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ron paul says gag order expired time to fight


January 22, 2014

Ron Paul says Gag Order expired, Time to Fight

January 22, 2014. Springfield, VA. Who knew that members of Congress are subjected to a one-year gag order after leaving office? As explained in an email from former Rep. Ron Paul last week, he hasn’t been on vacation or given up the fight. Instead, his government imposed period of silence just expired and he’s already working to rally Americans for his next grassroots campaign – the Defend Liberty Directive.

Ron Paul is back and he’s fighting harder than ever.

“Following my retirement from Congress, federal law has restricted what I could say and do for the past year,” former Congressman Ron Paul tells supporters, “But the muzzle’s been removed. And I’m determined to fight harder for liberty than ever before.”

Ron Paul is back

2012 was Rep. Ron Paul’s final year as a member of the House of Representatives. It was the proud conclusion of a multi-decade career as America’s staunchest defender of liberty and freedom in Congress. He was also the final GOP Presidential candidate to be knocked out of the Primary race from a field of 13 Republican hopefuls. When Ron Paul retired, the establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle breathed a sigh of relief.

“When I retired from Congress, the statists cheered in relief,” Ron Paul explained last week, “They thought the largest thorn in their side was now gone. Well, they figured wrong. I’m determined to fight harder for liberty than ever before.” Paul has since taken back the mantle of his longtime grassroots organization Campaign For Liberty (C4L).

Freedom Bomb

Retired Congressman Paul, as well as Campaign For Liberty, are gathering their forces to send a message to Washington. They’re calling their effort the ‘Freedom Bomb’. “Our goal is to flood Congress with 200,000 ‘Defend Liberty Directives’ letting EVERY legislator know the R3VOLUTION is alive and well,” Ron Paul’s email to supporters read.

While there are a number of issues Paul and C4L will be pushing Congress to act on, the most pressing according to the former Republican and Libertarian Presidential candidate, is getting Senate Majority Leader Reid to bring the ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill up for a vote. Republican House Speaker Boehner did and Washington was shocked at the support the proposed audit of the Federal Reserve received in the lower chamber.  

Read the July 2012 Whiteout Press article, ‘Audit the Fed Bill overwhelmingly passes the House’ for more information.

Illustrating the issue’s pressing importance, Ron Paul writes, ‘Our top legislative priority for 2014 will be forcing a Senate vote on Audit the Fed (S. 209). Nearly 75% of the American people support auditing the Federal Reserve. Given the Fed’s track record, it’s no wonder.’ “Last year, Campaign for Liberty made great progress in its efforts to pass Audit the Fed legislation (S. 209/H.R. 24),” Paul goes on to explain, “But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still refused to allow a vote, despite the American people’s overwhelming support.”

Additional Freedom Bomb issues

Ron Paul and Campaign For Liberty aren’t planning on hitting Congress with just one issue. Their Freedom Bomb comprises a number of liberty-related topics they intend to hammer the Legislative Branch on. They include auditing the Fed, reigning in NSA spying, repealing Obamacare, and rejecting the recently proposed national internet tax and national ID.

Supporters and those who wish to take part in the campaign are invited to go to the C4L web page where they can digitally sign their own personal Defend Liberty Directive. Ron Paul and his staff will bundle it with thousands of others and deliver them to Congress. The Directive states (from ChooseLiberty.org):

  • ‘Whereas: ObamaCare threatens to deny access to quality, affordable health care for millions of Americans; and
  • Whereas: The National Security Agency’s warrantless spying on Americans’ phone calls, e-mails, and Internet activities blatantly violates the Fourth Amendment; and
  • Whereas: Tax-Hungry Governors and special interests are still seeking to raise the price of every good the American people buy online by ramming the National Internet Tax Mandate into law; and
  • Whereas: The Federal Reserve erodes the average American’s standard of living while bailing out big banks, large financial firms, and even foreign central banks—and does all this in secret; and
  • Whereas: Congress should advance individual liberty and economic prosperity by repealing ObamaCare, ending the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance, rejecting the National Internet Tax Mandate, and passing Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed legislation.
  • Therefore: I urge you to stand up and fight for our God-given liberties by making Ron Paul’s Liberty Agenda your top priority in 2014.’

National ID

One of the issues Ron Paul and Campaign For Liberty have set their sights on is the proposal for a National Identification Card. Opponents of the idea insist the country already has de facto National ID’s. They’re called State ID’s and Social Security numbers. What they fear is that federal officials are using the idea of a National ID to advance their efforts toward more sinister objectives.

Taking on the leaders of his own party, the same Republican leaders that all but rigged the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary against him, Ron Paul warns about the push for a National ID. ‘For months now, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) have been working behind the scenes to pave the way for the bill’s passage,’ Paul writes, ‘These cards would be tied to a national database containing biometric identification information, potentially even including fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of your hands, which could easily be used for government tracking.’

Ron Paul concluded his appeal to supporters last week saying, “I’ve been amazed at the incredible progress our R3VOLUTION has seen in recent years. I can’t tell you what it means to me to have wonderful activists like you fighting continually for restored liberty. But you and I have our most important work to do in the months ahead.”

For more information, visit the Freedom Bomb and Defend Liberty Directive website or check out CampaignForLiberty.org.


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