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The best free video compressor: How to compress online video with UniConverter

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Internet recordings and live streaming have become the two main sources of communication today. H.264 is a video compression format that enables this visual and digital revolution. Just look at the amount of time spent in front of the streaming channel or portal. In 2017, the average number of hours watched every day around the world was 1 billion. In 2016, 500 million hours were counted. In just one year, the results doubled.

If the H.264 format is capable of supporting and delivering quality to so many people every day of the year, the same applies to surveillance and monitoring technology. This one is as important as YouTube with IP CCTV systems. Basically, is carried out by technology that enables the captured data to be sent intelligently. To do this, they reduce the amount of similar information and will only be an additional burden on the file.

The importance of standards in video compression:

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This uses techniques that will make files lighter, without affecting the quality and especially the accuracy of the information. Precisely because it prioritizes maintaining visual characteristics that are very basic to know which technology is used. Selecting one format or another can directly disrupt the sharpness and loading of images. Because there’s no need to store all the data, the tip is to use industry standards. Until then, H.264, also called Advanced Video Coding (AVC), was the dominant one.

H.264 is considered one of the most adaptable and high-level formats. However, there is already what will be its evolution, H.265 or High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). Both are standardized and approved by the responsible institution.

That is, they are two official standards. Before talking about the advantages added by H.265 in video compression, it is important to note that both are standards that will make partners and vendors maintain identical prerequisites. That ensures compatibility and more options for customers.

What are the advantages of video compression?

It is based on technology that analyzes images taken in frames. This is like looking at photos and identifying which data is relevant and which are not. For example, if there are an equal number of frames that are not visible, they are discarded. For this to happen, there are estimates that use “basis for comparison”.

The table taken is contrary to what functions as a parameter and, with this, we can see what was changed. Only changes to the base frame are retained. Those with the same value are not considered in the encoding, reducing the size and quantity of pixels.

Video compression becomes necessary today:

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If you’re a movie buff, you probably know the amount of research, time, and patience to create a collection of your favorite videos over the years. So, if you have a huge collection of them that completely fills your PC’s storage space, what should you do? It is possible to delete some old ones to make room for new ones, but this is only a temporary solution. Do not worry, because you can compress them and keep old ones while adding news.

Video compression also becomes necessary when you want to send yours to a site that limits the size of the one that can be sent. In addition, compressed pieces use less Internet data when sending, which is also faster? Considering the benefits above, reducing the size of them seems to be of the utmost importance. Looking for ways to compress it, like reducing the size of mp4, compress QuickTime (.MOV)? The following parts of the article list different solutions.

How to video without loss of quality on Windows and Mac:

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Before learning about online video compression tools, we want to recommend the best alternative. Because online tools have limitations in terms of file size, loss of quality, network situation, risk of viruses or bugs; etc. Wondershare UniConverter is what we recommend the most for compressing video files.

It is an all-in-one video tool that can reduce its size by converting the format, changing resolution, setting bit rate, and using other custom features. You can use it to compress your MP4 / MOV / AVI / MP3 files and other video/audio files with super-fast speed and optimal output quality. Compatible with Windows and Mac systems, you can also access additional features such as downloading videos, burning DVDs, transferring them, and more.

Wondershare UniConverter offers 2 different ways to compress. If you need compression and batch conversion, you can choose Method 1, which also allows compression of audio files. And select Method 2 if you want to compress them one by one by doing it more easily. Both methods will reduce the size of your piece with ultra-fast speed and high-quality output.

Watch an instructional video to compress a batch one with Wondershare UniConverter.

Step .1

Launch the video compressor and add a file (s). Install and launch the Wondershare software on your PC / Mac. In the main interface, click + Add Files to add the files you want to compress.

Step .2

Open the Video Settings window. In the right part of the interface, click the drop-down menu icon next to Convert all files to and select the desired output format and resolution from the Video tab. Click the Edit icon next to the selected resolution to open the settings window. You can also click + Create Custom Profile to open the settings window.

Step .3

Customize the settings to reduce the size. In the window that will appear, set the Default Custom tab to “Small Size”. This will automatically reduce the data rate of the file. You can also change the resolution and refresh rate manually to reduce the file size. Once you have made the settings, click Create to continue. Customize settings to reduce the size of a video

Step .4

Start video compression. You will be able to preview the size of the video in the main interface. Finally, click Convert All to start the conversion. Once the compression is complete, you will be able to manage the files from the Convert tab to convert files; MKV to MP4, MP4 to MP3 and so on.