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April 25, 2014

Romantic Violence in R World – the America you can’t see

April 25, 2014. Chicago. This first-time novelist has a past. Whether it was sex, drugs, gangs, crime or government corruption, by the young age of 17 he had lived and learned more than most people do in a lifetime. That’s why he wrote the autobiography of his teen years titled Romantic Violence in R World. The first book ever published by Whiteout Press, it’s a priceless glimpse into the real America, the one you’ll never see on your TV set.

Written under a pen name to protect the author’s identity, the book’s description explains, ‘Romantic Violence in R World is the unbelievable journey of an average Chicago teen from the world of sex, drugs and street gangs, through the empire of Chicago’s political corruption, and into an underground spy network of American revolutionaries – emerging as one of the few survivors who lived to tell the story – the story of tomorrow’s American revolution.’

Visit the book’s website, Romantic Violence in R World, for additional excerpts, reviews and ordering information.

Told through the eyes of the teenager who lived it, the reader is repeatedly shocked and amazed that the events that unfold over a four-year period in the mid-1980’s are happening to children as young as 14-years-old. At 473 pages, the book is a treasure trove of actual events that seem too unbelievable to be real, but they are. And each one by itself could easily devastate or destroy the average adult. But these naïve teens, making it up as they go, manage to rise above and overcome it all.

Shocking revelations

Among some of the more unbelievable revelations the author of Romantic Violence in R World details:

  • Police corruption – brutality, drug abuse, criminal activity and cover-ups.
  • Sex & drugs – what your 14-year-olds are doing behind your back.
  • Sex & drugs – what your elected officials are doing behind your back.
  • Pregnant at 14, father at 15. This lone experience could be a book all itself.
  • Chicago’s colorful and deadly street gangs – their untold histories, inner-workings and dirty secrets.
  • First-hand accounts detailing the unique second-by-second feel and experience of trying many drugs for the first time, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, acid/LSD, wicky sticks/angel dust/PCP, hash and opium. Author also exposes that kids are really ingesting the poison strychnine as a cheap substitute for LSD and formaldehyde as a cheap substitute for PCP.
  • Serial child molesters are inside the Chicago Police Dept, protected by the CPD, with dozens of victims numbering among the children of CPD officers.
  • Government job tests are rigged. Author received the answers to state job tests, took the test using the answers and received a perfect score. It’s the behind-the-scenes workings of government patronage, bribery and embezzlement.
  • If you play the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin backwards, it really does play clear devil messages mentioning Satan by name.
  • Witnessing a UFO with five other witnesses.
  • Seeing someone murdered, shot in the head at point blank range.

Excerpts – It’s okay to be different

The book’s website, RomanticViolenceInRWorld.com, includes nearly 20 excerpts from various parts of the book. The very first section from the author’s earliest years is as enlightening as it is universal. Parents, teachers, councilors and others often wonder how, why and when a child ‘went bad’. This book’s author would suggest their children didn’t ‘go bad’. He writes on page 92:

‘Stoners got pleasure from love, music, sex and the peaceful easy feeling that a good joint provides. I feel like I’m leaving the military academy of the IC boys and transferring to the stoners’ school of the arts. These people are definitely colorful. No more fake, stuck-up jocks, cheerleaders and preppies who think they’re better than everyone else. They’d rather die than admit they’re human, have feelings or ever make mistakes. The stoners like being different. They have no problem laughing at themselves. In a way, it allows them to be less than perfect. I liked being with them. I could be less than perfect too.’

Street gangs in the Murder Capital of America

Another timely excerpt is perhaps timeless as well. It shows that even though the author is recalling his life as a young teen on the rough and deadly streets of Chicago during the 1980’s, the Windy City is still the murder capital of the nation today. Nothing has changed. If anything, it’s only gotten worse. The author details on page 152:

‘Year after year, kids killed each other fighting to push the line one more block into the other’s territory. They killed and died for the right to stand out on the corners of Damen and Belmont or Lincoln and Belmont. It’s sad to think that after a decade of fighting over Belmont Avenue, the border never moved more than one block from the original dividing line. Like World War I, it was stagnant, bloody, trench-warfare where the front line moved in distances of feet rather than miles. Tragically, Chicago’s gang bangers don’t have trenches to take cover in. They die right out on the street.’

