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March 13, 2015

New Book – The Year in Chicago Corruption 2014

By Mark Wachtler

March 13, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) Whiteout Press is proud to announce we have published our second book. Following the success of our first offering, Romantic Violence in R World, we’ve stuck with the theme of exposing government corruption with our second title. The Year in Chicago Corruption 2014 is a day-by-day account of the scams, scandals and crimes committed each day in America’s third largest city by the very same men and women entrusted to protect the citizens. Straight from the headlines of the city’s news outlets, you have to read it to believe it, and even then it’s hard to believe.

The new book released this week from Whiteout Press and author Mark Watson.

The new book – The Year in Chicago Corruption 2014 – is not only the second title published by the young publishing company Whiteout Press, it’s also the second book penned by author and lifelong political activist Mark Watson.

The Year in Chicago Corruption 2014

The book’s Dedication in the opening pages gives a glimpse into the reasons why author Mark Watson made this effort and what he hopes to accomplish by its publication. ‘This book is dedicated to all of Chicago’s honest and sincere grassroots political activists, community activists, religious activists and social activists who stand up to the corruption every day,’ the new book begins, ‘You are outnumbered and perpetually on the losing side. But your cause is just, your mission is worthy and some day the corruption will end. And then all the people of Chicago will once again be able to enjoy the greatest city on Earth.’

At 61 pages and a list price of $12.00, the book is being offered at a 15% discount when ordered directly from the publisher for a reduced price of $10.20 plus shipping. The literary work is a treasure trove of examples of government corruption, straight from the most corrupt local government in America. The compilation brings readers each and every criminal and ethics scandal in chronological order, from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. This information simply can’t be found anywhere else.

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The author and publisher have removed all the names of the accused, indicted and convicted elected officials because, as the book’s Forward explains, ‘There are hundreds of them, they have power, they have money and they span Chicago’s City Hall to the White House. We don’t want to get sued into oblivion for simply republishing the city’s news headlines.’ Instead, the officials are still easily identifiable because, as the author writes, ‘We included the titles of their elective or government offices however because they don’t own those jobs or titles, we the people do.’

Publisher Whiteout Press and author Mark Watson concede the book will probably be considered a comedic work by those who live outside of the Windy City and have spent their life hearing about Chicago’s blatant and often unbelievable corruption. The book’s Forward concludes, ‘Readers outside of Chicago will undoubtedly see humor and may even laugh out loud at many of the schemes and scams the city’s politicians have been caught in. But for those that live here – the innocents who are raped, robbed, beaten, tortured and murdered throughout this book – it’s not funny. It’s simply Chicago.’

Excerpts from the book

The very first entry in the book The Year in Chicago Corruption 2014 gives the reader a sobering glimpse of the kinds of horrifying acts being perpetrated, and in this case, are still being reported in today’s headlines by press outlets around the world.

‘1/7/14 – Former Chicago and Willow Springs police officers charged by feds with operating a torture chamber on Chicago’s north side. The chamber was used for their kidnapping-ransom crimes. – Chicago Tribune.’

Illustrating how the corruption involves everything from mysterious police murders to crooked court judges, the book’s 5th and 6th entries touch on both.

‘1/22/14 – CPD refuses to suspend Chicago police officer after he picked up a distraught woman, got her drunk, and took her home where she somehow shot and killed herself with his police revolver. – Chicago Sun Times.’

‘1/25/14 – Campaign Treasurer for former IL State Senator avoids jail in bribery conviction because federal judge says it was “not a high profile offense”.’

The author and publisher don’t shy away from doing what Chicago’s corporate owned and party connected media outlets won’t – tell the truth about the most powerful leaders in the city and country. The very first entry from the month of February is ominously similar to the above two entries involving murder and judicial corruption.

‘2/1/14 – Special Prosecutor rules no charges against any government officials for the 10-year cover-up of a murder by former Chicago Mayor’s nephew. The politically-connected nephew, whose company has received millions in city business contracts, only received a 60-day jail sentence for the murder. – Chicago Sun Times.’

While many of the daily entries are chilling and sobering, readers will undoubtedly find humor in some of the others.

‘2/16/14 – Probation only for 2 Chicago cops who responded to an extremely drunk 22-year-old woman’s call for help. The on-duty officers took her home, got her more drunk, and both sexually assaulted her. After the victim screamed moments into the attack, one officer was identified by neighbors fleeing the scene half-naked out to his Chicago police car. – Chicago Sun Times.’

A number of entries show why the city of Chicago is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and how the city is still fighting decade-old crimes and a reputation for police torture.

‘2/25/14 – Federal jury orders Chicago taxpayers to pay $3.7 million to three brothers who were kidnapped, tortured and falsely convicted by the Chicago Police’s notorious Special Operations Section in 2004. – Chicago Sun Times.’

The final three entries from the month of February 2014 show that the crimes and scandals in Chicago span everything from child sex offenses to embezzlement to the uncanny revolving door that seems to find the same members of the same politically connected families at the center of decades, even generations, worth of crime.

‘2/26/14 – Cook County State’s Attorney investigator indicted by federal grand jury for producing and transporting child pornography. – Chicago Sun Times.’

‘2/27/14 – IL Auditor General condemns IL Governor’s anti-violence program put in place ten days before his 2010 re-election. AG says $54.5 million program has “pervasive deficiencies.” State Republicans call it unethical and possibly illegal to hand over that much taxpayer money to political supporters without monitoring or tracking it. – Chicago Sun Times.’

‘2/27/14 – IL DCFS Executive Director resigns due to secret past theft conviction and criminal unpaid back child support history. – Chicago Sun Times.’

Keep in mind, the handful of above excerpts are only a small sampling just from the month of February 2014.  Other entries throughout the book expose the criminal indictments and convictions of some of the most powerful people in Chicago and even the nation. The incidents span from Chicago City Hall to the White House to foreign Dictators, but all are perpetrated by Chicago’s local and national officials.

As an example, the pages include multiple entries from the famous town of Cicero and just as many entries about America’s virtually unknown US Commerce Secretary. The Chicago City Council is well represented. So is the Illinois Legislature with its powerful decades-long chamber leaders being lifelong members of the Chicago Democratic Machine. And we can’t forget Congress and the White House, each with numerous ethically-challenged and criminally indicted members being represented in the pages of Mark Watson’s second book.

Order your copy now

The book, ‘The Year in Chicago Corruption 2014’ was just released this week. And at 61 pages and $10.50, it’s a must-have souvenir from what is sure to be a historical collection of yearly works. The book is published by Whiteout Press, whose tagline sums up why readers won’t find this information anywhere else, ‘If it’s blacked-out, covered-up or censored, you can find it here!’

This controversial yet humorous book is available directly from the publisher at a discounted price and is also now available from Amazon. The title should be added to Borders, Barns and Noble, and most other commercial book stores shortly. This is the second title from publisher Whiteout Press and author Mark Watson. The author’s first work was also published by Whiteout Press and is titled, ‘Romantic Violence in R World’.

Read additional sample pages or order your own copy of

The Year in Chicago Corruption 2014


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