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10 more desperate letters parents cps stole my kids


May 7, 2015

10 more desperate Letters from Parents – “CPS stole my Kids”

By Mark Wachtler

May 7, 2015. Phoenix. (ONN) Ever since we began publishing horror stories from parents about how the Department of Child Protective Services unjustly took their children away, we have been inundated with requests from other wrongly victimized parents. They ask us to shine a light on their plight because nobody else will. Their children have been stolen from them for no legitimate reason and they can’t get them back. There are thousands of them and they need help. Here are just a sampling of letters we received over a six-week period.

Below are just 6 weeks worth of letters we receive from victims of CPS here at Whiteout Press. Image courtesy of Child-Protective-Services.com.

One year ago, Whiteout Press seemed to be alone in attempting to expose the horrors being perpetrated on innocent families by DCFS. Since then however, we’ve been joined by the powerful voices of groups like Anonymous and Natural News. Victimized parents and grandparents who once thought they were alone have found each other thanks to our reporting, and in the process, they’ve found their voices and begun to fight back, not as individual parents, but as a movement. They include women like Wendy Greene, Patsy Grant, Kathleen Murphy, Valerie Coon, Susan Vaughan, Brandonlyn Nunley, Angela Borths, Mary Tyndall, and countless more who’ve collectively earned the name Angel Warriors.

10 more DCFS-CPS horror stories

With the limited resources we have here at Whiteout Press, it’s difficult to write about every horror story sent to us by desperate and heart-broken parents. But we can give readers a sense of what’s going on out there. And the best way to do it is to publish excerpts from just some of the letters we’ve received from parents and grandparents fighting the Dept of Child Protective Services to get their kids back. Welcome to a parent’s worst nightmare.

On January 15, 2015 we received an email asking us to help two daughters taken by DCFS-CPS. It explained, ‘They were medically kidnapped by PCH and have been removed from their feeding tubes and starved. Fantastic documents & evidence have been released on a Miracle For Two Sisters (Facebook page) just recently. Thank you.’

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On February 3, 2015 our friend Valerie Coon wrote in on behalf of another victimized parent, ‘Melissa Willis of Washington has Aspergers, a form of very high functioning Autism. As quoted from her therapist “Mom is brilliant, she just does things differently.” Melissa is a very capable mom and loves her four children very much. Unfortunately on December 12th, 2013, CPS came to visit her. This was because a call came in from the school after her children’s pediatrician recommended she ask the school for extra help. She was awaiting respite care through the state, as she had just recently become a single mom. Little did she know her request for help would result in losing her children, perhaps forever.’

On February 6, 2015 we received a similar letter from Steve asking us to help another victimized mom, ‘Dear Whiteout Press, I would respectfully request that you assist in exposing the Leanna Smith case out of Arizona. Even through the cloud of corruption that is Arizona, things have leaked out. As recent articles, radio shows and thousands of posting on Facebook and Twitter demonstrate that there is something very rotten in Arizona. In doing this for forty years, I have discovered the most egregious case possible. Attached you will find a pleading that lays out the truth of what happened to the Leanna Smith family and the abuse their two daughters suffered at the hands of CPS, hospitals, physicians, foster parents, and the host of corrupt individuals involved. Please consider bringing it to the national media. Thank you! Steve.’ For more information, visit LegalCrimesAZ.com or their Facebook Page Legal Crimes AZ.

On February 8, 2015 Susan Vaughan wrote in to Whiteout Press for help, ‘I would never have known had it not happened to me, a grandmother, trying to help her daughter who was going through benzo withdrawal after being INVOLUNATARILY addicted by the local healthcare (county) agencies. Because I disagree, as do a lot of TBI (traumatic brain injury) specialists, that my daughter needed to be forced on even more brain-damaging drugs and because I dare disagree with DSS, which has, I learned, unchecked and unlimited powers, I have had my 15-week-old grandson ripped from my arms – perfectly healthy and unharmed – based on a pack of lies and distorted allegations, which, even if true don’t warrant the actions taken (which were done in clear violation of numerous state and federal laws) – much less depriving me of the right to even see my grandson, whom I nurtured since birth. I’m sorry if this is not very well written. I can’t begin to tell you the grief and outrage I am feeling not being able to see my grandson – and having to see his mother destroyed in every way a woman can be.’ To help out Susan, her daughter and her grandson, visit their Go Fund Me page.

On February 12, 2015 we received the following sobering email regarding Susan’s situation (see 2/8 letter above). It’s an example of what our good friend Wendy Greene calls the new underground railroad. The email read, ‘Hello, Susan Vaughan from Dare County, NC recently spoke or corresponded with you about her troubles with the Dept. of Social Services and the seemingly corrupt courts here. She called me from her car and asked me to relay this information to you. Susan went to court today and her Motion to Intervene was quickly denied with little to no critical consideration. Susan doesn’t have access to a computer right now. She has taken her daughter out of state to keep the county from forcing her into a psychiatric ward and onto meds that she shouldn’t be taking in her condition. Thank you.’

