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Michigan Recount shows more Votes than Voters in Detroit



By Mark Wachtler

Michigan election ballots prior to the state Supreme Court’s recount cancellation.

December 19, 2016. Detroit, MI (ONN) The Presidential vote recount in Michigan was halted by the state Supreme Court last week. But not before massive, widespread vote counting irregularities were discovered in most of Detroit’s precincts. Those precincts voted for Hillary Clinton 95 percent to 3 percent for Donald Trump. Or did they? 392 of the city’s precincts had irregularities that disqualified them from the recount, with the vast majority showing more votes than voters.

More votes than voters

Soviet dictator Josef Stalin is credited with the saying, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Michigan Democrats now stand accused of carrying out that tactic after a partial Presidential recount showed more votes being counted than actual voters in polling places across Detroit.

“There’s always going to be small problems to some degree,” admitted Krista Haroutunian of the Election Board of Canvassers covering Detroit, “But we didn’t expect the degree of problem we saw in Detroit. This isn’t normal.”

Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey and Detroit Elections Director Daniel Baxter have seemingly gone into hiding and have not returned media requests for comment. The two Democratic Party officials have been held up as the individuals responsible for safeguarding the legitimacy of the election process in Detroit.

“The city is responsible. Janice Winfrey is responsible,” former Detroit Mayoral candidate Tom Barrow told reporters, “This didn’t happen because of crazy, dyslexic senior citizens who are working as poll workers, like they want to portray this.”

By the numbers

History proves it doesn’t take much to flip an election. Being a poll watcher and precinct worker with 30 years experience, your author has been reminded countless times how John F Kennedy beat Richard Nixon by a half of a vote per precinct. In the 2016 Presidential election in Detroit, the ballot stuffing represented much more than that.

Detroit has 662 voting precincts. 60 percent were found to have vote counting irregularities disqualifying them from being included in the state’s recount. Local media outlets, including the Detroit News, investigated and discovered that 248 Detroit precincts reported more votes than voters. In Republican areas of Michigan, the average number of miscalculated precincts was under 10 percent, far less than the 60 percent discovered in Democrat-controlled municipalities.

A look at the numbers shows that it would be difficult to flip the Presidential election in Michigan, but not impossible. State law mandates that a precinct have roughly 3,000 voters. With a state population of 7,481,000 people, that gives us close to 2,500 precincts in the state. Donald Trump won Michigan by just over 10,000 votes. That means it would only take 4 fraudulent votes per precinct to steal the victory. Of the 248 Detroit precincts with more votes than voters, 52 of them showed more than 5 votes extra per precinct.

Michigan Republicans were quick to demand an investigation into the apparent widespread vote fraud in Detroit. But state Democrats are insisting the discrepancy is simply the result of human error. State officials have announced they will reexamine the results in a small portion of Detroit’s precincts to gain a better understanding of what happened.


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