scissors. Let’s take a look at the best DIY dog cone ideas!

image source: k9ofmine.com

Best DIY Dog Cone Ideas

1. First one, and probably the most simple one is to use the regular U-pillow you would take to trips, attaching the ends with a binder clip. This way your dog will get a comfortable collar that just slightly restrains its vision, and in no way affects the ability of your dog to eat or drink.

2. The second best DIY dog cone idea in our opinion is the cardboard dog cone. Cardboard being one of the main materials for almost any DIY project, you sure have more than enough at home, and along with that, you are just going to need some tape, scissors and a marker, as well as a shoelace or other type of tie. Making a cone shape from cardboard, binding with tape and fixing it with a shoelace should not take you more than 30 minutes, and it is a pretty cheap and good option for your dog. There are numerous videos on how to do it on YouTube, so take a look!

3. Towel collar is the one you might not have expected, but it actually is a pretty good solution to your dog’s The only three things you need is a towel, scissors, and a duct tape. Oh, do not forget some treats for your dog to keep him busy while you do the magic trick. It is a type of soft collar, and can really fit your dog (especially bigger ones) when done right!

image source: earthporm.com

4. Another option is to use some foam rubber, or even flexible plastic and make a useful and comfortable pliable e-collar. While this one might take a bit more time just for the sole fact that you have more measuring and cutting in this one, it is surely one of the best when it comes to DIY dog cone alternatives.

Last, but not least, and maybe a bit funny is a bucket collar idea. And though it might seem ridiculous, it actually works. First of all, you need to find the right bucket for your pet size, but after that be sure that it will provide much better protection than some of the other options. Once done, cut a hole in the bucket using a sharp knife and be extra careful not to cut yourself. Later simply use some tape and ties to strap it, and voila, you have a cheap and an effective e-collar for your dog.


As mentioned above, there are numerous alternatives when it comes to dog cones, with some being better than others. But, if you have a bit of extra time on your hand, and want to save some money and have some fun, why don’t give DIY a try? It will be worth it, believe us!