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December 19, 2012

Still think there’s a Bill of Rights?

By Mark Wachtler

December 19, 2012. (ONN) Republic or Empire? When Congress voted to put aside the US Constitution in 2002 and give then President George Bush the powers of a dictator, many believed Mr. Bush would only use his dictatorial powers one time and for one specific purpose – to launch an unprovoked, pre-emptive attack against Iraq. But many, including this author, argued that you can’t void one part of the Constitution temporarily, without voiding it entirely forever.

“What use would a farmer have with a military assault rifle like that?”

There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of examples that our government is no longer bound by any mandates of civil or Constitutional rights of the people. Some point to President Obama’s and former President Clinton’s Executive Orders declaring Martial Law. Others will point to secret, sealed Presidential Executive Orders that are in effect, but have never been shown to the American people. And still others will point to the fact that President Obama is the first President in history to give himself the power to execute American citizens without charge, trial or conviction. And he’s already carried out that self-appointed power twice, that the world knows of.

Republican Dictatorship

This author has never seen the term before, but I’ve been using it for ten years now – Republican Dictatorship. It appears that that’s the form of government America has settled on, at least temporarily. Every 4 years, the American people elect their dictator. President Bush could have used his war powers to legally cancel all national elections in 2008 and declare that the nation needed him to continue on as President. But he didn’t. With his economy in ruins, George W. Bush couldn’t get out of Washington fast enough.

Will President Obama be the one? Will he declare that he is the President until the troubled times pass, or as long as the nation needs him, well past election day? It actually doesn’t matter. That’s right. Just as in your author’s argument 10 years ago, it doesn’t matter what the man does with the power. The problem is that he’s somehow obtained the power of a dictator in the first place. And in inheriting that power, President Obama could legally cancel the 2016 elections and continue serving as President as long as he wants, legally.

Gun Confiscation

With the tragic massacre of children in Connecticut recently, many Americans on the left are demanding that either Congress outlaw assault rifles, if not all guns, or President Obama should do it himself. Most Americans aren’t aware that the President of the United States can outlaw guns – all guns – by simply signing an Executive Order.

According to The Daily Caller, President Obama had signed 141 Executive Orders as of the end of October. The last one he signed at that time, as detailed in the report, gave the Dept of Homeland Security the power to reach into public and private law enforcement agencies and force them to work in partnership with federal authorities in their effort to, “address homeland security challenges”.

Tightening Washington’s federal control over all Homeland Security, the President was responding to Congressional critics who portrayed DHS as a being something closer to a crime or a joke rather than a national security agency.

As detailed in the above account, the US Senate released a summary describing the kinds of reports the local DHS facilities, aided by local and state law enforcement, had been sending to Washington. The Congressional report called it, “irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting to DHS, and many produced no intelligence reporting whatsoever.” The Washington Post went one further, calling the DHS work on the local level, “pools of ineptitude, waste and civil liberties intrusions.”

Khaled el-Masri

Khaled el-Masri wasn’t an American citizen. But he was a victim of some of the most heinous and gruesome crimes committed by the American people in the name of the War on Terror. El-Masri was a German car salesman and the victim of mistaken identity by the CIA. In his filings with various US and European courts, he insists the CIA kidnapped, tortured and raped him.

Not only that, the German Khaled el-Masri was kidnapped off the streets and sent to a secret CIA cell inside Macedonia and the Macedonian State Police facility, where he was tortured and raped in front of witnesses. Then, he was sent to a CIA prison in Afghanistan where he was tortured for another 4 months. Finally, the CIA dumped his body on a desolate road in Albania. But he was alive, and pretty angry as one might imagine.

The above case is documented, not made-up. As detailed by Free Press Publications, a European court just ruled that Macedonia was responsible for el-Masri’s torture and ordered the government to pay him $78,000. While Khaled el-Masri’s story should frighten all Americans, it’s not the end of the lesson. Little did anyone notice, but while el-Masri was filing suits in the United States, US courts threw the cases out.

The reason the courts wouldn’t hear his case wasn’t because he was German and not American, or because the crimes happened in Macedonia and Afghanistan. It was because the kidnapping, torture and rape were programs of the US federal government. And as a matter of national security, none of the details surrounding el-Masri’s kidnap, torture and rape could, or would, ever be admitted to or made public.

That legal restriction doesn’t just apply to Khaled el-Masri. It applies to all of us. Government agents, and even their hired corporate mercenaries, can do whatever they want to us, whenever they want. And conveniently enough for them, it just happens to be against the law to ever mention it. But if you are kidnapped, tortured and raped by US government agents, hope that it happens in Europe. At least there, acts of terror are illegal.

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