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rand paul asks a billion americans for cash


June 20, 2013

Rand Paul asks “a billion Americans” for Cash

June 20, 2013. Senator Rand Paul appears to be positioning himself for a run for President. And while he claims to be the anti-establishment voice of the liberty movement, Sen. Paul has proven he IS the establishment. Can a rank and file Republican whose loyalty is to the GOP leadership lead a grassroots revolution for reform?

Sen. Rand Paul at a Ron Paul rally shortly before endorsing his opponent Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul 2016

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is most likely running for President in 2016. Repeated polls clearly show he’s already the leading Republican candidate in theoretical match-ups against potential Democratic opponents Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. And the Senator probably has his father, Ron Paul, to thank for that.

By being the son of the most respected and revered ‘reformer’ in modern American politics, Rand Paul inherits millions of potential grassroots followers. And by betraying the very same man during the 2012 Republican Presidential primary and endorsing his opponent – the establishment’s Mitt Romney – Rand Paul proved he is a ‘party man’ worthy of the establishment’s trust.

For his part, the senior Paul surely was aware of his son’s impending betrayal, and wholeheartedly supported it to help Rand’s career. Dr. Paul was a good Representative, he’s a good man, and not surprisingly, a good dad.

Ron Paul’s supporters knew something was wrong when the candidate dropped out of the race just as he was winning caucuses and only days before his home state’s primary in Texas. That could have been the tipping point, propelling Paul into an eventual victory if he had won. But immediately after Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney, Ron Paul suspended his campaign. The fix was in, and it was obvious.

Money, money, money

Supporters of Sen. Rand Paul are no strangers to fundraising requests. It seems like they receive an urgent appeal for donations on a weekly basis from the Republican Senator. Each time, the solicitation is attached to a recent government outrage or a grand proposal to rise up as a nation and fix whatever that particular week’s problem is. Assumedly, the money is actually being stashed away for a 2016 run for the GOP nomination for President.

This week, Sen. Paul is using the NSA spying scandal to fill his financial coffers. “Dear Patriot,” Rand Paul begins today’s appeal to supporters, “I’m looking for ten million Americans to stand with me and sue the federal government and TAKE BACK our rights. Can I count on your help?” He goes on to explain, “In a recent interview on Fox News, I announced I would be asking Internet providers and phone companies to join me in a class-action lawsuit to STOP this madness. But my friend, today I’m counting on your support, as well.”

The website RandPaul2016.com has set up an online petition for supporters to add their names to the class action lawsuit. However, at this early stage, participants aren’t doing much more than adding their email addresses to the Republican Party’s database of donors and supporters. And of course, the petition comes with another prominent appeal for donations.

“Please sign your Joining Statement to join my lawsuit IMMEDIATELY. And if you can, please agree to your most generous contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 or $35 TODAY,” the appeal from Sen. Paul urgently exclaims, “If that’s too much, please chip in at least $10 or $20. Every dollar counts. With your support, I’ll immediately begin mobilizing Americans from all over the country to this fight.”

What can Americans do to help? – Should they ring doorbells? Make flyers? Start Facebook pages? Hold rallies? March on the Capitol? – Nope, just send money. Sen. Paul goes on to describe his vision for the campaign to stop the NSA from spying on Americans, “But to do that, I’ll have to pull out all the stops – and not just with email, Internet ads and social networking. I’ll have to use mail, phones and perhaps even radio and TV to get my message out, as well. This kind of program won’t be cheap. But it’s critical.  It’s an absolutely critical one for the survival of our Republic. So please sign your Joining Statement and agree to your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, $35 – or even $10 or $20 – IMMEDIATELY.”

Getting personal

Whiteout Press readers know that this author has more than his share of grassroots experience, and the colorful incredible stories to go with it. This subject is no exception, and it’s quite personal. During the mid-1990’s, your author was one of thousands of victims of illegal government spying on regular outspoken Americans. None of us had done anything wrong or broken any laws, only spoken out against government abuse and corruption. But in the end, the courts forced officials to provide a copy of each victim’s secret file to each person spied upon.

What America needs right now is a genuine class action lawsuit to force the government to give a printout to each spying victim of every single detail that was captured about them. Nothing will harness America’s outrage like the frightening realization that the government spied on them, or their spouse, or their child. It would also be nice if the NSA would stop spying on us, but unfortunately that’s in the hands of Congress and the President.

In this 21st century version of a similar spying scandal, an even more effective campaign would be to enlist Americans to voice their outrage to their individual Congressmen and force a change in the law. It was Congress that allowed the NSA to spy on us and it’s Congress that has it within their power to put a stop to it. But readers are free to make up their own mind and take Rand Paul’s word for it, that the only way to stop the illegal spying is to send him $500, “IMMEDIATELY”.

Honesty matters

To say that the American Republic will cease to exist if each of us doesn’t send at least $10 to Rand Paul is a bit of a stretch of the imagination. But when the Kentucky Senator sends out a different fundraising appeal every week, with a different reason America will be destroyed if we don’t send him money, it becomes dishonest and insincere.

And for one final humorous smile at Sen. Paul’s expense, the final sentence of his email to supporters is another example of GOP honesty, or attention to detail, depending on how you look at it, “P.S. You and I have learned Obama’s NSA is looking through the phone records and emails of a billion Americans every day!” A ‘billion’ Americans? That’s pretty scary considering there are only 300 million Americans.


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