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January 21, 2015

Jeff 4 Justice needs a new Video Camera

By Mark Wachtler

January 21, 2015. Yuba City, CA. (ONN) Our good friend and favorite grassroots video journalist – Jeff 4 Justice – is in need of a new video camera. Readers may remember Jeff from some of our past articles. He interviews third party candidates, celebrities and even some of the most elite members of the establishment. How he gets through security we’ll never know. Whether he’s interviewing good guys like Presidential candidates Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Ralph Nader, or calling out bad guys like DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Jeff is one of the best video journalists the grassroots has.

Jeff 4 Justice, our favorite grassroots video journalist. Image courtesy of Jeff4Justice.com.

The below article was also published in yesterday’s edition of our sister publication Opposition News.

Jeff 4 Justice – our favorite video journalist

We don’t even know his real name. But in our humble and battle-hardened opinion, Jeff 4 Justice is the best video journalist America’s political grassroots has to offer. He somehow gets access to the country’s most powerful politicians and most famous celebrities. Often interviewing them from the backseat of his car on his beat-up old video camera, Jeff asks the questions no reporters dare to ask. And the candid responses he garners, having somehow infiltrated the establishment’s world, are priceless.

We didn’t realize how much we appreciate the exclusive interviews Jeff 4 Justice brings us on a regular basis until he sent out an end-of-year compilation video revisiting some of his more memorable interviews of 2014. You’ll notice many of the interviews are only a few seconds or a few minutes, as Jeff is often escorted out of an event he isn’t supposed to be at. And the most common phrase heard in Jeff 4 Justice video interviews is, “Hey, shut that camera off!”

Meet Jeff 4 Justice

“Hello from my SUV-house-headquarters. I’m Jeff 4 Justice,” our favorite video journalist begins his final video of 2014, “I want to thank you all for continuing to support and watch my channel this past year. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for continuing to watch and share my videos. Your support means so much to me.”

From his studio set, also the front seat of his SUV, Jeff introduces his YouTube channel subscribers to the video montage he produced featuring some of the more memorable interviews of 2014. He also directs viewers and fans to his website Jeff4Justice.com, where supporters can make a donation to help the mobile grassroots show buy a new video camera.

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Get the man a new camera

What a coincidence. Opposition News and its sister publications Whiteout Press and the Illinois Herald have been appealing to readers for three years for help in obtaining a half-way decent video camera so we can expand Opposition News into a TV show. Someday, we’ll get there. But until then, help Jeff 4 Justice upgrade his camera. He’s earned the help, he deserves it and he needs it. And on behalf of America’s political opposition, he provides a desperately needed service with results that are unrivaled.

This author finds a kindred spirit in Jeff 4 Justice, as he describes from his car-home how even the donation of a dollar helps him continue his reporting. The same is true of Opposition News. We’re both basically homeless and penniless. He has a video camera and a car. We have a computer and a bus pass. And your author stands in awe at how much the two of us are able to accomplish with no resources. Neither of us is doing this for the money. But Jeff sums up how we both apparently look at the financial aspect of our grassroots political work.

“It doesn’t matter how much you pitch in. Please don’t think there’s such a thing as too little of a contribution,” Jeff 4 Justice tells viewers in his 16-minute, end-of-year video, “I like to think of YouTubers like me as the equivalent of people who are music performers out there at Venice Beach Boardwalk or San Francisco Pier 49, and pardon all my west coast references but I’m a California guy. Anyway, they’re out there playing their music and people will put change or dollars in their upside down hat or their open guitar case, and here is the digital opportunity to do that.” Yes, on behalf of your author and Opposition News, please consider throwing a dollar or two into Jeff’s new camera fund so he can continue bringing us the video interviews you won’t find anywhere else.

Best of 2014 interviews

In his end of the year video, Jeff 4 Justice brings viewers a fast-paced compilation of some of his best video interviews from last year. To give readers a better feel for the setting of these interviews, Jeff often sneaks into establishment functions, gets famous people to sit down and talk, or he often just stops them on the street. He asks the questions nobody else can or will. And the interviewee’s candid, surprised and unprepared responses are entertaining to say the least.

To give readers an even better sense of the settings of these interviews, Jeff proudly and laughingly challenges viewers at the beginning of his 2014 montage to, “Count how many times you hear somebody tell me to turn off my camera. See how many times that happens.” Nothing illustrates this recurring theme more than Jeff’s first video excerpt, from none other than mega-Pastor Joel Osteen.

Pastor Joel Osteen

With the title, ‘Joel Osteen’s security detail freaks out at filming him,’ Jeff 4 Justice ambushes the TV superstar with the question, “Pastor Osteen, do you think that it would be better for America if we had more elections than the two party system?” The interview abruptly ends before it starts as Pastor Osteen is whisked through the gathered crowd and Jeff and an Osteen bodyguard repeatedly exchange the phrases, “Don’t touch me” and “You’re pushing me.”

