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September 28, 2014

List of Attorney General Eric Holder Scandals

By Mark Wachtler

September 28, 2014. Washington. (ONN) When Attorney General Eric Holder announced his retirement this week, many Americans cheered. Few government officials in American history have been tainted by as much corruption, criminal activity and scandal as Eric Holder. A darling of the Clinton and Obama administrations, he was the teflon bureaucrat. Never elected to a single office by the public, Eric Holder used political connections and backroom deals to rise to the highest levels of our government.

AG Eric Holder, the most criminally tainted Attorney General in American history. Image courtesy of TownHall.com

Eric Holder’s career

Eric Holder graduated from Columbia Law School and went straight to work for the Dept of Justice from 1976-1988. In 1988, President Reagan appointed him a US federal judge, where he served until 1993. In that year, President Clinton appointed Holder US Attorney from Washington DC. In 1997, Clinton again appointed him Deputy Attorney General where he served until 2001.

During the entire Bush administration, Eric Holder worked at a DC law firm whose main clients included Merck Pharma and UBS bank. He was an early backer of candidate Barack Obama in 2008 over Hillary Clinton and a major fundraising bundler for the future President. When President Obama took office, he appointed Holder US Attorney General.

Eric Holder’s scandals

Contempt of Congress – On June 28, 2012, Eric Holder became the first and only US Attorney General in American history to be held in Contempt of Congress on both civil and criminal grounds. The US House vote was 255-67, with Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and 16 other Democrats walking out in protest and refusing to vote. President Obama called the action “politically motivated” and cited Executive Privilege for refusing to remove his own Attorney General. It then fell on Eric Holder’s own Justice Dept to prosecute him, which it declined to do.

Black Power – Eric Holder’s earliest scandal dates back to his college days at Columbia. There, he was campus leader of a black power organization and a public supporter of the Black Panther Party. He organized sit-ins at the school demanding that the ROTC office be officially renamed in honor of Malcolm X.

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Fort Hood cover-up – After the 2009 Fort Hood massacre by US Army Major Nidal Hasan which took 13 lives, the Justice Dept report on the incident refused to mention Hasan’s extreme Islamic beliefs and instead ruled the mass shooting a workplace incident, not an act of terror.

Spying on Associated Press – The Justice Dept was caught spying on Associated Press by collecting months worth of phone records at the news wire, as well as the home phones of reporters and editors. The telephone records the DoJ secretly investigated included the phones at the AP’s offices in Washington DC, New York, Hartford, and even the AP’s phone inside the US House of Representatives.

Spying on Fox News – The DoJ monitored the personal email and phone of a Fox News reporter, as well as the Fox News phones in New York and Washington. The Justice Dept said the news outlet had temporarily lost its press freedom when its reporter received classified information from a CIA whistleblower.

War on Gun Owners – AG Holder has said that his interpretation of the US Constitution is that the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms only applies to the Militia. And to him, the Militia is the modern day National Guard and Reserves. Researchers have pointed out that in every instance where state and local authorities have sought the legal advice from the DoJ on proposed gun control laws, the Justice Dept has approved every single one.

Protecting Black Power and Voter Intimidation – On Election Day in 2008, the New Black Panther Party had set up at Philadelphia polling places, threatening white voters, hurling racial slurs and stopping white voters from voting. The tactics were caught on video and the assailants were identified. After a national outrage, the DoJ refused to take action on either the hate crimes or the Voting Rights violations.

Stimulus Program – Out of President Obama’s $800 billion 2009 ‘Stimulus Program’, AG Holder was handed $1 billion of the money to be handed out to local law enforcement officials across the country. Most of the stimulus money turned out to be used as kick-backs to Obama campaign contributors, including Eric Holder who himself was a top campaign bundler for the 2008 Obama campaign.

Foreigners voting in US Elections – Through his entire tenure, the Attorney General has steadfastly insisted that voters not be required to prove their identity when casting a ballot. The AG publicly touts that his DoJ has challenged two dozen state laws and Governor’s executive orders requiring voters to show an official ID before voting.

Foreign Terrorists have Rights – The DoJ declared that foreign terrorists captured almost anywhere other than a military battlefield were entitled to the same civil rights as US citizens.

