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Learn More About Headaches And Ways To Get Help

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It’s safe to say that headaches are extremely annoying if not dealt with immediately. However, headaches can be more complicated as opposed to what people think.

There are different types of headaches that require different treatments. Some of the most common headache types are:

· Tension Headache

These are the most common headaches with most adults and teens that cause mild to moderate pain, which comes and goes over time.

· Migraines

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Often described as pounding and throbbing pain, migraines are one of the worst headaches that can oftentimes last for up to 3 days. These types of headaches come with other symptoms such as sensitivity to light, vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to smell, sensitivity to noise, loss of appetite, and belly pain. Migraines can occur from one to four times a month, and they are very difficult to deal with. Adults are mostly affected by migraines, while children also can experience it.

· Cluster Headaches

This type of headache is the most severe one. They are called cluster headaches because they happen in groups and can occur several times a day during a cluster period. Cluster headaches can last anything from a day (very rarely) to up to three months. Each cluster can last from 15 minutes to three hours in which the person experiences severe burning or piercing pain behind or around the eyes. These types of headaches can cause a person to pace during an attack, his eyelids to drop, eyes to redden, pupils to shrink, and his eyes to tear. Cluster headaches can wake you up from your sleep and they can even disappear for months or years before returning back later.

There are many locations on your head where a headache can strike you and if you want to learn more about it, you can visit this website.

How to Deal With Headaches

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· Water

Drinking enough water throughout the day can prevent a headache from ever materializing in the first place. In the case of you experiencing a headache, drinking water can reduce the severity of it.

· Cold Compress

If you’re experiencing a more severe headache, than a good solution for it can be to apply an ice pack or other cold items to the neck. This is advisable because cold compressing can constrict the blood vessels and reduce inflammation to the area, which subsequently might reduce headache pain.

· Warm Compress

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In the case of tension headaches, warm compressing can loosen and relax the muscles. During a tension headache, the muscles are too tight, so the best way to loosen them would be to apply a heated towel onto the neck.

· Remove Pressure From Head

In other cases, a headache might be caused by physical reasons such as anything that puts too much pressure on your head. This can be anything from putting your hair in a ponytail or bun to having a trucker hat or a bandana strapped too tight on your head for too long.

· Turn off the Lights

We mentioned that migraine headaches cause people to be sensitive to light. In the cases of migraines, turning off the lights and dimming the curtains can greatly help you recover and deal with it.