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How Legit Is The CheckThem?

Source: cbc.ca

In the era of technology that we are living in, we can safely say that the mobile phone has become an essential of every household. And some people even have multiple mobile phones – one for their private use and the other for their business. Though mobile phones are the main device used for communication nowadays it can still get misused people who will interrupt others privacy.

One of the most common ways of misuse is scam and fraud calls. Now, according to one study in 2013 people were scammed for over $8.5 billion through unidentified scammed calls. To prevent that multiple organizations wanted to figure out a way to identify the unidentified callers at any given moment, and now we have various platforms that offer the reverse phone lookup and allow potential victims to protect themselves. Along with that, it is a common thing for school students to use hidden numbers and abuse other students through hidden calls or disturbing messages. This is a thing that needs to be prevented as well, and with this kind of tool, it shouldn’t be hard. You just need to type in the number, and in a matter of few seconds, you will get a report with personal info of the number holder.

With CheckThem reverse phone lookup tool being one of the most popular out there we wanted to check if it is legal and legit. Let’s see what we have found out!

Is CheckThem Reverse Phone Lookup Safe To Use?

At first glance, we can see that this tool is easy and simple to use. It takes less than a minute to get a personal record of the caller that includes name/surname, address, and even social accounts. And apart from basic information that is free to get, the CheckThem offers additional private information (once again taken from a database) such as financial records, criminal records, etc. that you pay a fair fee for. Now, the CheckThem tool looks like an excellent way to save yourself from scams, frauds, as well as so-called prank callers. Along with the normal phone number, it can detect calls from Google and Skype as well and can distinguish a landline call from the one that was made using a mobile device. But is it really safe to use?

First and foremost we can tell you that it is absolutely safe to use. You don’t give any personal information of yours, and all your searches will be kept strictly confidential. The phone number owner will never know you received his personal records and reports. Apart from that, you will not have to worry about breaking the law using this reverse phone lookup tool – there is no Federal or any other law that prohibits the use of phone search in the USA.

Though some think that it is kind of sneaky, it is legal and you don’t have to worry about the legal liability considering the use of this service. Last but not least after we have done thorough research and tried out the tool ourselves can claim that is 100% legit and that all info is derived from the relevant databases that are constantly updated. With this in mind, you will not have to worry about the possibility that you get the wrong identity or wrong personal record.


A tool such as the reverse phone lookup one is a must in the times we are living in. Of course, you shouldn’t misuse it and disrupt others privacy without a reason, but if you are at risk of scam/fraud calls or you are the constant victim of a prank callers this might be your best bet to solve the case once and for all!