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Why Floatation Therapy is good for Athletes!

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If you were to ask those who are familiar with floatation therapy, they would tell you at a drop of a hat that athletes should get into a float tank if they intend to perform optimally.

They would also say that athletes are able to supercharge their sports performance or assist in their recovery from injuries. So what is floatation tank therapy actually all about?

Well, it basically involves laying in a solution dense with Epsom salt (which contains large amounts of magnesium which we are able to absorb through our skin – yes, it is good for us).

This entire scene takes place in what they call a Float Tank or sometimes known as a sensory deprivation tank. As dark as that may sound, it actually does exactly that for about an hour to an hour and a half.

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The tank is designed for this particular purpose and the reason for it is that it is extremely effective in getting us to relax and relieve stress.

Why this happens is actually simple as this widely-accepted therapy actually gives our brain a much-needed break from the external elements that keep it preoccupied for most of our lives.

These ‘external elements’ include sound, temperature, sight, smell, taste and heat which our bodies are tuned to be sensitive to at all times. Just a second of these stimuli inputs would require a dozen supercomputers crunching numbers for weeks to process, which our brain accomplishes in just a second. Yes, that is how powerful our brains are.

Now, when our brain senses that these elements are not present, it goes into a state of deep relaxation which gives our brain an opportunity to ‘fix us’ internally. This means that our brains go about recalibrating our chemical balances and organ processes.

Better circulation, better nutrient and oxygen delivery, inhibition of stress hormone production and enhancement of ‘feel good hormone production’ are just some of the benefits of floatation therapy.

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It is due to this that a significant number of world-renowned athletes use it as a performance enhancer and also to treat numerous sports-related conditions and help them to recover faster. The

Positive Cumulative Effects of floatation tank therapy for athletes is hard to neglect and the more individuals subject themselves to this therapy, the greater the benefit for them.

According to Rest House Float Centre Melbourne, athletes, in general, use the experience during floatation therapy to optimize their performance by visualizing their training routine as during floatation therapy the mind is in a serene state of calm which gives them the room to focus.

The benefits of floatation therapy are not only good for athletes, as it has also been found to bring about positive effects to everybody including the average ordinary John and Jane Doe.

It actually is of no consequence if whether you are a world class, long-distance marathon runner, an executive at a major corporation, a carpenter or a pregnant woman, floatation therapy is something that involves our biological condition that is directly related to our brain.

As such it is a good thing for just about anybody.