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By Christopher Marshall Towsley

Words – A Poem by Christopher Marshall Towsley. Image courtesy of SteveCurtin.com.

Words are an entity,

that are hard to describe.

But the power they hold,

can turn hot to cold,

in one second of eternity.


There is not one among Us,

who could honestly say,

that they haven’t “had words”

with someone, one day.


When I say that,

I’m not talking,

about a friendly chat.

The words swing just as subtle,

as a bat.

And words You don’t hear,

but You think that You did,

You thought You heard them clearly,

it was when You found out that You didn’t,

is when You paid for them dearly.


I was sitting on a patio the other spring,

the Woman beside Me had a word salad,

as large as they could bring.

And I thought that words,


were intentionally mislead,

and would represent so much better,

if fewer were said.


It’s almost as if there should be singled,

out, a day worldwide,

where We all took a break from talking,

and kept the words inside.


And instead just used Our eyes and smile,

We’d all know what We see,

and got things done more quietly,

and arguments couldn’t be.

I think a state of awareness could ensue,

even for an hour,

and words for worlds sake,

would take a break,

and lose their power.

For it seems to Me,

that words might be,

limited for their difference’s,

if they weren’t in the way,

I think You could say,

that it closed a lot of distances.


But words are going to clatter on,

And people “having words”,

will stay a fly in the ointment,

and the big disappointment,

is that less and less are heard.


Christopher Marshall Towsley, March 2012