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10 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use


You may not have thought about it, but the amount of plastic we use on a regular basis is destroying the environment at a fast pace.

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This factor is dangerous for marine and forest life as well. From toothbrush to water bottles, every item is made of plastic. And, it seems impossible to live without these products, but they are creating havoc.

In this case, you can stop using excess plastic products and consider recycling items to reduce plastic waste.

However, here are 10 fantastic ways to limit your day to day plastic use.

1.  Get Rid of Plastic Cutlery

Every time you purchase something to eat, they might provide a plastic fork and spoon. You can begin eliminating plastic from here. When placing order ask them not to give plastic cutlery and take your order to home.

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You can have metal spoons, forks, and knives at home that work better than the plastic ones. Plus, you can even keep metal spoons at your work desk to avoid plastic cutlery at the office.

2.  Plastic Hangers

You can switch to metal or steel hangers to hang your clothes. This is because a huge quantity of hangers is discarded each year.

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Much worse, these plastic hangers are not recycled but send to landfill and destroy the environment.

3.  No Straw with Drinks

There is no need to drink juice and soda using plastic single-use straw. You can simply say no to plastic straw whenever bartender offers you one.

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If you must drink your beverage with a straw,

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think about options like glass, metal, or bamboo ones.

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4.  Choose Cardboard

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It is common to find products in plastic packaging such as washing detergent. To reduce excess use of plastic, you can simply invest in the items available in cardboard.

5.  Try Bamboo Toothbrush

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Once you have used your toothbrush for three months, it is time to discard it. This means millions of people threw away their tons of toothbrushes which are of course, unhealthy for the environment. Hence, replace your plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones.

6. Avoid Cosmetics with Microbeads

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Each year massive microbeads go down to the drain threatening marine life. Sea creatures ingest these microbeads mistaken it with food. So, when you purchase a makeup product, go through the ingredients and make sure to purchase items without microbeads.

7.  Metal Razor

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It may feel heavy, but it plays a great role in protecting the environment. Razors made of plastic are not beneficial for the environment because of no recycling.

8.  Bamboo Hampers

Plastic hampers are the need of every household. Many consumers find it a handy product. However, if it is made of plastic, it is not environmentally friendly. You can consider other options such as bamboo hampers.

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These hampers do not look aesthetically pleasing, but these are safe for the environment as well. Plus, you can place a bag made of light fabric in it to take out dirty laundry without wasting extra time.

9.  Switch to Glass Container

It is healthy-friendly to eat home-cooked meals. However, it is not ideal to store your meal in plastic containers.

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So, get rid of plastic containers and purchase durable and sturdy glass containers.
Using bowls or glasses made of glass do not accumulate bacteria which is quite common in plastic utensils.

10.  Use Reusable Plastic Bag

There is no question that plastic bags are everywhere even in your home. Plastic bags are one of the most damaging products that are made of plastic. Many evidence has proved that plastic bags are destroying wildlife as well.

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Moreover, plastic bag production contributes to environmental pollution as well. To be more precise, using plastic bags and trying to save the environment at the same time is not a tough task.

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Thus, the simple solution is to replace it with reusable bags. These bags are long-lasting and carry plenty of items at a time. Available in jute and other fabric, reusable bags the best option.

Final Verdict

In the current time, many people are already aware of the disadvantages of the plastic. On the other hand, almost every other product is made of plastic. It seems impossible to stop using it immediately. However, by replacing plastic products with environmentally friendly material, it is possible to create a plastic-free community.