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Bush and Obama blocked Syrian Refugees, but Trump can’t?

President Trump signs an executive action limiting admittance into the US of citizens from seven Middle East countries.

January 31, 2017. Washington, DC. (ONN) Moderates and conservatives are used to the blatant hypocrisy of Democrats, progressives and corporate media outlets. But the election of Donald Trump as US President has turned hypocrisy into a full-fledged misinformation campaign. And the new administration’s temporary travel restrictions on seven Middle East nations is the latest example. So, why was it okay for Presidents Bush and Obama to do it, but not President Trump?

Anti-Trump Hysteria

Writing as a moderate independent, not an outraged progressive Democrat, I can’t answer that question. As far as I can tell, it’s little more than a media-fueled hate campaign against Donald Trump. Not even during the successful campaign of the first-ever black man as US President has this author seen as much hate and violence as has been directed toward Donald Trump and the voters who elected him.

The lies and distortions have also been unparalleled. For example, when Trump voiced opposition to rigged trade deals that defraud the American people, the corporate media flooded the airwaves with warnings that the Republican candidate was against all trade. When Trump said he supported a temporary halt to immigration from Muslim countries, “until we know who these people are”, the media reported it as supporting a ban on all Muslims from entering the US, forever.

The hate and hypocrisy aren’t limited to Wall Street media outlets either. Rank and file progressives and Democrats have proven themselves just as guilty. President Obama actually increased the deportations of Mexicans over the Bush administration, and that was fine. But President Trump wants to simply enforce the law and remove those here illegally, and he’s evil.

President Obama made America’s richest 1% richer than they’ve ever been in the history of mankind, and progressives loved him for it. President Trump gets the blessing of labor unions for his pro-worker policies, and Democrats condemn him. Obama forced through a national insurance law created by Republicans in which all Americans must buy over-priced products from Wall Street financial corporations or break the law and go to prison. Progressives still love that Republican program called Obamacare.

Instead of Obamacare, which was originally called Romney-care, President Trump has voiced his support for universal healthcare and a single-payer system where the government negotiates prices on behalf of all Americans, driving prices down to the low levels the rest of the world pays. But progressives suddenly oppose single-payer healthcare. Why? Because Donald Trump supports it.

Travel Bans by US Presidents

That brings us to the Trump administration’s 90-day halt to immigration by citizens from seven Middle East nations. According to our TV sets, the whole world is outraged by such a xenophobic action. But where was the outrage when President Bush enacted a Middle East travel ban in 2001 after the September 11 attacks? Where was the outrage when President Obama initiated a travel ban on Syrian refugees in 2011 out of fear of ISIS infiltration and potential terror attacks here at home?

Donald Trump is being condemned for singling out Muslims in his travel restrictions. But where was the outrage when President Obama blocked the admission of thousands of Syrian Christian refugees into the US? An estimated 750,000 Syrian Christians have fled the war-torn country, but only 56 were admitted to the United States under the Obama administration. At the same time, 10,612 Syrian Muslims were allowed to enter the US. Where was the outrage?

Perhaps like his pro-worker policies and his single-payer healthcare ideas, it’s not so much Donald Trump’s temporary travel restrictions that the progressives and Democrats hate. They just hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for, even when they used to stand for the same things, until Donald Trump did.


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