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5 Ultimate Tools That Will Let Students Schedule Their Extracurricular Activities

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Being a student is not only about being on top of academics. Student life is usually full of attending classes, working on assignments, planning extracurricular activities and finding time to spend with friends and family.

There is more to life than school, books, and homework. It is essential to bring a balance to life in other areas too. With so much going on in life, it might be difficult at times to keep track of everything. Between the deadlines and school work, you might even forget to eat.

So here are a few tools that would help you be on top of all your plans and schedule them properly.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an effective tool to do all the task management. The idea is to create lists and group them in folders to quickly categorize them. There are also options to add reminders and set due dates for each item in the lost, so you will never forget to remember them.

A unique feature of this tool is how it creates smart lists on its own. Based on how the previous lists and the general pattern, Wunderlist will automatically generate a pattern of allocating tasks to days. You can further share these lists with others and collaborate with them, which is a handy feature for group works or even planning a trip.

You can also add comments and notes to the list, and turn on notifications in emails so that you will not miss it on any device. The app could be synchronized across multiple smart devices too.

If you are too busy to create a list, there is an option to simply forward the email to Wunderlist where the task will automatically add to a list with a reminder. The lists can also be classified with hashtags and are also available in print mode. The tool has both free and paid versions with the former being one of the most generous plans among the free apps.

2. EssayPro

It is not only enough that you plan activities, but it should also be possible to adhere to them. Often, students spend more time than they wanted to in finishing the homework and assignments. This would only result in having no time to spend elsewhere even with a carefully planned schedule. It could happen vice versa too when one loses track of time hanging out with friends.

To avoid such circumstances, students can always resort to a bit of help from external sources to help with academics. EssayPro is one such professional essay writer service that offers to help students with the overwhelming load of academic work.

The tool, available both as a phone app and a website, makes it easy to hire an expert writer to take a second look at your essay for proofreading or rework on an idea from scratch. Students can choose which writer they want by themselves, after looking at their qualifications and client reviews. EssayPro has been consistently delivering exceptional services and is a widely used tool among students.

3. Any.do

 With more than 11 million global users, Any.do is undoubtedly one of the most popular task management tools. This could be accessed across all your devices, sync them and even as an extension to the Chrome browser.

The app will notify you every morning to open its daily planner, Moments. It then shows you all the incomplete tasks that are left so you can organize them for the day accordingly. There are also features to add attachments to the lists and share it with others.

The only thing missing is the lack of integration with other tools. The tool is available in both free and paid versions.

4. MyLifeOrganized

MyLIfeOrganized helps you organize all parts of your life, with much ease. Its hierarchy system of lists lets you create tasks, and subtasks structure them to suit your day’s needs.

So if you have a big project coming, you can further split the tasks and keep it organized under one tab. There are location and date reminders and a backup to the cloud. The Calendar view is another appealing feature that makes it easier to know which date you have scheduled what. There are Android, IOS and Windows options available for both free and paid.

5. TeamLinkt

Sports for many is an integral part of not just extracurricular activity but a daily routine itself. TeamLinkt is the easy way to stay connected with your teammates and even their family members. You can communicate and also share important documents using the app itself.

Team meetings and games could be scheduled and even live streaming is possible for those who couldn’t make it and for the family. The app is very useful to know the availability of team members and how to schedule games and remind them of any event involving the team. Available across multiple devices and multiple teams.

With these apps, now it is a much simpler way of focusing on important things and get rid of the clutter. Allot time for everything you want to do and never forget an important task anymore.