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July 14, 2014

Palestinians killed 172 – Israelis killed 0

By Mark Wachtler

July 14, 2014. Gaza. (ONN) The fighting going on in Palestine right now between the Israeli military and the residents of Gaza is being reported throughout western media as a terror campaign against the innocent people of Israel. Yet not a single Israeli has been killed in the fighting. At the same time, the death toll among Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children, will probably pass 200 before you finish reading this article. And as the fatalities mount, so do the global pro-Palestine, anti-Israel demonstrations.

3,000 pro-Palestine demonstrators gather outside Norway’s Parliament in Oslo yesterday. Image courtesy of RT News.

The most recent round of slaughter in the Gaza strip can be traced back to one thing – illegal Jewish-only settlements ethnically cleansing Palestinians out of globally recognized Palestinian lands in the West Bank. It was there that 3 Jewish teenagers crossed the Israeli-imposed line of apartheid and paid for it with their lives.

American kids caught in the middle

One of the three Israeli teens who vanished while hitchhiking through the occupied West Bank in the middle of the night one month ago happened to be a dual American-Israeli citizen. After weeks of house-to-house searches by the Israeli military and hundreds of arrests and violent interrogations, the boys’ bodies were eventually found buried under a mound of rocks. Evidence suggests they were not beaten or tortured, and in fact, were quickly shot and killed moments after accepting a ride from a suspect being described as a pro-Hamas supporter, but not a militant or member himself.

The shots were heard, and broadcast on Israeli TV, thanks to a 911 call one of the Jewish teens made from the backseat of the kidnapper’s car. Israeli police say they dismissed the call as a prank when the teen’s voice announced, “I’ve been kidnapped.” Seconds later, the 911 recording catches the sound of the fatal gun shots.

In response to the kidnapping, Israeli forces arrested and tortured hundreds of Palestinians trying to find the teens. The world was treated to Israel’s method of interrogation when a TV news camera caught two Israeli soldiers torturing a Palestinian child for no apparent reason other than their enjoyment. The teen, beaten until his head swelled like a pumpkin, turned out to be an American citizen from Florida who was only in Palestine to attend the funeral of his teen cousin who was also just murdered by the Israeli military.

When the bodies of the 3 Israeli teens were found, Israel responded by launching 34 bombings of Palestinian targets in Gaza. In addition, the Israeli people took their own vengeance by kidnapping an innocent Palestinian teen off the streets. The Jewish mob made the child drink gasoline and then lit him on fire and cheered as the young boy was burned alive from the inside out. Even though the kidnapping and murders of the 3 Israeli teens happened in the Hezbollah and PA-controlled West Bank by suspects known to not be members of Hamas, and Hamas immediately insisted it had nothing to do with the 3 teens, Israeli officials used the tragedy to blame Gaza and Hamas and have launched a non-stop bombing campaign which has already destroyed over 1,000 Palestinian homes, businesses and other facilities.

Military campaign escalates

After the atrocities were carried out by both sides against innocent teens, both the Israeli military and the Palestinian militants escalated their offensives. Fortunately for Israel, homemade Palestinian rockets land harmlessly in Israeli no-man’s land, with zero casualties, or are shot down by the US-financed Iron Dome anti-missile system. Even among the 123 Jewish “victims” of Palestinian rocket attacks, the Washington Post quotes Israeli officials admitting 80% were only treated for “anxiety”. The Palestinians on the other hand, haven’t been as fortunate.

The Israeli Defense Force has waged a nonstop bombing campaign against the civilians of Gaza for two straight weeks now. Based on daily reports from the IDF, more than 2,000 Palestinian homes have been bombed by Israeli drones, artillery, US Apaches, US F-16’s and other advanced and powerful weaponry. Thousands have been injured and with dozens of new fatalities a day, the death toll on the Palestinian side should surpass 200 sometime today. The Israelis accuse the Palestinians of using children as human shields. The Palestinians point out that the Israelis are bombing people’s homes, over 1,500 of them at last count.

The world is now watching as Israel prepares to invade Gaza with ground troops. The IDF has called up 40,000 reservists to supplement its active duty military. As reported in yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph, Israel dropped leaflets over northern Gaza advising all civilians to evacuate the region immediately. Observers say that’s a clear indication that a ground offensive is about to occur. And while Israel is allowing an estimated 800 Palestinians with dual citizenship with countries like the US and UK to leave Gaza, it won’t allow any Palestinians to leave.

International outrage against Israel

It didn’t take long before mass protests broke out in cities around the world. From London to San Francisco to Washington to Oslo, demonstrators accused Israel of war crimes and genocide against the people of Palestine. And they continue to condemn the United States of funding and empowering it.

As reported by PressTV, thousands of protesters are gathered outside the Israeli embassy in London chanting, “End the siege” and “freedom for Palestine”. As far back as a week ago, our sister publication Opposition News documented how massive anti-apartheid protests were already occurring outside the Israeli consulate in San Francisco. In Australia, outrage against the Israeli assault on Gaza reached all the way to Parliament.

Labor Party representative and member of the Australian Parliament, Melissa Parke, condemned the Israeli government and accused it of “war crimes” and “indiscriminate killing”. As reported by The Australian, Parke told Parliament that Israeli airstrikes had killed over 170 Palestinians and injured more than 1,100 so far. The publication writes, ‘about 77 percent of whom were estimated to be civilians, while no Israelis had been killed by the Islamic militants’ rocket fire.’

“The rockets from Gaza are not in any way justified. And insofar as they threaten and harm civilians, are illegal under international law,” Parke told the Australian Parliament, “But these imprecise rockets fired by militants cannot be compared with the broad scale bombing of a densely populated city by one of the largest and best-equipped military forces in the world. The Israelis know every inch of Gaza and are capable of pinpointing their rockets. It is therefore inexcusable that a center for disabled people was targeted. It is unacceptable that women and children are being killed indiscriminately as collateral damage. Collective punishment is not committed under the Geneva conventions and is a war crime.”

In Paris yesterday, thousands of anti-Israel protesters marched through the streets carrying a giant banner that read, ‘Total Support for the Struggle of the Palestinian People.’ According to today’s Times of Israel, the peaceful demonstration turned violent as protesters surrounded a Jewish synagogue, trapping hundreds of French Jews inside. As the demonstrators hurled rocks at the building, the Paris police were summoned to disperse the crowd. The Israeli news outlet confirms that of the more than 1,000 Palestinian victims so far, 70% have been innocent civilians and 30% have been children.

In Norway’s capitol of Oslo, an estimated 3,000 pro-Palestine demonstrators marched outside the nation’s Parliament building calling on Israel to end the bloodshed. They carried a giant banner reading, ‘Free Palestine’ as they lobbied their own government to condemn Israel’s actions. RT News covered the demonstration and quoted some of the Oslo protest leaders. “There is one occupier and one occupied. There is one offender and one victim,” a demonstrator told reporters, “We need politicians who condemn the wrong-doings of the offender.”

As the Israeli military offensive grows against Gaza, so does the international outrage over the one-sided slaughter. And if Israel does in fact launch a ground offensive into the tiny, over-crowded Gaza strip, the death toll could rise exponentially. When and if that happens, don’t be surprised if Israel causes its own worst nightmare to come true – the end of the global Sunni-Shiite civil war, with both sides turning their millions-strong, now battle-hardened militias and state militaries against the Jewish state.


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