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How your zodiac sign affects your relationship

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For the cynics, making an assumption your relationship can in any way be affected by the time of year you happened to be born might seem ridiculous. But whether or not there is any scientific evidence, the fact is a huge swathe of the population not only believe in the individual traits of their own zodiac sign, they will actively display the relevant characteristics.

If you’re the type of person who brushes past the star signs when you’re reading a magazine, perhaps this is a subject you’ve only paid scant attention to. But if you’re looking for a partner online, it would do no harm to read up on how zodiac signs can influence a relationship. At the very least it will give you a conversation topic to broach when you introduce yourself in a dating chat room.

Capricorn – reliable, with high standards

When it comes to relationships, there is no way you will be easily taken advantage of. Sometimes you might come across as thick-skinned, but the person who is genuinely interested in impressing you will be rewarded with passion.

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Aquarius – mysterious and enigmatic

You might exude an aura of mystery, but the fact is you are a sincere person who will warmly embrace someone else who is showing you affection. Any barriers quickly dissipate once the passion begins charging.

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Pisces – compassionate and humble

Your partner will relish having you in a relationship because you are always ready to let them know how you feel. While you are also very forgiving when it comes to disagreements, this does not mean you’re a pushover.

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Aries – independent and self-reliant

You are the type of person who, while not at all selfish, will certainly put your own interests first and foremost. If a new person enters your life expecting you to drop everything, including their existing friends, they should quickly learn to take you at face value or else look elsewhere.

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Taurus – tactile and affectionate

Anyone coming into contact with you will be drawn to your passion and sense of physicality. On the flipside of this, you may have a tendency to be overly clingy. The key is finding the balance between these extremes of affection.

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Gemini – sociable and bubbly

You are quite the party animal, a gregarious individual who isn’t afraid to turn on the charm if you come across someone you like the look of. One drawback is you tend to overanalyze, looking for even more flaws instead of trying to overlook the ones you come across.

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Cancer – sensitive and caring

A definite home builder, you will create a loving environment for your relationship and will shower your partner with affection. Unfortunately, you also to take things to heart where most others would simply them off.

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Leo – enthusiastic and bold

Your upfront personality will frequently make you the center of attention. This is ideal for drawing suitors to you like a magnet, but it will leave you spoiled for choice.

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Virgo – so laid-back you’re horizontal

You would run a mile before getting into a slanging match or argument. Just make sure your defensiveness isn’t mistaken for you being a pushover.

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Libra – romantic and gregarious

You will have a wide friendship circle, so may not be as immediately committed to a new relationship as, say, a Cancer.

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Scorpio – intense and focused

You are adept at seeing through superficiality and will not suffer fools gladly. Your strong communication skills are excellent for working through issues.

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Sagittarius – singular and dedicated

You call a spade a spade. If a relationship isn’t working for you, you’ll certainly not hang around moping. You’ll briskly march on to more fertile pastures.

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