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What Is a Functional Medicine Doctor and What Do They Do?

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40% of the American population has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. That’s almost 150 million people.

You may be shocked by that number, and frankly, we don’t blame you. Given the advancements that modern medicine has enjoyed over the last few decades, you’d think that one of the most developed countries on earth could do better than having a population where almost 1 out of every 2 people are sick.

What’s the cause of this epidemic? While that’s a loaded question, many suspect that much of our stunted growth as far as medical results are concerned stem from a faulty approach to medicine.

FM takes a different approach to heal than traditional medicine does and aims to improve our nation’s health. Below, we dive into the question of “what is a functional medicine doctor” and how they’re different.

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What Is a Functional Medicine Doctor?

A doctor is one that aims to understand the underlying reasons as to why you’re sick. That may sound similar to what traditional doctors aim to do, but in truth, it isn’t.

With a traditional doctor, you’d go into their office and tell them something like you’re feeling tired frequently. The doctor then runs tests, determines that you suffer from low blood pressure, and gives you medication to remedy the issue.

A doctor understands that the problem in that situation isn’t that you have low blood pressure. It’s that you have other underlying issues that are causing the symptom of low blood pressure.

They then aim to treat those underlying issues instead of the symptoms.

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Main Tenants of FM

To take your understating of what is a functional medicine doctor further, here are some core tenants that this style of medicine abides by:

You Are More Than a Symptom

While many people share similar symptoms, the underlying causes of these symptoms are different. FM looks into each patient on a case by case basis and learns how to best treat them as an individual.

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Science Is Key

This blog and others all out the same idea that is 100% legitimate. This form of treating patients relies heavily on understanding various body system’s interdependence on one another which requires a lot of data and studies.

Health Is Not the Absence of Disease

So many doctors feel that if you’re not showing negative symptoms then you’re healthy. That’s an opinion that many feels are not based on reality.

In functional medicine, the aim is always to understand how your body is doing despite whether or not it’s causing you issues as you age.

This approach makes a great preventive form of treatment.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that our information above has given you insight into the question “WIAFMD?” It’s important to note that this article barely scratches the surface on all there is to know about this exciting science.

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