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Ali MacGraw Bio, Movies, Net worth!


Little do some know that a higher percentage of renowned individuals are as common as any normal human being out there. However, their unrelenting dedication to actualise their passion despite diverse hurdles make them breakthrough triumphantly. For instance, a perfect example is the life of Ali MacGraw.

Ali MacGraw is a renowned actress, a model, an author and an animal activist. She was born Elizabeth Alice MacGraw on the 1st of April 1939. She is currently aged 79years. She was born to an Irish-American father and a Jewish mother in Pound Ridge, New York. Likewise, both parents were artists. Her only sibling-brother (Dick MacGraw) also chose a career in the arts.

Right from Ali’s early days as a child, she has wanted a career in the arts too just like everyone in her immediate family; a decision that could be as a result of coming from an artistic family. She attended Rosemary Hall High School in Greenwich after which she proceeded to Wellesley College to further her education. She was married three times, but all the relationships ended in divorce. Ali has a son named Josh who is married to Roxy Saint, and their union is blessed with a son- Jackson.

Her Career

At the age of 22, Ali worked as a photographic assistant for Harpers Bazaar Magazines after which she joined Vogue Magazines as a model. As a result of her elegant beauty, she was once listed as one of the most beautiful people in the world. Her career in acting started in1968 when she was featured in the movie “A lovely way to die” but she didn’t rise to stardom until she starred in the movie “Goodbye Columbus”.
She has since then starred in TV programs and other successful movies which include; ‘The winds of war’, ‘The love story’, ‘Just tell me what you want’, and many more. All through her career, Ali has had many nominations for Academy Award as well as BETA Award. She won a Golden Globe Award and a David di Donatello Award. She also got the Humane Education Award as an animal activist.

 Alice MacGraw in “The winds of war”

          Alice MacGraw in “Just tell me what you want”

Alice MacGraw in “The love story”

                Alice MacGraw in “Goodbye Columbus”

                Alice MacGraw in “A lovely way to die”


Her Net worth

Regarding Ali’s worth financially, her estimated net worth is $7.5 Million. And this is because she has been able to create some lucrative source of income for herself through her passion and dedication to what she likes. However, she has a booming clothing line ‘ali4ibu’; her modelling and other work complement her income while acting remains her principal source.

Her Challenges and triumph

Ali had been through the horror of divorce three times. She had an abortion as at the period when abortion was still illegal. She later suffered depression due to heartbreak from divorce and ventured into drugs; at the same time found herself been addicted to sex. Ali was later treated of her addictions at Betty Ford centre. Her home in California was destroyed by fire which made her relocated to Mexico.

However, faith smiled on her as she now lives an enviable lifestyle. This which include lives a healthy lifestyle that is void of smoking or drinking. Likewise, she has remained relevant in the entertainment industry for many decades, and her work has been applauding. She has fought through thick and thin and remains a success. And you know what? Despite her age, she is still proudly ahead in all that she does.