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January 30, 2015

Pro-Vaccine PR Offensive wants Parents jailed

By Mark Wachtler

January 30, 2015. Anaheim, CA. (ONN) There has been a limited measles outbreak originating at Disneyland in California. But unlike another recent measles outbreak on the east coast where the victims had already been vaccinated, the infected individuals in the latest outbreak show that a growing number of Americans may be boycotting vaccines. Two days ago, the Washington-Wall Street media, owned by the same people who own Big Pharma corporations, launched a continent-wide PR offensive, with the USA Today actually calling for the imprisonment of parents.

Some think this is a put-down of parents. Others think it’s a reflection of the sad reality of today’s corrupt for-profit medical industry.

USA Today – put parents in jail

Yesterday, our friends at Natural News alerted us to an editorial by USA Today’s Alex Berezow the previous day which called for the jailing of parents who don’t fully vaccinate their children. “Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail,” was the exact quote from the national publication. But Natural News asked the same question many parents are asking – why are some vaccines considered safe when they contain deadly substances like MSG, formaldehyde, aluminum and even sterilization drugs.

Natural News questions the corporate news outlet’s motivations by asking, “Continuing with the imprisonment idea now being touted by USA Today, it begs the practical question: What exactly should happen after the parents are thrown in prison? Well, of course, the state will take custody of the children because they are now parentless.” Read this week’s Whiteout Press article, ‘US Families call on World Court to investigate DCFS/CPS’ to see that the accusation isn’t so far-fetched.

Coordinated corporate PR campaign

After checking out Wednesday’s USA Today article, we couldn’t help but notice it wasn’t the only one in the news cycle over the past 48 hours. San Diego’s KPBS had their own article warning that all of San Diego’s population was in danger because of a handful of dumb parents. But deeper in the article, the outlet admits those parents are actually society’s smartest people, ‘A recent study found that as the percentage of people with graduate degrees in a neighborhood increased, so too did that neighborhood’s percentage of under-vaccinated children.’

Also yesterday, the Washington Post used a baby to push the seemingly coordinated PR effort with the title, ‘Why this Baby’s Mom is so angry at the Anti-Vaxxers’. The child has been under state-ordered quarantine for the past 28 days over a fear the baby came in contact with measles. The quarantine ended yesterday with no infection.

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Coinciding with the USA Today call to jail parents, CNN broadcast a segment, ‘Mom: Anti-Vaxxers put my Baby in Quarantine’. The report goes on to show how panicked government officials seemingly are. CNN confirmed that in just one county alone, Alameda County, there are currently 9 babies under state-mandated quarantine for possible exposure to measles. None show any symptoms.

If you haven’t heard about those selfish anti-vaxxers in the last 24 hours, just give it a few minutes. Even Fox News Cleveland got in on the act by reporting on the widespread panic being sown throughout California, including how 66 students from one school were forced to stay home for not being vaccinated. Once again, the title of their report put parents in the cross-hairs, ‘Are parents who refuse to vaccinate their children selfish?’

Across the country, across the continent

It wasn’t just media outlets in California, Washington DC, Cleveland and Atlanta pushing the corporate talking points either. Chicago’s largest newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, began the first sentence of their report writing, ‘The parents who are against vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella and other childhood diseases have proved a point – and it’s a scary one. They are no longer just putting their own kids at risk. By taking their unvaccinated children to the happiest place on Earth and touching off a measles outbreak at Disneyland, the anti-vaxxers put hundreds of other children in jeopardy, too.’

The long arm of the Washington-Wall Street media apparatus reaches far and wide, as evidenced by yesterday’s news report from CBC News Canada. It warns that Canadians are also at risk to diseases like measles if they’re not vaccinated. The CBS affiliate in San Francisco went so far as to interview angry Bay Area residents demonizing their fellow parents. One was reported saying of her child’s school, Reed Elementary, “I actually am concerned. I had no idea Reed had such an anti-vax movement here.”

Showing the news isn’t just flooding the west coast, east coast, midwest and Canada, even AL.com, also known as Alabama dot com, warned parents what would happen to them if they didn’t vaccinate their kids. Not too surprisingly, the news report was from Associated Press, the same newswire whose reporters have recently been caught simultaneously working for the CIA. The title of their segment yesterday was, ‘Some doctors firing patents who do not vaccinate their kids’. The article was a call to all doctors to stop treating patients who aren’t fully vaccinated, like some physicians are already doing.

Yesterday’s Chicago Sun Times joined the parade by warning that Cook County, Illinois had a confirmed case of the measles. The publication described parents questioning the safety of some vaccines as, ‘the small but dangerous minority of American parents resistant to vaccinating their children.’

Why the need for propaganda?

According to a senior researcher at MIT, by 2025 half of all Americans will be born with autism. That, based on the CDC’s own numbers, is where the trend is going. Courts in the US and Europe have quietly been awarding autism victims financial settlements from pharmaceutical companies. They proved the vaccines caused brain damage, and that the brain damage caused the onset of autism. But the defeated corporations and their friends in the mass media still refuse to acknowledge the two have any relation to each other.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s world-renowned and often criticized research on the link between vaccines and autism may have had admitted deviations from standard procedure. But he has insisted since he first saw the results that the raw data was accurate. And his raw data clearly showed that it wasn’t the measles vaccine causing autism, or the mumps vaccine or the rubella vaccine. He showed that all the subjects in his tests who received individual vaccines had no side effects. It was the subjects who received the controversial drug cocktail known as MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) that were repeatedly diagnosed with autism.

So while the corporate media insists that the parents worried about the safety of vaccines, aka ‘anti-vaxxers’ are dumb, they’re actually the smartest people in the country. And while the news outlets insist these parents are against all vaccines, most are only against the vaccines shown to cause autism, death or other horrible side effects. They also want to know why some vaccines contain formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, mercury, feces, e-coli, monkey viruses and other deadly or banned substances. If we can get every Chinese food restaurant in town to proudly display a sign saying ‘No MSG’ in their food, why can’t we get Big Pharma to pull it out of our babies’ vaccines? Are we really going to put parents in jail for asking that simple question and wanting an honest answer?


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