Buying the Justice Dept – In his book ‘Extortion’, author Peter Schweizer details how President Obama chose the people who would head his Justice Dept – he sold the positions. ‘When President Obama established his Justice Department staff after the 2008 election, something unprecedented happened,’ Schweizer writes, ‘For the first time, at least half a dozen senior positions were occupied by individuals who had been campaign bundlers (fund raisers) for a presidential candidate, including not only Attorney General Eric Holder but also senior officials who dealt with criminal and civil prosecutions.’ Those high level Justice Dept appointees who are accused of buying their jobs are, ‘Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, Deputy Associate Attorney General Karol Mason, and Associate Attorney General Tony West.’

Stealing 1,000,000 American Homes – Immediately after the housing collapse of 2007 and the economic collapse of 2008, America’s largest mortgage lenders began criminally foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of American families without cause and using ‘robo-signing machines’. Most didn’t even have mortgages, much less with those banks. Sheriff’s across the country removed a half million American families at gun point for no legitimate reason, only because banks had fraudulently filed foreclosure papers. The number of victims was so large, the DoJ cut off new claimants in 2012 when the number of properties stolen by six Wall Street banks hit 750,000. Since then, hundreds of thousands more families have been refused any justice or reimbursement at all by AG Holder. And for the 750,000 families the Justice Dept sued the banks for and settled with, the banks were ordered to pay each family an average of $2,000 each – $2,000 as total reimbursement for a $100,000 home criminally stolen, and all the furniture and possessions inside when the bank and police forced the families into the street. The settlement negotiated by the Justice Dept also bars the victims from ever suing the banks to get their money back. The five banks that stole one million American homes and businesses and were protected by AG Holder and the DoJ were Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Ally Financial.

Prosecuting Journalists – When Anonymous hackers leaked documents from Defense Dept contractors showing that the corporation had a program to spy on the American people inside and outside their homes, a number of news outlets covered the story. Three, including the New York Times, The Guardian and ProPublica, along with a handful of freelance journalists, included links to the leaked material online where it was posted by Anonymous for the whole world to see. The DoJ arrested and prosecuted one freelance reporter, charging him with 17 different criminal counts, all because he included the same website link that the other publications published for their readers.

Protecting UBS Bank – When the DoJ was forced to sue UBS bank for defrauding its customers, AG Holder had to recuse himself because UBS was his former client when he worked at a Washington law firm.

Protecting Illegal Immigrants – In 2010, the Arizona Legislature passed a law giving its State Police the authority to check the immigration status of anyone police suspected of being here illegally. The DoJ sued the state of Arizona to overturn the law, insisting it was the DoJ’s privilege to enforce the country’s immigration laws, not the states.

Jon Corzine and MF Global Connection – Former Democratic New Jersey US Senator Jon Corzine left office to lead the financial firm MF Global, where he stole, pocketed or gambled away $1.6 billion he authorized taking from customers’ bank accounts. The bank’s law firm at the time was Covington & Burlington. Both AG Holder and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer were recent employees of that firm. The DoJ chose Associate Attorney General Tony West to prosecute Corzine and MF Global. West came from the firm Morrison & Foerester, which was handling MF Global’s assets at the time.

DoJ Hiring Discrimination – In 2011, documents were revealed showing that AG Holder and the Justice Dept’s Civil Rights Division used political litmus tests to hire employees. After President Obama’s election in 2008, Holder publicly announced that the Justice Department was “going to be looking for people who share our values.”

FBI Assassination Plot of Occupy Wall St leaders – In 2011, two separate FBI offices – Houston and Jacksonville – published internal memos detailing a proposal to identify, photograph and assassinate Occupy Wall Street leaders using snipers. MIT students sued for the details and won. But the DoJ only turned over partial excerpts of 5 of the 17 known FBI documents on the secret project. AG Holder has refused to release the remaining documents or explain the secret assassination program at all.

Lying to Congress – In 2011, the DoJ admitted to providing false testimony to Congress in their investigation of the Justice Dept and Fast and Furious.

Assassinating American Citizens – With the targeted killing of Americans beginning in 2011, President Obama became the first President to order the death of an American citizen without charge, trial or conviction. He went on to assassinate an American child using the same secret targeted killing program. AG Holder not only publicly approved the President’s legal authority, but personally endorsed it.

Fast and Furious – In 2012, the US House voted AG Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over thousands of documents exposing the true account of the DoJ’s secret gun trafficking operation which supplied over 2,000 military weapons to Mexican drug cartels. The gun-running operation began in 2009 and was run out of the Phoenix US Attorney’s office along with the BATF.

