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January 6, 2016

Veterans holding Get Togethers to get connected

By Mark Wachtler

January 6, 2016. Blue Springs, MO. (ONN) In cities and towns across America, military veterans are holding informal gatherings and activities in an effort to stay connected and support one another. They’re called Vet Togethers and the program is being promoted and sponsored by the veterans group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Whether it’s a simple meet and greet, a buddy check, a movie outing or a night at the local pub, Vet Togethers are popping up everywhere.

IAVA sponsors and promotes local ‘Vet Togethers’ where vets can connect, support each other and socialize together. Image courtesy of IAVA.

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The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) are a valued friend of Whiteout Press. Their organization has been proudly featured on the Whiteout Press Friends Page since day one. Unlike some veterans groups that do little more than raise money and write checks, IAVA is a grassroots, on-the-ground, in-the-trenches organization. IAVA’s efforts and programs are promoted via word of mouth and via friends like us here at Whiteout Press. Their latest idea may be one of their best – Vet Togethers.

What is a Vet Together?

According to the IAVA website, ‘VetTogethers are community. Veterans and supporters share in a common goal: to (re)build camaraderie. Driven by our growing member base, VetTogethers boost local leaders who foster a strong peer network and keep conversations going with every monthly event. VetTogethers ensure that connections are forged whether you’re a veteran transitioning home, a retiree looking for a way to give back or a student hoping to engage with your peers.’

The Vet Together information page hosts a large map that is constantly updated with new events across the country. At the time of this writing, there were roughly 20 upcoming gatherings in towns from Mount Lake Terrace, WA on the west coast to Portland, ME on the east coast, and a dozen cities in between.

Upcoming Vet Togethers

The Mount Lake Terrace vet-together is titled, ‘Arrows for Heroes’ and includes an archery session for injured and wounded veterans at the local archery range. In Portland, Maine, the vet-together is a simple gathering of veterans during happy hour at the local VFW. An upcoming vet-together in Detroit includes tickets to the Detroit Pistons basketball game. And a Saint Peters, Missouri vet-together is a group outing to see the movie Project 22.

The current list of Vet Togethers features the following upcoming gatherings:

1/9/16 – Riverside, CA

1/9/16 – Auburn, WA

1/9/16 – San Antonio, TX

1/9/16 – Auburn Hills, MI

1/11/16 – Mount Lake Terrace, WA

1/13/16 – La Jolla, CA

1/13/16 – Arlington, VA

1/14/16 – Portland, ME

1/15/16 – Oklahoma City, OK

1/17/16 – Bridgeport, CT

1/20/16 – Saint Peters, MO

1/21/16 – Omaha, NE

1/22/16 – Scottsbluff, NE

1/22/16 – Kearney, NE

1/22/16 – Grand Island, NE

1/22/16 – Norfolk, NE

1/27/16 – Cambridge, MA

1/29/16 – Hartford, CT

2/6/16 – Blue Springs, MO

What is IAVA?

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is one of the nation’s largest veterans organizations. The group boasts 185,234 veteran members and an additional 243,296 non-veteran supporters. The IAVA website explains, ‘IAVA provides valuable resources and empowers veterans to connect with one another, fostering a strong and lasting community. Through education, advocacy and community building, we strive to create a country which honors and supports veterans of all generations.’

The website goes on to detail, ‘IAVA is the voice of the 2.8 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, raising awareness in the media, on Capitol Hill and among the general public. We address critical issues facing new veterans and their families, including mental health injuries, a stretched VA system, inadequate health care for female veterans and GI Bill educational benefits. Membership is FREE and open to ALL veterans, family members and supporters.’

For more information, visit IAVA.org/vettogether.


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