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Top 5 Most Important Features Of A Good Hosting Provider

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The use of the Internet in modern society has made it obvious for businesses, companies, and even individuals to have a website to further expand their growth on the market. Having a website gives you an online presence that becomes your online face.

But there is more to setting up a website than people think. While those who do own a website understand these things, most don’t. What most people don’t know is that the quality of your website is closely tied to the hosting provider. So naturally, if you want a good website, you need to choose a good hosting provider.

So in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 most important features that your hosting provider needs to have in order for you to have a great website.

1. Backup Feature

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We are living in an age where information is key and access to information is very easy. Since most of the information we access come from online websites, it’s important for these websites to not lose their data. The case is the same for your website since software bugs, hacker attacks, and hard disk failures all cause for a website to lose its data. Naturally, you would want a web hosting provider that offers backup for your website in order to preserve data and information.

2. Excellent Customer Service

According to Cirrus Hosting, having excellent customer support that is available 24/7 and 365 days a year is what separates a good hosting provider with an average one. A common saying goes “The Internet Never Sleeps” so it’s particularly important for a hosting provider to have excellent customer support whenever their customers’ needs it. As you would be choosing a hosting provider, always inquire about their customer support. This is extremely important as problems with your website and hosting can occur all the time, and time is money.

3. Storage Capacity

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Different providers offer different types of storage capacity plans. Some offer a few GB worth of storage, while some offer unlimited amounts. There are two ways you can approach this. First, if you’re going to run a small to a medium website, a few GB is sufficient in terms of storage. But as your website grows, your data will also increase so you would naturally want more storage later. The second way to approach this problem is to go for a hosting provider that offers unlimited storage capacity. Do have in mind that the latter choice often costs more.

4. The Number of Domains and Subdomains

This is a tricky one as people often confuse why they would require a subdomain. Subdomains are excellent if your website is not a blog, but requires one. Furthermore, the case is the same if your website is not a forum, but requires one.

The number of domains your web hosting provider offers is also important as your first website might become a huge success and you might need another one. But what makes that different than signing up for another web hosting plan? Well, having more domains allowed on your hosting dashboard saves a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, it eliminates the problem of having to manage between domains for each of your websites. This is extremely helpful if you’re planning on running more than one website.

5. Security

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Cybersecurity has become a very popular field of expertise recently. Cybersecurity is becoming a very popular feature for web hosting provider because of the ever-growing risks of hacker attacks. Since data is very important in our time and age, the need for proper protection is also important. Whenever you’re making the decision on choosing a hosting provider, always inquire about the level of security and the security features they have for your website.