Protecting Mexican Drug Lords – In 2012, national media outlets confirmed that the drug lord and prime target of the DoJ’s secret Fast and Furious operation, Manuel Celis-Acosta, was actually taken into custody by the Justice Dept twice during the program. But both times the DoJ released him without charges.

Anti-white prosecutions – In 2013, when the violent ‘knockout game’ trend was circulating social media, the DoJ got involved and prosecuted a perpetrator for hate crimes. But while the dozens of videoed attackers were all black and admitted targeting white victims, AG Holder found the only known white perpetrator and charged him instead.

Too Big to Jail – In 2013, AG Holder testified before Congress answering America’s question of why not a single banker went to jail for the criminal activity that led to the global economic collapse in 2008. He explained that Wall Street financial institutions had become too big and too important. He freely admitted that the Justice Department had its hands tied and couldn’t prosecute any of the banks for fear that it would lead to their collapse and that would lead to another global financial crash.

Spying on Americans – In 2012, two US Senators warned the American people that they’d be horrified if they knew how President Obama and AG Holder were interpreting and executing the Patriot Act. Forbidden by law from telling America themselves, the US Senators called on the AG to declassify the DoJ’s interpretation of the counter-terrorism law. AG Holder refused. The ACLU sued and the Supreme Court agreed. The DoJ still refuses.

Protecting Senators Reid and Lee – In 2012, the DoJ announced it would not get involved in a criminal investigation of US Senators Harry Reid and Mike Lee. In a multi-state criminal scandal that already forced the Utah Attorney General to resign, local Republican and Democrat District Attorneys asked the DoJ for help because the two accused criminals are US Senators. AG Eric Holder refused. After ABC News broke the story, one outlet described the criminal accusations against Senators Reid and Lee as, ‘a massive crime ring that involves gambling, bribery, kickbacks and influence peddling.’

Protecting the Director of the Office of National Intelligence – In 2013, ODNI Director James Clapper testified to Congress that the NSA isn’t collecting massive amounts of intelligence on all Americans as Edward Snowden’s leaks revealed. He later admitted that his testimony was a lie, but that in the interest of national security, he was above the law and not answerable to Congress. A number of Congressmen called on AG Holder to charge Clapper with Contempt of Congress. Eric Holder refused.

War on Medical Marijuana Patients – Even though medical marijuana is legal on the state, county and local level in 23 states and DC, the DoJ has led hundreds of military-style raids on legal medical marijuana pharmacies across the country. Rather than target drug cartels and illegal drug dealers, the DoJ has violently arrested hundreds of cancer victims, AIDS patients, dying senior citizens and war wounded.

War on Whistleblowers – In place of investigating criminal acts in government exposed by whistleblowers, the DoJ has instead prosecuted the whistleblowers. At last count, six government employees have been arrested and charged, more than all other administrations combined.

Giving Nukes to Iran – In 2000, the CIA accidentally gave blueprints for a nuclear bomb to Iran. Shortly after, a reporter from the NY Times was given the details by a CIA whistleblower. The Times refused to violate the government-imposed black-out of the story. So in 2006, the reporter published the information in a book he authored. AG Holder is prosecuting him under the Espionage Act for telling the American people.

Protecting Wall Street Banks – After six years, the DoJ has not put a single banker in prison over the economic collapse of 2008. While many of the same banks were given slaps on the wrist for causing the housing collapse a year earlier, many more banks were fleeced by the Justice Department for billions of dollars in civil penalties, paid to the Dept of Justice. In exchange for massive payoffs, no criminal charges were ever filed against anyone and few victims among the American people ever got their money back.

Protecting Rogue IRS Employees – After countless acts of admitted perjury by IRS directors and managers over the targeting of conservative political organizations by the agency, and the revelations that all the emails and computer records covering the time in question and all the IRS employees in question, have all crashed and self-destructed, AG Eric Holder still refuses to appoint a special prosecutor.


Our view of Eric Holder here at Whiteout Press is no secret. We’re convinced he and President Obama have had a secret deal in which each would protect members of the Executive Branch, including each other, from being brought to justice. And as we’ve seen for six years now, both men have risen above the law to commit repeated acts that would have landed any other people in any other time straight in prison. We’ve often wondered what would happen when either or both men were no longer protected from criminal prosecution by the other’s powers. It looks like we may finally find out.


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