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March 20, 2015

So Cal march against CPS, new Website launched

By Mark Wachtler

March 20, 2015. Buena Park, CA. (ONN) An astonishing number of victimized parents have come forward over the past few months with horrifying stories of abuse, violence and injustice at the hands DCFS and Child Services. Their children are stolen in the middle of the night at gun point, often for no legitimate reason. Courts are required to rule in the state’s favor. And when a State Senator exposed the agency’s corruption, she was murdered. On March 26, parents are holding the Nancy Schaefer Memorial March in California. They’ve also launched a website where parents and their supporters can unite.

Victimized Southern California parents are marching against Child Protective Services on March 26th.

Meet Wendy Greene

Whoever coined the phrase ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ must have had Wendy Greene in mind. The mother of three boys, the oldest being autistic, Wendy and her husband had their hands full like all parents of a special needs child. What began as a simple annoyance at school by her oldest son, ended in 2012 when DCFS caseworkers secretly kidnapped her boys out of school without a court order, parental consent or notification, or even justifiable cause.

The children were interrogated by police for five hours. Wendy’s home was simultaneously raided by plainclothes agents and DCFS caseworkers, with her and her husband handcuffed and detained. The officer, who never even identified himself as such, tore Wendy’s rotator cuff while violently placing her under arrest. Their children were stolen from them for no legitimate reason, and they’ve been fighting to get their boys back every day since.

Your author is no stranger to victimized parents like Wendy. Whiteout Press has been shining a light on their horrifying stories for some time. That’s how we met Wendy Greene. After three years of fighting the system to get her boys back, the unimaginable anguish took its toll on the now single mom’s marriage. Seemingly alone in her fight, she single-handedly rocked the US government and the entire Department of Health and Human Services when she took her case to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The ICC responded, opening up an official case file. Ironically, that’s exactly where the late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer left off before she and her husband were mysteriously murdered. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘US Families call on World Court to investigate DCFS-CPS’ for details.

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Nancy Schaefer murdered

When your author reminded Wendy Greene that everyone else who’s attempted to expose Child Protective Services to this extent has been found murdered, she merely laughed with a defiance that only a mom with nothing left to lose can. Since writing the story of her successful appeal to the World Court, Wendy has been buried in desperate letters from victimized parents begging for help. “Somebody needs to fight for these people,” she told us, “Somebody needs to fight for Nancy Schaefer.”

Since that day last month, Wendy’s had her own column here at Whiteout Press titled ‘The Canary Stories’. She’s publicized the plights of numerous parents who’ve also had their kids unjustly taken by this out of control government agency. And she’s never hesitated to remind readers of the story of Nancy Schaefer.

Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer had investigated numerous accusations that Child Services was seemingly kidnapping her constituents’ children for no reason and making them forever disappear into a state-run system of illicit profits and child trafficking. After exposing the corrupt agency in her own state, she put out a call across the country for other parents and local elected officials to come forward. And come forward they did. On a 2010 night and the eve before Schaefer was supposed to meet someone claiming to be a government employee from Alabama with evidence of abuse there, Nancy and her husband were both shot and killed.

Nancy Schaefer was only weeks away from presenting her evidence to the International Criminal Court. Part of her evidence was a video titled, ‘Kids for Cash’ which documented DCFS-CPS abuse. Bill Bowen, the producer of that video, was also found dead. And according to his friends, he was murdered while supposedly meeting a government employee who was going to turn over evidence of the agency’s abuse, just like Nancy.

Marches, books, websites, and an assist from Anonymous

Your author doesn’t harp on it, but longtime Whiteout Press readers know that my kids and I have been 20-year victims of DCFS abuse ourselves. We also like giving a voice to the voiceless and defending the defenseless. Perhaps that’s why our friend and 2016 Arizona US Senate candidate JL Mealer suggested a mother and grandmother team fighting a 5-year battle against DCFS-CPS to get their kids back should contact Whiteout Press for help. Wendy Greene also wrote and asked us for our help. So did dozens of other parents and grandparents. That was seven months ago. A dozen Whiteout Press articles later, exposing Child Services by yours truly and Wendy Greene, it seems like Pandora’s box has exploded.

Wendy Greene’s first step was writing a book to highlight her story and advocate for parents with children that have autism or special needs that are faced with Child Protective Services and the accompanying legal issues. With help from friends like Amperart’s Chaz De Simone, Wendy had a brilliant cover designed for her book, ‘Justice’. And thanks to some help from Robbi and Shirl from SE Studios, she and fellow victimized parent Patsy Grant now have their own dedicated website – AngelWarriors4Justice.com.

Nancy Schaefer Memorial March – March 26th

Not stopping there, Wendy and fellow parents have announced they are organizing a march in California to honor the late State Senator Nancy Schaefer and to tell the world that the horrors of CPS haven’t stopped. As detailed by the march’s YouTube video, ‘The Nancy Schaefer Memorial March will take place in Buena Park, CA on March 26th at 9am. The march will start at Independence Hall and end at Pastor Wiley Drake’s church on Western Ave.’

Protest organizers are asking everyone to, ‘wear something green – a tee shirt, ribbon, bracelet, anything green – in remembrance of Senator Nancy Shaefer who was murdered for exposing the corruption within CPS. Speeches delivered by Wendy Greene and Patsy Grant. Music from Karly Moreno and a talk from Author Jules Czudar on his latest book, We Have Your Daughter.’ For more information on the March 26th march for Nancy Schaefer, visit the event web page.

Anonymous – Operation Expose CPS begins tomorrow

Illustrating just how widespread the horrors and abuses at DCFS-CPS have become, the loose-knit army of cyber warriors known as Anonymous have taken up the cause. With a five-phase offensive beginning tomorrow, Operation Expose CPS culminates on June 5th with simultaneous flooding of the FBI with demands the Bureau investigate the kidnapping-for-profit schemes at Child Protective Services. Round one of the nationwide campaign even has two Facebook Pages – one here and one here.

“Greetings world. We are Anonymous,” the mysterious video begins, “For far too long, the authorities in America have ignored the rampant child abuse deeply embedded in the child protection agencies.” In addition to calling on Anons everywhere to join the fight, the Anonymous announcement also demands justice for Nancy Schaefer, “We also demand a full, open investigation into the murder of Nancy Schaefer. We know this was in no way a murder-suicide. Nancy was murdered because she got too close, and because she was taking children away from the CPS.”

We explain the effort in more detail in the Whiteout Press article, Anonymous launches Operation Expose CPS, ‘Summarizing Operation Expose CPS, the computerized voice and masked Anonymous representative explains that on February 10, 2015, the group launched a campaign to raise awareness about the abuses of Child Protective Services. The video instructs Anonymous and its supporters, not to bring down FBI or DCFS websites, but instead to use the government’s own massive electronic infrastructure to flood the agencies with demands that the FBI investigate DCFS-CPS, bring the criminals to justice, and stop the unjustified terror campaign against parents and their children.’

For more information or to join the effort, visit Wendy Greene’s website at AngelWarriors4Justice.com.


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