On February 17, 2015 a reader sent us a letter asking us to help another victimized grandmother, Linda Hickey. Linda wrote an open letter to the Governor of Missouri which read in part, ‘When a body of government is in place for we the people, and those people have been victimized by the very organizations in place to help, we have only our elected officials to turn to. As in my case, a child was seized by a state agency through fraud that continued because there was no intervention by any power that could have stopped it. My grandson has rights as do I, and the fact that you and every official I contacted for help in this matter did nothing but speak to the very organization that the fraud and corruption occurred with, to receive assurance that it was handled properly, is an outrage to this public and further actions should and will be held to expose and hold your office and those under your leadership accountable.’

On February 22, 2015 our good friend Brandonlyn Nunley sent us her own personal CPS horror story. It concludes, ‘No matter how much proof I had saying our children were cared for and well behaved, CPS had the judge push all my proof to the side and believe anyone that lied for them. Now our four sons are living without their real mom, dad and each other, including their big sister and little brother. All so CPS could make money to keep their jobs. Three of our sons are in strangers’ homes waiting to come home. Child Protective Service has lost our fourth son, not even the judge can find out where he is or if he is safe. We had to be hurt by these people for many years. It will always hurt. God keeps me strong in this battle. Our children have a voice that is not being heard.’

On February 23, 2015 Channtell Brown wrote to us saying, ‘It started back in 2013 when my husband noticed that my son wasn’t moving his arm. I called my husband and let him know I wanted to take him to Phoenix children’s hospital, he said ok. Me and my other kids went to go get him from work and then headed to the hospital. That’s when our world fell apart. His arm was fractured. They removed all 5 of my kids the next day. Between me and my husband we have 9 kids and this is the only incident to ever take place. Neither of us has a prior history of child abuse, there is no domestic violence, no anger issues, we both have jobs and stable housing, and most important we do not suffer from any mental illness. We have complied with CPS every step of the way. We completed counseling and all drug testing was passing. Now since our kids have been away my son tried to kill himself and is now on medication, my daughter has had a broken jaw which no one can explain how or when, she is also on medication, my 2 year old has had several unexplained marks with 4 separate reports reported to the CPS hotline yet still remains in the care of the people CPS appointed to watch over him. The system is flawed. CPS has no proof, no reason and no evidence. We are leaving it all in the hands of God, it’s his strength that has carried us this far. We ask that you pray for our family. We are innocent and are willing do whatever it takes to prove it.’

On March 7, 2015 we received a letter from Theodore Visner, a candidate for County Sheriff in Michigan, asking us to help expose the case of Danielle Austin. He wrote, ‘Danielle Austin was forced into court without notice after her three children were abducted by CPS workers on July 23, 2014. Although the court petition seeking to remove Danielle Austin’s three children was denied, the children had already been abducted and not returned. In Michigan, prosecutors work with CPS/DHS to treat respondent parents like non-respondent parents with regard to notice which is an intentional method being used to avoid due process requirements of our state and federal constitutions. The majority of these cases were never intended to keep children from their parents for more than 24 hours but the hours are turning into days, then weeks, then months and then years and this has to stop.’

On March 22, 2015 another grandmother, Janice Jasmund, wrote to us for help regarding her daughter, son-in-law and their foster kids, whom they attempted to adopt. She wrote, ‘I am writing in regards to this terrible situation that involves my daughter and son-in-law, relating to the accusations that have been brought against them. This whole thing has me confused and questioning the ethics of our system. I could not imagine the system failing these kids and removing their sibling after their bond of 2 years. The youngest knowing only his mom and dad for the 2 years of his life, to be placed with strangers, just breaks my heart. How can anyone justify this? There is not and has never been any type of abuse to these babies. Letters from Drs, their day care and many supporting friends and family will confirm this. Our system is definitely broke and so corrupt. When CPS was asked what proof they have, they replied, “We are CPS, we don’t need proof.” I will continue to pray and hope justice is served in this matter involving my family.’

We could include more genuine letters we’ve received recently from parents and grandparents, but we think you get the point. With the exception of the first one, all the rest are from a six-week span of time. They continue to pour in to this day. And as long as Whiteout Press keeps receiving these requests from helpless and heart-broken parents, we’ll continue to shine a spotlight on the epidemic of DCFS-CPS abuse and corruption.

Support independent media, support Whiteout Press. To get involved, join Operation Expose CPS and visit Angel Warriors 4 Justice.


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