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Straightening Of Teeth Without Braces


Many people with malocclusions ask themselves at some point: Are fixed braces necessary or are there other ways to straighten my teeth? The answer to this question is “Yes.”

The first step is to develop an awareness of the possible causes of tooth misalignments. Malocclusions are not always congenial. There is a multitude of external influences that can lead to crooked teeth.

Of course, the most important thing is to visit the dentist regularly. But also, in everyday life, there are methods to prevent his teeth. For example, sleeping on the stomach is a largely underestimated factor that has a negative effect on the position of the teeth. By changing the sleeping position, a simple measure can have a positive influence on the long-term position of the teeth.

Just like sleeping on your belly, frequently resting your head on your teeth is just as disgraceful for the position of your teeth. Over a long period of time, the position of teeth can shift due to constant pressure. This should be avoided as well as frequent chewing on pins or sucking the thumb in childhood.

In addition to these measures to prevent crooked teeth, there are also methods that help with existing mispositioning of the teeth. Even with these, a complete renunciation of fixed braces is possible.

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Removable retainers are among the best options. These are loose braces that are often worn while sleeping and this strengthens the position of the teeth. Depending on the case, it may also be necessary to attach a fixed retainer. The retainer is attached to the inside of the teeth and thus works over the entire period of time. Unlike fixed braces, however, the retainer is not visible and therefore does not have a disadvantage in its outward appearance.

There are many ways to straighten your teeth. Nevertheless, the advice of a good orthodontist is indispensable.