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Amazing intrigue of the fight for the title of the English Premier League

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In the season 2018/19 of the English Premier League, there was an incredibly tense struggle for the champion title. The main contenders for gold were Liverpool and Manchester City. Both teams scored over 90 points in a season, and practically this means that in almost any of the previous championships the club would be able to finish in the first place of the standings.

However, this time the situation developed in such a way that the fortune did not smile upon any of the clubs. In the first half of the season, Liverpool looked slightly better, having a small point advantage over its main rival. However, in the second part of the season, the City quickly leveled out this gap and advanced forward.

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Such intrigue makes the English Premier Leagues matches the best and most popular in the world. In the decisive matches of the season, both teams often got victories only in the last seconds. This is another proof of their strong character and eagerness to fight until the final whistle.

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Going back to the topic of fighting for the places in the Premier League, it is also impossible to ignore the struggle of the teams to enter the top 4. If there was no doubt that Liverpool and Manchester City would be able to qualify for the Champions League next time, then the fate of Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United was decided in the distant competition. As a result, the fortune smiled upon the first two teams, so they will represent England in the Champions League the next season.

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