DNC Chair and US Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The title of this brief interview is, ‘Rep Debbie Schultz scolded for Obama’s Kill List Question Dodging.’ With a charming smile, Wasserman Schultz attempts to walk away from the camera-wielding Jeff 4 Justice. But he thwarts her attempt saying, “I can walk and talk, that’s alright.” He goes on to ask, “Did you get better acquainted with President Obama’s Kill List since the We Are Change interview?” With no response but embarrassed silence from the DNC Chair as she posed for pictures, Jeff announces for his viewers and the gathered crowd, “They have time for photos but not questions from indy media, funny.”

Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning

From one important cause to the next, Jeff 4 Justice’s next unsuspecting interviewee is US Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Jeff asks the Congressman, “Should Chelsea Manning be pardoned?” Rep. Schiff replies from his spot in the  local Pride Parade, “I’m just here to enjoy Pride.” Jeff then gets personal and asks, “Don’t you have any opinions on the important issues when our LGBT brothers are being persecuted?” Like Schultz, Schiff only stood in silence, afraid to answer even the simplest of questions, but with plenty of time to take pictures with star-struck onlookers.

Marlo Thomas

Highlighting a fact that many of us have proudly known for decades, TV stars Phil Donahue and his wife Marlo Thomas are longtime supporters of America’s political opposition. Walking right up to a still-stunningly beautiful Marlo Thomas, Jeff 4 Justice asks her, “Are you a supporter of the advancement of alternative political parties, such as the Green Party or some of the other ones?” With security attempting to brush Jeff aside, Marlo Thomas proudly replies, “Yes, of course I am.”

Maria Shriver

In one of the more uncomfortable interviews, or non-interviews in this case, Jeff 4 Justice finds himself walking between Maria Shriver and her and Arnold’s adult daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger. With the establishment elites looking on in horror wondering where there security detail is and how this man got right up to them, Jeff asks, “What do you think of The Guardian’s report that Arnold has connections with logging companies?” No response, only a late arriving bodyguard putting his hand over the camera and ending the interview right there.

Abby Martin

Jeff 4 Justice somehow finds a way to interview some of the hottest and most popular icons of America’s political opposition. One of those is this author’s journalistic hero, RT News anchor and host of Breaking The Set – Abby Martin. While both are supporters of LGBT rights, Jeff asks Abby about a questionable comment from one of Martin’s social media accounts. Jeff asks, erroneously as it turns out, “You had retweeted something that I perceived as a little homophobic, not from you, but it was a post. I can’t remember at the moment, so I’ll have to look it up.” Showing why we love Abby Martin so much, she calls Jeff out on his admittedly mistaken memory and defends her near-stellar record on equal rights. “If you’re going to address me about it, you might want to know what it is,” Martin tells Jeff, “You’re accusing my website of promoting homophobic language. That’s actually unfair.” Showing he’s a stand-up guy, Jeff 4 Justice later apologized to Abby and her indy media outlet Media Roots for his mistake.

Fight the power, stick it to the man

Showing that Jeff 4 Justice lives this stuff, some of his more memorable interviews are the random and spontaneous opportunities that arise during the course of a regular day. They include being pulled over by police, being ordered out of the car, and then being ticketed for not being in the car. Another brief interview comes as Jeff happens upon a cordoned-off area where LA police are encircling a hostage standoff. One interview is of a police meter maid as he stops writing parking tickets to listen to Jeff question his line of work.

Other interviews from 2014

While the above samples are just some of the excerpts Jeff 4 Justice brings viewers on his end of the year highlight video, the list of interviewees is long and impressive. Some of the interviews that can be found on Jeff’s website and YouTube channel just from 2014 include:

Pastor Joel Osteen

Congresswoman Debbie Schultz

Congressman Adam Schiff

Famed attorney Gloria Allred

Actress Marlo Thomas

Activist Ralph Nader

Reporter Maria Shriver

Journalist Abby Martin of Breaking The Set

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark

News Anchor Gary Franchi of The Reality Report

Activist Luke Rudkowski Of We Are Change

Filmmaker Sean Stone

Journalist Ben Swann

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson

Journalist Glenn Greenwald

Former NFL Player Chris Kluwe

Actress Meredith Baxter

Bestselling Author Terry McMillan

Rap duo A-Alikes

Singer Philip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire

Scott Campbell Jr. of show Deadliest Catch

Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Comedian Rob Delaney

Activist Adam Kokesh

“The News shouldn’t be right wing or left wing, conservative or liberal, it should be independent. It should be the news.” – Whiteout Press founder/author Mark Wachtler.

Bestselling author Barbara Ehrenreich

Bestselling author John Perkins

Comedian Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti

and more!

Check out Jeff 4 Justice at his YouTube channel or make a small donation at his website Jeff4Justice.com.


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