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Help Your Restaurant’s Kitchen with These Tips

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Running a restaurant has never been easy, but perhaps it’s never been harder at any time than it is today: the competition from restaurants popping up everywhere is fierce, and there’s even an explosion of food trucks which operate without as much overhead. Anything that gives restaurants a boost can’t afford to be ignored. 

Here are a few ways you can give your restaurant’s kitchen some support.

Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software is specifically designed to be a platform restaurant can use throughout all aspects of the business. It reduces the time it takes to make schedules that balance everybody’s needs by as much as 80% and streamlines all the communications that take place between managers and staff. While employee scheduling software supports all aspects of the restaurant’s operations, it can help out in the kitchen in a few ways. The manager-facing dashboards display in real-time all the vital statistics your restaurant’s decision-makers need to know about things like labor costs, expected sales, and more — these kinds of insights are essential to running a kitchen.

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Your cooks will love employee scheduling software’s connectivity: the software lets them tell managers remotely when they can and can’t work, and they can request days off too. It gives them more control and agency over their free time while making it easy for managers to ensure the restaurant always has ample staff coverage. This is sophisticated software with still more important applications, so learn more about all the other ways employee scheduling software can help your restaurant today.

Waste Reduction

Usually, when businesses seek to reduce waste they mean it figuratively, but it’s important for restaurants to take proactive steps to waste as little food as possible. Make sure that you write down the best before the date for all your perishable food, so your restaurant can make use of it before it spoils. Store older food where it is more visible and accessible, so it gets used before it can begin to turn. 

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Reducing food spoilage is an important way to ensure that your restaurant’s kitchen budget is efficient. While it’s never acceptable to serve food that has gone bad, there are useful ways to incorporate food into dishes even if it isn’t in peak condition. For example, take a strawberry with a bruise and put it in sangria, or use day-old bread for croutons.  

Use Electricity Wisely

Energy costs are rising in many regions around the world, and using up energy you don’t need amounts to an unnecessary expense. Track how much electricity your restaurant consumes month to month, as well as the costs of electricity rates as they fluctuate, and try to get this first number lower by only consuming energy when it’s truly needed. 

The restaurant industry will always be challenging and competitive. Whether you use sophisticated new technology like employee scheduling software or clever forms of food and energy management, you can’t overlook any way to make your restaurant’s kitchen run