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trilateral commission pounds john kerry over israeli apartheid


May 11, 2014

Trilateral Commission pounds John Kerry over Israeli Apartheid

By Mark Wachtler

May 11, 2014. Washington. (ONN) For readers who still believe there’s no such thing as the Trilateral Commission, they may want to ask themselves why US Secretary of State John Kerry was apologizing profusely to the secretive group of global rulers last week over his Earth-shaking threat to designate Israel an apartheid state. With Israel having ethnically cleansed much of the Palestinian West Bank of its Muslims and Christians, cries of apartheid have already evolved into cries of genocide.

Israeli Jews are ethnically cleansing Christians and Muslims out of existence in occupied Palestine. Image courtesy of ThePeoplesVoice.org.

Illustrating just how taboo it is for corporate-owned media outlets in America to ever speak negatively of Israel, even CNN chose to use the term “A-word” instead of actually uttering the words “Israel” and “apartheid” in the same sentence. But with Israel being condemned as an apartheid state more and more every day, it was a surprise to see one of the most notorious global secret societies come to Israel’s defense. The Trilateral Commission and global Zionism in bed together? That’s very curious in itself, considering the Trilaterals have always been a key member of the historically anti-Zionist Illuminati.

John Kerry meets with the Trilateral Commission

Describing the US Secretary of State’s penance for his earlier comments about Israel and apartheid, the above-mentioned CNN report announced, ‘Kerry issued a statement on Monday acknowledging he used the wrong word in comments to a closed-door meeting of the Trilateral Commission of private sector leaders from North America, Europe and Asia.’

The US media, a longtime vocal supporter of the Jewish state, may be pulling out all the stops to squelch any comparison between Israel and apartheid. But they can’t censor the Israeli media where statements by past Israeli leaders have accused the country’s unequal system of rule as just that, apartheid. “As long as in this territory west of the Jordan River there is only one political entity called Israel, it is going to be either non-Jewish or non-democratic,” former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said in 2010, “If this bloc of millions of Palestinians cannot vote, that will be an apartheid state.”

Apartheid over peace

When Palestine’s two political factions – Hamas and the Fatah-backed Palestinian Authority – announced weeks ago that they would form a unity government and work together for recognition of Palestine’s right to exist, Israel immediately cancelled peace talks and announced the ethnic cleansing of even more Palestinian West Bank territory in the form of a slew of new Jewish-only settlements throughout the internationally recognized Palestinian territory.

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat responded the following day saying, “We believe that the international community must now do what is needed in order to make clear to Israel that choosing settlements and apartheid over peace has a political, legal and economic cost.” The reality, at least in America, turned out to be the opposite reaction. Israeli-backed Republican Party officials throughout the US condemned Secretary Kerry and demanded he apologize, and in some cases resign from office. Some of the more vocal supporters of Israel who hit back at Kerry included House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator John Barrasso, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Mark Begich.

Ethnic cleansing and genocide

For years, Jewish forces have blockaded basic humanitarian needs from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, turning the tiny piece of Palestinian land into a 1.6 million-person internment camp. Even when Turkish forces flying the Turkish flag attempted to bring humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, they were attacked by the Israeli military, killing a number of humanitarian aid workers. Turkey’s military and government leaders were outraged, going so far as to threaten possible war against the US ally.

Rather than improve the devastated plight of the Palestinians encamped in the Gaza Strip however, it seems the past decade has seen the once sprawling Palestinian West Bank rapidly travel down the same bleak road that Gaza has become. As a recent account from The Economist describes, ‘So great has been the recent expansion of Jewish settlements around the little Palestinian hamlet of Beit Skaria, on the south-western edge of Bethlehem, that it is now completely surrounded…One crop of settlements after another has now been built on the land of the Beit Skaria villagers, who are banned by the army from putting up any new buildings themselves.’

