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what will be biggest change trump winning us election



What will be the biggest change with Trump winning the US Election?

Trump has become even more of a celebrity since he was put forward as a presidential candidate. His controversial comments, accusations towards Hilary Clinton and flip-flopping policies have put him in hot water more than a few times. Regarding what developments America would undergo during Trump’s possible presidency, there is little that anyone could say with absolute certainty. The candidates we meet in presidential campaigns are usually polished representations of the true individual and only time will reveal who Trump really is. However, there should be no harm in speculating what might change in this hypothetical future.    

Well, the first thing that will change is the format of the traditional acceptance speech. More than likely Trump will put his usual ‘razzle-dazzle’ spin on it that will inspire praise and spite in equal servings. Trump is still very much regarded as a ‘love-or-hate’ icon and his victory in the election likely wouldn’t change that. This will then lead onto the next phase of American change: America is going to experience a lot of tension during the first few months (if not year) of Trump’s presidency. There will be protests, outraged journalists, family feuds, feuds with strangers, televised debates and the media will have its sword and shield at the ready to tackle one of the biggest stories since Watergate.

One of the first policies that will likely be tackled during Trump’s presidency is immigration. Although it’s hard to say whether or not any of the promises Trump madeduring his campaign are realistic, mentioning the faults in the system has already brought a lot of things into question and a lot of issues to the public’s attention. For example, his plan to temporarily close the US border to Muslims is not something that can realistically be implemented without inciting legal chaos or even more dire consequences in regards to international relations. Different actions with similar goals may be taken in the future in the hopes of ensuring the safety of the American people and the economic stability of the country.

Another possible change is that there will be call for a revision of the two party system. This election more than ever has highlighted some of the more serious faults to this system, especially in terms of favouring particular candidates. It seems that this system is more closely associated with electing parties than electing people, which is misleading when in a lot of situations the running candidate may have an opinion or policy favoured by the public that the party as a whole would disagree with.

Overall it’s difficult to make any assumptions about Trump’s hypothetical presidency, especially considering he is such an unpredictable candidate. Maybe he will exact all of the changes he promised in his campaign. Maybe he’ll take control of the senate and become a dictator. Maybe he’ll reveal himself to be a giant lizard dressed in an unconvincing ‘man-suit’. Who knows? Life is a game of blackjack: you can either stick with what you’ve got or take a risk, and Donald Trump is one heck of a risk.