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happy 2nd birthday fundraiser for whiteout press


April 13, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Fundraiser for Whiteout Press

April 13, 2013. Chicago. This week, Whiteout Press celebrates its second birthday. Since the independent  publication only asks for donations twice a year, now is the perfect time for readers to show their support. It’s easy to forget just how valuable, rare and important much of Whiteout Press’ exclusive content is. So please take this opportunity to show your appreciation, wish the publication a happy birthday and send a small donation to help continue publishing.

Whiteout Press celebrates its second birthday this week.

With the middle of April comes Patriots Day. It also brings the birthday/anniversary of Whiteout Press – the free, independent, grassroots news outlet dedicated to bringing readers the news that’s, “blacked-out, covered-up or censored.” As we explained on day one, the ‘news’ is somehow missing from ‘the news’. And on April 19, 2011 – Patriots Day – Whiteout Press was born.

Unlike most grassroots organizations and independent news sites, Whiteout Press doesn’t badger readers with requests for funds every day. That’s a feat in itself considering the writer and editor of Whiteout Press – Mark Wachtler – is a single parent and as poor as they come. But what he lacks in financing, he makes up for with every ounce of energy and love going toward his kids and the cause of truth, justice, liberty and freedom.

“We didn’t ask for donations over Christmas like everyone else did,” Wachtler explains, “We didn’t ask for contributions at New Years like most either. We didn’t even ask during the November elections when we were doing everything we could for all the various independent and third party candidates. So, I’m hoping our readers and subscribers will come out and give us a hand now. We only ask twice each year and this is it.”


Whiteout Press continues to grow

In late 2010, your author and publisher began writing the Chicago Independent Examiner column for Examiner.com. Covering independents and third parties, accented by the corruption of the state GOP and the notorious Chicago Democratic Machine, there was plenty of blacked-out news to report. And even with death threats and acts of violence by the Machine’s mafia-connected Ward bosses and street thugs, Wachtler didn’t just continue to expose corruption and aid local reform candidates, he launched a second, National Independent Examiner column.

Then, on April 19, 2011, the independent publisher launched a third column, this time an entire news site entirely dedicated to reporting on America’s censored news – Whiteout Press. And finally on March 13, 2013, Mark Wachtler launched a fourth independent news outlet – LibertarianPartyNews.com.

While not a card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party, the Whiteout Press publisher’s personal political beliefs align roughly 90 percent with the party. And while Whiteout Press consists of one lone writer/editor, Libertarian Party News consists of 25 experienced libertarian columnists in 21 US cities – all reporting the blacked-out, censored news that affects libertarians, the Libertarian Party and the cause of freedom and liberty.

That doesn’t mean that Mark Wachtler and Whiteout Press have become partisan in favor of the Libertarian Party. We’re still independents, just libertarian-leaning independents. And as an example, this past election in November, your author/editor pounded the pavement and rang doorbells on behalf of both the Green Party’s Congressional candidate Nancy Wade, as well as the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nominee Gary Johnson. We also published a dozen in-depth articles promoting the candidacy of independent Congressional candidate Marcus Lewis. Facing a three-count federal indictment for doing nothing more than running for Congress, this one series of reports illustrates just how important our efforts are.

Helping the good guys

Whiteout Press and the two Examiner.com columns haven’t only helped the Libertarians however. Believing that anyone who isn’t a Democrat or a Republican is a member of America’s semi-united political opposition, this independent news outlet has done everything it could over the past six months to help both independents and third parties alike.

Whether it was the Greens, Libertarians, independents, Constitutionalists, Peace & Freedom, Reform, Socialists, Nationalists, etc., we covered ALL the parties and their candidates when almost nobody else would. Whiteout Press not only introduced subscribers to every single Presidential candidate prior to the election, but we continuously published interviews, background details and candidate information to help educate our readers.

As two examples, the Whiteout Press Voters Guide to Political Parties in America and the Final 2012 Presidential Results for all Candidates have been two of the most popular articles since our inception. Do a Google or Yahoo search for complete 2012 election results for ALL the presidential candidates. You probably won’t find it, anywhere…except Whiteout Press.

Getting hurt by the bad guys

Showing his decades-long experience in America’s grassroots political movements, editor Mark Wachtler has been partly joking for twenty-five years, “If you haven’t been sued or if the FBI isn’t spying on you, you’re just not trying hard enough.” As a lesson for all the rookie activists out there, regardless of their political persuasion, this is no game. People are ripping this nation off for trillions of dollars and they get very angry, and often desperate and violent, when their corruption is exposed or threatened.

Just in the last six months, and just like the first year and a half, Whiteout Press was threatened, intimidated and cyber attacked a number of times. Past perpetrators have been such global powerhouses as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, General Electric and even an obscure Russian software company. We can now add to that list three more – the big pharma company Roche, some obscure underground Zionist cell, and the official PR agency for America’s largest agri-businesses, aka the Corn Refiners Association.

Illustrating just one example, after publishing an article about the dangers and prevalence of high fructose corn syrup in America’s food supply, the six corporations that make up the corn lobby – including Archer Daniels and Cargill – demanded Whiteout Press retract or delete its exclusive article. But that one, lone, penniless, single parent told those agri-giants to stick it in their eye.

“At least I’m on the side of protecting all the people everywhere,” Mark Wachtler responded in writing to the threats from the lobbyists at Corn.org, “You’re on the side that’s protecting a sheet of paper, some article of incorporation and the massive profits it requires to satisfy its appetite…I must respectfully decline to remove the article.”

In addition to the deliberate threats and cyber attacks by America’s most powerful corporations, Whiteout Press suffered its share of plain old bad luck as well. On the day we launched Libertarian Party News last month, AT&T blocked access to both our websites for 24 unexplained hours. Even worse, we had already gone a full month with our Google advertising income suspended while the internet giant inspected Whiteout Press for alleged violations.

Then on the same day, both the Google suspension and the AT&T block were lifted as mysteriously as they were imposed and Whiteout Press was back in business. But the loss of all revenue for an entire month took a heavy toll on our finances. As it stands, Whiteout Press won’t receive its next small payment from Google until the end of May. It’s going to be a long, difficult month and a half, unless our readers and subscribers come through and help us out.


Next six months

Even though one lone publisher with no backing or financing now has a small, independent media mini-empire, we’re not done yet. In addition to the four news outlets currently under the Whiteout Press umbrella – Chicago Independent Examiner, National Independent Examiner, Libertarian Party News, and Whiteout Press – we have two more vehicles waiting to be launched, each bigger and better than the ones before it. All we need now is your help.

It’s been an exciting first two years, and we know the future will be just as colorful and crazy. We hope you will be there with us as we uncover all the blacked-out and censored news, and help out a bunch of honest, sincere citizen-candidates and grassroots activists along the way. If you can send us a small donation to help us celebrate our 2nd birthday, we’d truly appreciate it. If not, that’s okay too. We understand more than anybody just how tough it is out there to make it from one day to the next.

If you’d like to mail in a small contribution rather than use Paypal or a credit card, visit our Donate page for instructions. Thank you all for your continued support, kind words and loving letters and emails. Those, more than anything, make it all worth it. As always, stay strong and stay safe.

Until next time,

Mark Wachtler

Whiteout Press, Editor


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