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Should you Still Build a Mobile App in 2024?

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In these last couple of years, applications on smartphones have become one of the world’s leading industries. Just by a quick search on the Play Store or on the AppStore, you can easily find an app for almost anything. Whether it’s a game, an app to write your notes, a calculator with more features, camera filters and hundreds of other possible things. It may seem to you like every single aspect of application development is taken and there is no room for new developers and innovators. This is not true, since not every app is perfect. In fact, most of the apps you can find online are not even close to perfect, which leaves you the room to make one that is better, smarter and frequently updated.

By creating a mobile app for 2024, you will have to focus on a couple of things to ensure that you can profit from it. If you want this new application to be successful in this huge market you will have to do some serious planning and a lot of effort to make it appealing to your audience.

Here are some of the things you should consider or do to make your new mobile app to be successful in the year 2024.

Type of app and planning

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Before you do anything, you will need to have a good idea for an application that will work in this overly-saturated market. You cannot simply create the first thing it comes to your mind and expects it to be profitable. You must carefully research all nooks and crannies of the application stores on both iOS and Android and use that data to decide if your brand new idea will work. You have to make it clear to yourself and your coworkers (if you have coworkers) the precise concept of your application.

Every single idea that pops up into your mind while you are working, gaming, walking or anything else, make sure that you write it down.

Will the application have a need for in 2024?

One of the first things you need to consider when developing a new application is whether it will be useful or not? Would you use it? Would your friends use it if you pitch this idea to them? There has to be a need for the type of idea you have so the app can be successful.

If no one looks for such an application, then why should anyone download it?

Who will use this app?

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Once you have realized that this new idea you have is actually something wanted, you should find out your target audience? This step is very important because by finding the right audience for your application can help you develop it even further by receiving feedback, critics, reviews, etc.

How will you make the app profitable?

This is probably one of the greatest dilemmas when it comes to profiting from an application. You probably aren’t doing this just for fun, so you will need to make some profit. The first option is to add a constant in-app advertisement that has constant ads while users use the app. The second is in-app purchases where you have to rely on users spending money on it so you can profit from it. And finally, setting a price. All of these options have proven as an effective way to profit, you will just have to decide depending on your target audience.

Which platform should you go for? Android or iOS?

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There really isn’t any other option than these two other operating systems. Windows phones used to be popular, and some other platforms, but today Android and Apple’s iOS are the most popular ones. There really isn’t a need to create an app for lesser-known platforms.

When comparing both of these operating systems, you cannot find a clear winner with more pros and the other with more cons. Both platforms have their own benefits. Android has a much bigger audience because you can use it on much cheaper smartphones and it is a lot more versatile.

While people who use iOS-based phones are often prepared to spend a couple of bucks for a new application or for in-app microtransactions. The development of the app may prove much easier on iOS considering that there are fewer devices you have to worry about. Android has more than a hundred phones released every single year, which means you will have to worry about problems on that many smartphones.

According to the guide from Digital Partners, you cannot go wrong with any of these two platforms. However, you also have the option to consider both of these. If you have the experience, time and the will to develop the application for both of the operating systems then why not? Sure, it may be a bit difficult to create a cross-platform program, but this will increase your chances of it being successful and the wider the user base, the larger the profits.

UI and UX are the two most important thing during development

The user interface and user experience are the two most crucial things when it comes to a successful application. Sure, your idea may be groundbreaking and everyone will want to use it, but the moment they notice a bad UI design and sluggish animations that ruin their experience, their desire for the use will drop immediately. Make sure that you smooth out all the problems regarding design and animation.

Extensive beta testing

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Not one popular application hasn’t been through some serious beta or alpha testing. If you want to achieve the perfect UX you will have to go through hundreds of people’s opinions and reviews. You also have to consider all the different types of phones people can have. The more testing you do with your prototype application, the more data you have about the types of smartphones available, giving you the ability to iron out any bugs or problems.

How will you advertise its release?

This is important as the development phase. If you do not properly advertise your brand new product, how will your people find about it? Getting ready with a proper marketing plan for your application’s release will increase your chances of success.