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warming guarantees 316 us cities destroyed 1400 on verge


August 9, 2013

Warming guarantees 316 US Cities destroyed, 1400 on verge

August 9, 2013. Scientists just released a warning to America that for the first time insists it’s too late to save Ft. Lauderdale, Atlantic City, Miami Beach, Galveston and 312 other US cities from destruction. Current global warming guarantees sea levels will definitely rise and overtake these population centers just as happened to New Orleans in 2005. If warming continues, 1400 US cities will see destruction, guaranteed.

States that will see the most cities overtaken by rising oceans and rivers. Image courtesy of ClimateCentral.org.

Conservatives insist climate change and the currently rising sea levels are unproven and a left-wing trick to stifle corporate profits. Progressives continue to warn that, some day way off in the future, pollution, global warming and the resulting floods may pose a threat to mankind. Scientists however, just published a report in the National Academy of Sciences that says they’re both wrong – it’s too late to save 316 US cities and if pollution isn’t drastically reduced immediately, 1400 American cities will be under water.


Americans are constantly told that if we, along with China, India, Russia and others, don’t reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, the polar ice caps will continue to melt causing the Earth’s sea levels to continue rising. Already, hundreds if not thousands of small islands, cities and towns around the world have been swallowed up by the rising oceans. The most recent major US city to suffer that fate was New Orleans, parts of which have been surrendered to the seas by local officials.

New Orleans isn’t alone however, just apparently the only newsworthy city. Smaller towns along the Mississippi River, Tennessee River, Ohio River and countless communities on the East, West and Gulf Coasts have already been quietly swallowed up by rising sea levels without the accompanying media attention. That’s somewhat understandable considering what would happen to the nation’s economy if the government and press admitted that all the highest-valued homes, resorts, hotels, ports and land in 316 US cities were completely worthless because they weren’t going to be here much longer.

If readers have any doubts, they need only contact any insurance company doing business along the US coast. Most will not insure homes and businesses in many of America’s coastal cities and towns. Why? Because they’ve been aware of their unavoidable destruction for some time.

Delayed effect

The problem, as scientists point out, is that it takes years for the effects of today’s rising temperatures to produce a noticeable rise in future sea levels. So, today’s elevated temperatures are locking in tomorrow’s melting ice, rising seas and resulting coastal flooding. The only exception would be if, as predicted by some, Greenland and the two polar ice shelves should melt and slip into the ocean all at once. Such an occurrence would recreate the ‘Great Flood’ as detailed in the Christian Bible and dozens of other ancient historical accounts from other civilizations.

While the full National Academy of Sciences report is only available with a paid subscription, the report’s brief abstract is published on the PNAS website. The researchers are clear in their warning of a delayed effect of global warming and rising sea levels. But the time frames are a little more difficult to understand, such as – how long does it take for today’s pollution to raise water levels?

In one part of the report, the scientist write, ‘Global mean sea level has been steadily rising over the last century, is projected to increase by the end of this century, and will continue to rise beyond the year 2100 unless the current global mean temperature trend is reversed.’ That would suggest today’s rise in temperatures will raise sea levels in roughly 87 years.

However, another section of the report suggests the process could actually take two thousand years. Meaning, even if we stopped producing greenhouse gasses today, sea levels wouldn’t stop rising until the year 4000. ‘As a consequence,’ the researchers noted, ‘we are committed to a sea-level rise of approximately 2.3 m °C−1 within the next 2,000 y.’

316 US cities already doomed

Along with the PNAS report, researchers have produced a list of 316 US towns and cities already doomed to be swallowed up by rising sea levels in the coming months and years. That includes 3.6 million Americans. They also warn that if the world doesn’t stop producing greenhouse gasses, by the year 2100, approximately 1,400 US towns and cities will be locked-into destruction.

“Prior emissions have already locked in 4 feet of future sea-level rise that will submerge parts of 316 municipalities,” USA Today reports, “But the timing is unclear and could take hundreds of years.” The publication quotes the study’s author, Benjamin Strauss, warning that almost all global coastal cities and towns will most-likely be inundated, “The current trend in carbon emissions likely implies the eventual crippling or loss of most coastal cities in the world.”

The report’s authors also include an interactive online map of the US detailing which cities and states will be under water as a result of yesterday’s rising temperatures, tomorrow’s and as far off as the year 2100. Currently, many of the 316 doomed US cities are in Florida – the state guaranteed to see the most land swallowed up by the oceans. Louisiana was second, with North Carolina, New Jersey, New York and Maryland also locked into the loss of major coastal regions. California, Texas and Virginia were also noted, albeit with fewer cities being destroyed.

View the map to see the entire list of cities and towns that won’t be here in the coming decades at ClimateCentral.org.


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