The report goes on to describe how the historically and Biblically famous city of Bethlehem is likely to be the next Palestinian area to be swallowed up by Jewish expansion in the West Bank. ‘Bethlehem is also being surrounded by settler bypass roads and by concrete walls higher than those that divided Berlin in the cold war,’ the report describes, ‘Earlier this month, Israel’s defense ministry confiscated the largest chunk of private Palestinian land in years on Bethlehem’s southern fringe to let smaller settlements, previously unauthorized by the Israeli government, expand.’

Christians not welcome in apartheid Israel either

The Christian west, a longtime ally of global Zionism, is suddenly finding out that Israeli apartheid applies to them too. In other words, according to the laws of Israel, there are Jews and then there is everyone else. That fact has become shockingly clear for many Christians who are suddenly watching Israeli Christian homes demolished, Christian churches in Israel vandalized, and even the Catholic Bishop of Nazareth threatened with death and warned to leave Israel and take all his fellow Christians with him. As detailed by AFP and Yahoo News just two weeks ago, all of the recent atrocities have been carried out by members of Israel’s militant Jewish religious sects.

Also illustrating that the Israeli government puts Christians in the same category as Muslims and Arabs according to their state apartheid rules, the same AFP/Yahoo News report documents Israel’s 66th anniversary celebration last week. Coinciding with the historic event, government officials announced that the population of Israel had set a new record with 8,180,000 citizens.

But freely admitted by government officials is that the country’s population is officially segregated into two apartheid-based categories – Jews and everyone else. The report explains, ‘Jews represent 75 percent of the population at 6,135,000 people, while the Arab minority accounts for 20.7 percent, or 1,694,000 people. The report did not give a breakdown of the Arab population along Muslim and Christian lines.’

Israel says America an apartheid state too

One of the more surprising reactions from Jewish extremists and pro-apartheid forces in Israel was to first deny that Israel is an apartheid state, and then to turn the tables and accuse the United States of being the real apartheid state. Many longtime critics of America’s race and gender-based laws and government programs would whole-heartedly agree.

Responding to Secretary of State John Kerry’s threat to classify Israel as an apartheid state, media outlets in Israel were quick to launch attacks of their own back at the US. One account from the Jewish Press was exceptionally harsh writing, ‘Slavery in the classical sense exists today only in some Muslim countries. Accusations of practicing apartheid from representatives of the culture of slavery and their supporters in the Obama administration against the nation that represents the message of Jewish liberty are outrageous.’

What’s really outrageous is the attempt by Israeli media to portray slavery as only a “Muslim” problem today. Countless cases, literally in the tens of thousands, have repeatedly demonstrated that organized and institutionalized slavery exist today on every continent in the world. The greatest offender seems to be India, where African children are sold into slavery and shipped to mines in India where only small bodies can fit in the tiny, cramped working conditions deep underground. Elsewhere, slaves in southern Africa work the diamond mines while slaves in northern Africa are forced to fight in rebel armies and militias.

Even in the United States slavery is rampant. In fact, the NFL’s Super Bowl is the world’s number one event victimizing and utilizing slavery every year. And it happens right here in the United States with tens of thousands of sex slaves, many just children, forced into the worst kind of slavery. Even corporate America is guilty of organized slavery. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘7-11 Raids prove Slavery alive and well in America’ for just one of many examples.

Finishing their condemnation of America as an apartheid state, the Israeli news account wrote, ‘If annexation of territory without affording full voting rights means apartheid, then the US has been – and continues to be – an apartheid state for more than the last 100 years.’ The publication went on to describe what some would call Israel’s true agenda – if they can’t push the non-Jews out, they’ll breed them out.

‘The average Jewish woman in Israel now gives birth to more babies than her neighbor in Ramallah,’ the Jewish news publication happily explains, ‘According to the American-Israel Demographic Research Group, the continued trend, with the addition of approximately 500,000 new immigrants to Israel, will bolster the Jewish majority from 66 percent to 80 percent by 2035. Without any peace process, the Jewish majority in Israel – Arabs of Judea and Samaria notwithstanding – will be 80 percent in just 20 years.’

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