Parents, be careful

Teenagers are emotional, hormonal and out of whack as it is. But often, parents forget that. And sometimes parents forget whose side they’re on. But to a child, if their parents aren’t on their side, no matter what, then who is? Consider this excerpt from page 243:

‘I was a mess. I wanted to die. My senses were useless. My nerves were shot. My brain was turned off and my heart was broken. I had just been emotionally and psychologically murdered. Even the two times my parents literally beat me when I was a kid were nothing compared to the pain I was feeling now. For the first time in my life, I wanted to die. I wanted this pain to end now. Only minutes after my mother left my room for good, and still crying uncontrollably, I slid on my stomach to the edge of my bed. Reaching down between the mattress and the box spring, I pulled out my .22 pistol.’

14 and pregnant

Ever known anyone who’s gotten pregnant at a mind-bogglingly young age, like 14? How about someone who became a parent at 15? The author of Romantic Violence in R World does. He lived it. Imagine what this young couple went through for nine months when you read this excerpt from page 255:

‘As the two of us sat in the hospital bed together, Giggles gently passed Baby Mark to me as the lawyers handed her a stack of papers, each with colorful little arrows sticking out showing us where to sign. Giggles looked down at the papers, not even trying to read them through her teary-eyed vision. I could see the nervous anticipation in everyone’s eyes as they stared intently at her, waiting for her to lift up the pen. And then, Giggles signed away her rights and all the hopes and dreams that came with it. Giggles and I would still have hopes and dreams for Baby Mark. Only now, after hitting the World Series homerun and being sworn in as President of the United States, it would be his new parents that he would thank for all the love and support. Giggles and I would still be cheering, rooting and praying for him, only from afar.’

Revolution, American style

Consider this curious fact. America’s headlines, just this week, included a Militia standoff with federal authorities, a federal court ruling on Affirmative Action, being on the verge of war with Russia, and Chicago being the murder capital of the nation. The book takes place 30 years ago, and the headlines were all exactly the same as today. Spooky.

Two of the final excerpts from the book Romantic Violence in R World deal with the everyday issues that could be considered ‘gateway issues’ because they’re very real, completely legitimate, and when justice is denied, victims move onto other more angry, frustrated and revolutionary groups to fight back. On pages 415 and 416, the author writes the following:

‘It’s not like I’m awaiting some anarchy or Armageddon. I simply believe the government is screwing the people over and sooner or later we’re going to fight back. For me, every time I apply for a good job or I look at the college and university applications, they all have giant screaming headlines that read, “We’re an equal opportunity institution. We don’t discriminate based on race, creed, sex or religion.” But each time I look at the fine print, they all say the same thing, “We do however award extra and special consideration to individuals that meet one of the following criteria – you are a veteran, female, disabled or a member of a minority group.”‘

‘As far as I was concerned, if you’re gonna attack me for being a White, Christian, heterosexual, able-bodied, non-veteran, male – I’m going to fight back as a White, Christian, heterosexual, able-bodied, non-veteran, male. If any part of society would have acknowledged and fought against sabotaging an entire generation of White kids, except the rich ones of course, many White teens like me would never have hooked up with the revolutionary underground in the first place.’

The difference between anger and hate

In closing, it’s worth warning readers that the book Romantic Violence in R World occasionally contains language that is violent or sexually explicit. But that’s the point. It’s the real life story of the America that our TV sets never tell us about or let us see, but our young children live every day. And if there’s one final lesson the book brings readers, it’s that most people believe anger and hate are the same. But they’re not.

A hater is going to hate no matter what. When they’re done hating one group, they move on to the next. But an angry person usually has a legitimate reason why they’re angry. They’ve been wronged and they simply want it acknowledged or rectified. And that’s the lesson for tomorrow’s American revolution. Those crazy rebels you’re going to see on your TV set some day, they’re not haters. They’re just angry and the injustices haven’t been stopped, acknowledged or rectified. And people can only take so much for so long.

To read more excerpts or to buy your own copy, visit Romantic Violence in R World. 463pgs – $23.70. Also available from Amazon and by request at most book stores. Published by Whiteout Press.


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