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May 14, 2014

Hollywood Pedophile Ring protected by Police, Media

May 14, 2014. Hollywood. When a rich Hollywood producer was named in a civil lawsuit a couple weeks ago, he was accused of imprisoning children, filling them with drugs and alcohol, and then together with other wealthy Hollywood elites, violently gang-raping them against their will. The suit contends that the American media industry, government and law enforcement community are well aware of the massive illegal pedophile ring because they’ve been flaunting it in the open for decades. The mother of the victim insists all three industries are part of the nationwide cover-up.

Michael Egan and his mother, seen here, are exposing the Hollywood pedophile ring with 3 damning lawsuits. Image courtesy of IBN Live.

30 years and counting

Just as it took decades for the code of silence and government protection to finally subside and the size of the secret pedophile ring operating inside the Catholic Church to be exposed, victims of Hollywood’s pedophile industry are still waiting for justice. Even the very public slap in the face by the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow during this year’s Golden Globe Awards did little to raise the ire of Americans. When known and admitted pedophile Woody Allen was given a touching tribute by the Hollywood award show, Allen’s son Tweeted to the world, “Missed the Woody Allen tribute – did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7?”

Woody Allen’s story is the textbook example of America’s Hollywood pedophile ring. With widespread child sex trafficking by the rich and famous exposed as far back as the 1990’s, it was Woody Allen who put a face to the mysterious claims. First, it was revealed that he had been raping his adopted daughters Soon-Yi and Dylan since they were 7. And with no public outcry or law enforcement action, Allen continued the child sex slavery and even later announced he and Soon-Yi would be getting married, which they did. Looking back, it appears Hollywood’s secret obsession with pedophilia has never abated or even gone into hiding. And based on three lawsuits filed a couple weeks ago, it’s alive and well today and the most powerful and famous men in Hollywood are a part of it.

The Michael Egan lawsuits

When 31-year-old Michael Egan is asked why he waited 15 years before coming forward and claiming that the richest and most well-known Hollywood movers and shakers had been raping him since he was a child, Egan’s mother Bonnie Mound can only shake her head in disgust. She insists she’s spent 15 years reporting the crimes against her child and other children, only to be completely ignored by police and blacked-out by the media.

“I wrote every news channel, every magazine, every talk show host, everybody, from Oprah to 20/20 to 60 Minutes,” Egan’s mom was quoted recently by Accuracy in Media explaining, “Nobody wanted to do anything because of the high-profile people involved.” The first of those “high-profile people” is the powerful and eccentric Hollywood writer/producer/director Bryan Singer. The media mogul is often cited by LGBT publications as one of the most powerful gay professionals in America.

Singer’s works include Valkyrie, X-Men, and Superman Returns. He’s also a high profile Democratic Party operative and a major financial funder of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and US Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). When the suit was announced, a number of LGBT publications warned that the powerful Hollywood tycoon may have difficulty proving his innocence because the internet is littered with pictures capturing his sexual exploits with underage boys.

The victim, Michael Egan, followed up on his civil suit against Bryan Singer with two more separate lawsuits against even more rich and powerful Hollywood powerbrokers, accusing all of them of sexually molesting and raping him when he was a minor. The documents describe lavish Hollywood pool parties that are known throughout the pedophile ring as “pool and twink parties”. The victim explains that ‘twink’ is a common term in the gay community for a small, timid, underage, or underage-looking, boy. Egan contends that young boys are routinely brought to the mansions of these industry elites, where they’re drugged and literally forced at gun point to perform homosexual sex acts.

Naming Names

Any reader that wants to find a list of all the known, convicted and accused child predators that run Hollywood need only Google the subject. These notorious men have been flaunting their pedophilia publicly for years. In 2011, on the heels of the Penn State child rape revelations, Hollywood’s child sex racket was briefly thrust into the headlines. Powerful talent scout Martin Weiss was sued by one of his child stars and pedophile victims. Weiss is most known for specializing in recruiting child actors for shows and movies like iCarly, Criminal Minds, Parenthood, Jack and Jill, and the Muppets Movie.

At the same time Martin Weiss was being sued by his victims, another known pedophile, this time a registered child sex offender, was exposed after a decade of working as a child talent agent on some of Hollywood’s best known films. Jezebel.com reported that Jason James, whose real name is Jason Murphy, was convicted of kidnapping and raping an 8-year-old boy in 1996. But none of that stopped Paramount Pictures and his fellow Hollywood pedophiles from hiring him to provide the child actors for movies like the Bad News Bears, School of Rock, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Super 8 and The Three Stooges movie.

Flash-forward to last month when victim Michael Egan filed his second and third lawsuits accusing Hollywood’s most powerful media moguls of being child rapists and active participants in the entertainment industry’s not-so-secret pedophile ring. As reported by Slate.com, the lawsuits’ accused pedophiles include:

  • Bryan Singer (writer/director/producer) – Valkyrie, X-Men, Superman Returns.
  • Garth Ancier (network executive) – Fox, WB, NBC
  • David Neuman (network executive/owner) – Disney, Digital Entertainment Network
  • Gary Goddard (writer/designer) – Masters of the Universe, Soldiers of the Future, Captain Power, Skeleton Warriors.
  • Marc Rector-Collins (network executive) – Digital Entertainment Network
  • Chad Shackley (network executive/owner) – Digital Entertainment Network

The good guys and the bad guys

For a list of the Hollywood powerbrokers that have been protecting the widespread pedophile ring, one probably need only look to the massive petition created for the known Hollywood child predator Roman Polanski. After fleeing the US because of child rape charges, some of the industry’s most famous names came out publicly in support of Polanski and demanding the criminal charges be dropped. Some of the more recognized names included Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, Jonathan Demme, Stephen Frears, and hundreds more that can be found at the OhNoTheyDidnt blog.

Not all of Hollywood is looking the other way, or keeping their mouths shut. Mia Farrow and her children have been joined by other famous stars over the years who’ve publicly spoken out against the powerful and rampant pedophile rings that dominate the American entertainment industry. Corey Feldman, the late Corey Haim, and Little House on the Prairie’s Allison Arngrim are just three that have routinely exposed the child sex trafficking that is covered-up and protected by law enforcement and the press.

With the handful of lawsuits filed in recent weeks against Hollywood’s most powerful, as well as the ever-growing list of past victims now coming forward because of the suits’ publicity, the corporate owned media may have a difficult time keeping their dirty secret a secret much longer.


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