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Ways In Which Marketers Can Use Instagram To Increase Organic Traffic Count

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If you want to make a better impact on social media and drive more traffic to your site, you can use Instagram, provided you know the best ways to do so. You will need to consider several aspects such as:

  • The features provided by this popular visual sharing platform
  • Know the points for research to determine the best features to use and
  • The behavior of the users to deliver just as they want.

Your efforts can provide really good and quantifiable results but you will need to be more strategic and focused.

  • You will follow the successful marketers to know their secrets for success
  • You will need to find out the more effective images to use
  • You will also need to know how you can make the best use of this platform depending on the type of business.

These considerations will make your social media marketing more effective and at the same time, you will be able to gain more traffic to your site.

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In addition to that, these useful findings will show you the ways in which you can get quantifiable data that will help you to assess a lot of things, including:

  • The impact created by your marketing efforts
  • Find out and know more about your followers
  • What are the top posts and
  • What are the posts that do not resonate at all with your business?

It is only when you have the right insights that will enable you to track the right metrics and monitor the results on a consistent basis. In other words, these metrics will also show you how your users and visitors to your website from Instagram perform, know the ‘hot’ prospects and how to encourage them to buy your product or service.

Tailor your analytics data

Once you have these useful analytics data, you will need to tailor these for your business. You must first know what exactly you want to do with these metrics. Ideally, your primary aim should be to use these insights for creating more effective posts that will facilitate your promotional campaign even further to gain more organic traffic.

In order to do that, you can use the feature called Instagram Insights, just like professionals such as stormlikes.com and others do. This is actually a native analytics tool. This tool will provide you with:

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  • Data on the follower demographics
  • Tell about the actions performed by them as well as
  • The performance level of your content.

You should also consider analyzing the Key performance indicators, or KPIs. This will be very useful to you to get the key insights from your Instagram Stories. There are a few different KPIs that will help you to gain all such insights. These are:

  • The story features
  • The reach
  • The impressions created
  • The taps back or forward rate
  • The exit rate
  • The actions were taken by the users on different locations and
  • How well the Hashtag Stickers are attracting and engaging the users.

This information and analysis will enable you to compare content more easily. This will, in turn, help you to quantify your marketing campaigns as well as see how each of your posts is performing.

Broadcasting a video 

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On Instagram, broadcasting a video seems to be the most convoluted form of business marketing. This is because the live video streams within the Instagram Stories will prove to be a great way for achieving several aspects of business marketing such as:

  • Attracting the followers
  • Building more excitement
  • Creating more brand awareness and
  • Delivering the right info.

The Instagram Live feature is typically designed using a specific algorithm. This algorithm will put your video right on top of the feed of the user for 24 hours. This means you will have the best opportunity to get noticed within a very short span of time.

However, if you want your video to be streamed for a longer time, you will need to save it so that it can be viewed outside the 24 hours’ time limit of Instagram. Such consistent streaming will create a temporary library very soon and you will be able to organize it according to the options, the products, and services offered.

The primary purpose of these videos, of course, is to generate leads and sales prospects. You can do that in different ways such as by:

  • Offering new products
  • Announcing discounts on the purchase
  • Promoting a social contestant
  • Gathering relevant questions for conducting a live Q&A session.

All of these efforts will make it much easier for you to collect information about the users, email addresses, and at the same time, generate more genuine excitement. All these will help you in a better and proper follow up.

Advancement of technology

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With the advancement of technology, Instagram continually offers and adds new features so that you find it easier to use. One of the most sophisticated and effective features is the Instagram Live that allows you to create a two-person live video.

  • For that matter, you can bring in a guest. This will augment engagement as the video will be more appealing to your users.
  • Also, make sure that the broadcasting is much more dynamic so that it appeals to a larger audience and makes it more engaging.

In a way, such a two-way conversation will be much like a podcast as where two people will engage in an interview setting. It can also be arranged in a more informal setting that will make the conversation more entertaining. This, however, should be done with a constant focus on your specific product or service.

The final thought

Use of Instagram in the last few years as a marketing platform has skyrocketed as there are millions of active users. It provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to deliver their messages in the best and quickest way possible. Since photos and videos are the only content to add, it will be easier to reach your target audiences. In short, this strategy will add a lot of value to your product, brand, and also to your users.