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pamela anderson confirms wikileaks julian assange alive



Pamela Anderson confirms WikiLeaks Julian Assange is alive



By Mark Wachtler

Pamela Anderson visited Julian Assange for the fourth time in three months last week.

December 14, 2016. London (ONN) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has not been seen or heard from since mid-October. Since then, rumors have spread across the globe that he is either dead or has been secretly arrested. A police raid on the Ecuadorian embassy and strange announcements by WikiLeaks have only added to the speculation. But American actress Pamela Anderson was seen visiting Assange for the fourth time in three months last week. And she swears he is alive and well.

Proof of Life – Where is Assange?

For nearly two months now, online calls for #proofoflife and #whereisassange have spread across the internet like wildfire as WikiLeaks supporters around the world fear the worst. Added to the fact that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has not been seen or heard from since mid-October, a number of bizarre occurrences have also fueled the mystery.

Supporters of Assange and WikiLeaks have summarized their fears and concerns like this:

  • Julian Assange has not been seen or heard from in public since mid-October.

  • At the time of his disappearance, WikiLeaks was single-handedly destroying oligarch-favorite Hillary Clinton’s chances of being elected US President by releasing incriminating emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s private servers.

  • On October 17, 2016 and on the eve of another round of email dumps promising to expose even more corruption within the Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party, and the American media – news broke around the world that Julian Assange’s internet access and communications had been severed. An announcement the following day from WikiLeaks said the internet connection had been cut “by a state actor”.

  • On October 21, 2016 witnesses take pictures and videos of British authorities raiding the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has been living for the past four years. Three days later, British press announces that London’s airport has been shut down and evacuated due to a terror plot.

  • At the same time, WikiLeaks reportedly fires a number of the group’s moderators and replaces them with 21 new moderators. The new moderators are then accused by WikiLeaks followers and supporters of deleting all posts referring to Assange being missing.

  • On October 22, 2016, the outcry for proof that Julian Assange was alive and well had spread across the internet and WikiLeaks could no longer ignore it. The group posted a public poll asking supporters what kind of proof they wanted – statement, pictures, public appearance or video. With 103,461 votes cast, 51 percent chose video.

  • On October 23, 2016, WikiLeaks released a video featuring Julian Assange and American movie producer Michael Moore. Critics insist the interview was videotaped in June and they repeat their call for proof that Assange is alive and not being secretly held by government authorities.

  • In November, tens of thousands of Clinton and DNC emails waiting to be released were reportedly deleted from WikiLeaks’ servers. An investigation supposedly revealed that the perpetrator accessed the information from the inside. In other words, it was an inside job.

  • Also in November, an already-scheduled court appearance where Swedish prosecutors were supposed to be able to interview Assange and his attorney was mysteriously cancelled. British authorities reportedly limited the Swedish authorities’ access to Assange by only allowing them to submit written questions.

Pamela Anderson visits Julian Assange

On December 7, 2016, a number of British media outlets, including the Daily Mail, published pictures of American actress Pamela Anderson arriving at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. For the fourth time in three months, Anderson brought her friend Julian Assange food and visited with him.

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, a mutual friend of both Anderson and Assange, confirmed for the publication that Anderson did in fact have an appointment to meet with Julian Assange and that she was supposed to attend as well. Westwood takes credit for introducing the two back in 2014. She also said she spoke to Anderson after her visit with Assange earlier in the day and that Pamela confirmed that Julian was alive and well.

While Pamela Anderson didn’t speak to the press after last week’s visit to the Ecuadorian embassy, she did comment after her October visit. She told the press, “He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food.” For her part, Anderson is no stranger to battling the global oligarchy. She is a staunch environmentalist and is well known for her campaigns against animal cruelty.

So, is Julian Assange alive? WikiLeaks and Pamela Anderson say yes. But the rest of the world still hasn’t seen or heard from him.


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